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His dream gadget: A time machine
Priyanka Joshi in New Delhi
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January 29, 2007
Having spent nearly 12 years in the wireless and Internet space, one would expect Rajiv Hiranandani, country head, Mobile2Win to eat, live and drink technology. But instead, he enjoys scuba diving, is a health freak, and prefers listening to music rather than attend boring meetings.

How many gadgets do you carry?
Just two mobile phones and if I am travelling I carry an MP3 player. When on a break, which is generally to coastal areas, my dive watch is added to my gadget list.

Your favourite gadget and why?
My MP3 player, primarily for two reasons. First, it keeps me going when I go for a run during weekdays, and second, it prevents people on flights from getting into any kind of conversation with me.

The next gadget on your must-buy list.
I am a passionate scuba diver and next on my list is a chronograph solar powered dive watch that gives a depth down to 120 metres and has an inbuilt GPS application.

Your dream machine?
A time machine that can take me back in time and yes, it must bring me back too.

Most embarrassing moment while exhibiting your toys around.
Once while diving in Egypt my dive watch gave up on me and my dive mates descended far below what we were supposed to go. It was very embarrassing since I had been showing off this new watch for days before we went away on this dive trip and I was responsible for monitoring the depth for the group.

Your biggest tech disaster.
When my laptop gave way minutes before I was to deliver a presentation. This was in Russia last year, before an audience of 300 people.

Which website do you frequent the most?
Definitely Google, it is very effective for cross linkages and information.

Do you blog?
Not at all.

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