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December 31, 2003

Sensex may touch 6500!
DSP Merrill Lynch, one of India's leading investment banking firms, says the Sensex could touch 6500 levels by December 2004.

December 30, 2003

India reform report: C+
Businessmen and executives give economic reform a can-do-better rating. Their complaints? Infrastructure and state government interface, but they're not rated as major problems

December 29, 2003

An Eliot fan in Air-India's cockpit
Vasudevan Thulasidas took over as a full-time Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Air-India last week. He will have a tenure of three years.

The dizzy growth of call centres
For the call centre kings, 2003 was a year of upsizing at an unbelievable speed.

December 27, 2003

Calling all graduates
A Business Standard undercover team finds out how the business process outsourcing industry goes about hiring in the hundreds.

Have a safe year!
You have to live to drive, says Bijoy Kumar Y.

New Year money talk
Needless, to say most people are bullish on the stock market, and say they will put money both directly in the market and in mutual funds.

India -- the next five years
As 2004 approaches there's bullish optimism in the air about the country's growth prospects in the coming years, says Paran Balakrishnan.

December 25, 2003

Distant maladies, online remedies
Telemedicine is an amalgam of telecommunication, computers and medicine.

FII largesse
Foreign institutional investors have pumped in over a billion dollars worth of net investment into the Indian stock market in December

Barking up the wrong tree
Blaming the bureaucracy for blocking reforms is easy, and perhaps justifiable, when it comes to the common man, but for the country's finance minister to feel the same way is quite inexplicable.

December 23, 2003

FIIs on the ascendant
In the current financial year, FIIs have pumped in $7 billion (almost Rs 32,000 crore) in the Indian markets, of which $6.05 billion (Rs 28,280 crore) has been in the equity markets.

Dos and Don'ts for investors
The Sebi lists out the things investors must do and must not do when entering the stock markets.

December 22, 2003

Go for a fixed-rate home loan now!
While floating-rate schemes are best suited in a falling-rate scenario, fixed-rate loans make sense for longer tenures.

December 20, 2003

White Christmas
The collectibles market has been bleached of all colour, says Kishore Singh

Just shoot me
Mobile phones with cameras are the latest status symbol. Smita Tripathi takes a look

Checking in for growth
The MBD Group is expanding from books to the five-star luxury business, says Soumik Sen

A return to power
The Electricity Act has sparked new, high-voltage opportunities in the power sector and a handful of companies are flicking on the switches quickly, says Anil Sasi

Chaos behind the screens
The big broadcasters are battling with the cable operators who underestimated the difficulty of introducing CAS in south Delhi, says Bipin Chandran

December 19, 2003

Scams: Insuring against repetition
Indian market has travelled a long way since Ketan Parekh's heyday both in terms of systems as well as surveillance.

Song, dance and award
Pritish Nandy Communications has gained international recognition as a fast-growing company on the eve of the release of Chameli

Missing the HR outsourcing bus
India is losing its way in human resource outsourcing, which has been the fastest growing BPO segment in the world in recent years, says Shyamal Majumdar

December 18, 2003

Why India can match China
Experts believe that China's growth will plateau and India will emerge as the choice destination in Asia for investors.

S&P's revision: A timely warning
The positive revision in outlook raises the question whether it makes sense to deny India Inc the opportunity to raise debt abroad.

The lure of the EMI
Banks are plunging into retail lending without ensuring that checks and balances are in place. The result may be bad debts, warns Tamal Bandyopadhyay

December 17, 2003

10 reasons why China is ahead of India
An authoritarian government, a strong manufacturing base, ability to respond quickly, a consistent marketing effort are some of the reasons that make China superior.

Is India ready for a no-frills airline?
Low-cost air travel offers better options for the rural and middle classes, but cutting expenses on regular routes isn't easy.

December 16, 2003

The Taj: 100 years of hospitality!
Exactly a century ago, Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata's dream was concretised when the Taj Group's first hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai, was opened on December 16, 1903. It is said to have cost 500,000 then.

Knowledge capital indeed
For a country that seeks to position itself as the world's knowledge store, it can't be very good to be ranked 45th out of 102 countries in terms of the Networked Readiness Index.

December 15, 2003

The biggest mover of them all
The capital goods sector has actually outperformed all others over the last one year. Can this performance be sustained?

The man behind unified licensing
Industry pundits credit Dr D P S Seth for the good things that are finally happening in the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ever since the new team took over under Pradip Baijal.

Can private consumption be India's growth engine?
Not until the share of the fastest growing items of consumption increases significantly in the growth basket, say Dharmakirti Joshi and Gunjan Gulati

December 13, 2003

Easy home loans for NRIs
Indian banks are offering home loans to NRIs quite freely. Smita Tripathi takes a look at what's on offer.

More channels for Indian eyeballs
New channels for niche audiences are reaching for a slice of the broadcasting pie, say Bipin Chandran and Jai Arjun Singh.

Comesum, come all
Mittal and a cousin Abhishek Aggarwal set up Comesum, a multi-cuisine food cafe at Pune railway station. That was two years ago. Today they have expanded...

Forging a new future
Bharat Forge's latest acquisition in Germany is part of its strategy to become a global giant, says Arti Sharma.

2004: New cars on the block
2004 promises to be exciting. We take a look at some new launches scheduled next year Bijoy Kumar Y.

No longer at owner's risk
Transporters of goods cannot escape liability for damage to consignments by hiding behind the "owner's risk" clause, says Rosy Kumar.

Hertz rental to expand in India
Global giant Hertz has drawn up a blueprint to expand operations in India and aims to become the leader in the car hire business, reports Smita Tripathi.

India's construction boom
The building boom in India's fastest growing cities is pushing a clutch of mid-sized builders and developers into the big time, says Jai Arjun Singh.

December 12, 2003

The gold rush
In a bid to capture the growing jewellery market, local players are launching their own brands and adopting new retail strategies.

December 11, 2003

Hurdles block acquisition spree
The HSBC-UTI Bank deal may set foreign banks on the prowl in the private sector. Tamal Bandyopadhyay warns about the stumbling blocks ahead.

December 09, 2003

Jaswant Singh can't be lucky twice over
Singh's first few pre-budget interviews indicate a renewed thrust to agriculture, which he calls the second Green Revolution.

December 08, 2003

Small-cap stunners
Some small-cap companies have turned in truly spectacular numbers over the past four quarters, but their financial performance doesn't seem to have been priced in yet by the market. But risks remain.

December 06, 2003

DVDs to suit every pocket
Today, there are DVDs in the market to suit every pocket. Soumik Sen looks at what's on offer

India the global research hub
India could become in the field of global research what China has become in global manufacturing, says T N Ninan

Making a glass giant
Asahi India has the lion's share of the automotive glass market but it's having a tougher time in the construction industry, says Bhupesh Bhandari

Branding in a bull run
With the stock markets booming, broking firms are beefing up their brand-building strategies, says Nandini Lakshman

VSNL vs the rest
A bitter battle has broken out between the Tata group company and a brace of other telecom, infotech and ISP companies over high bandwidth costs, says Surajeet Das Gupta

December 05, 2003

Jobs boom, salaries zoom in IT sector
Software services have bounced back and companies are on a hiring spree; either because they are setting up new operations or expanding existing ones.

December 01, 2003

FMCG: Boom or bust?
Notwithstanding the dark clouds that loom large over the FMCG segment, some stocks still merit a look as defensive bets, says Ashok Kumar


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