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June 30, 2003

Shanghai's little secret
It's sobering to know much of China's great infrastructure is actually government funded -- if that's progress, it is easily emulated, says Sunil Jain

Is the oil boom for real?
The meteoric rise in oil and refining stocks has fuelled the market rally. Will it last? Most analysts do not think it is a flash in the pan, says N Mahalakshmi.

Is there a monsoon effect on stocks?
Despite the decreasing importance of agriculture in overall GDP, for some sectors the monsoon has a larger-than-life impact, say Sunil Nayanar & Arun Rajendran.

India & China: basis for cooperation
India must realise the challenges in China and take a long-term view of operating there, says S Sivakumar.

June 28, 2003

Being and seeing
Most people feel China is all about glitz and progress. But the truth is more nuanced, says T N Ninan.

The new screen teams
Co-production is the new buzz as Bollywood's biggies come together to hedge risks, say Soumik Sen and Anusha S.

June 27, 2003

The public-private partnership model
The use of private money and private sector expertise in providing public services may be justifiable, in terms of value for money, to the Indian government, says Matthew Angus and Lee Clarke

June 26, 2003

SBI: The sleeping giant's wake-up call
The State Bank of India may be an Indian banking juggernaut, but globally it's still a pygmy, says Tamal Bandyopadhyay.

June 25, 2003

Should retired bureaucrats be regulators?
They bring grassroots knowledge to the job, but the question of accountability is a sticking point

June 24, 2003

Event Management: A multi-crore-rupee opportunity
Event management today is a huge industry and there are courses a-plenty to help you master it, says Adhitya Suvarna.

June 23, 2003

A retiring bureaucrat on the treadmill
Commerce secretary Dipak Chatterjee has been named chairman of the Competition Commission of India.

Economic diplomacy: making the most of success
Kishan S Rana says that institutionalising proven mechanisms across the system will augment our foreign policy achievements.

Will more FII money flow into India?
More FII funds will be invested into the emerging markets this year. Will India see a larger share of this than before? asks N Mahalakshmi.

IT capital Bangalore to pare power cuts
Amidst growing political opposition and a strong local media campaign against the spate of extended power cuts imposed in Karnataka, the state has announced that it will significantly tone down its 'load shedding' schedule.

June 21, 2003

A business boost for Sino-Indian ties
On the eve of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's visit to China, a survey on Sino-Indian business relations reflects growing interest of Indian companies in the Chinese market.

Banking on unity
Banks are coming together to set up ATM networks to cut costs and reach out to more customers, say Arti Sharma and George Smith Alexander

Brand it like Beckham
Beckham is a marketing man's dream. His moves are carefully orchestrated, writes V Krishnaswamy.

Cementing a deal
It was an unusual deal where both parties walked away from the table happy. But after the initial battles, how did L&T and Grasim work it all out? Pradeep Raje tells the inside story.

June 20, 2003

Change management is a high-risk business
Attend any HR do, and chances are that you will be swamped with data showing how change efforts in organisations all over the world are faltering, Shyamal Majumdar.

The cost of disruption
Focusing on 'desired outcomes' requires a deeper understanding of customer needs and, sometimes, a greater investment in resources to garner that information, says Manjari Raman.

June 19, 2003

The Indo-Pak trade equation
'Money can buy us love,' says one trade expert. 'Let the economy drive politics this time, it has the best chance to succeed.'

Investing is an art indeed!
The spotlight is not only on big names, but lesser-known artists who are holding exhibitions abroad, popularising Indian art, says Yusuf Begg.

Bidding for bargains online
Online auction sites have taken off in the last three years, making it easy for people selling or buying goods to meet on the web and make bids, says Arti Sharma.

June 18, 2003

How BPO is changing India
One Bangalore bandh sent shock waves through the call centre industry, bringing forth so may queries from clients, that chances are the political class will in future decide never to have bandhs, says Subir Roy.

June 17, 2003

How Gurumurthy resolved the Bajaj feud
S Gurumurthy, convener of Swadeshi Jagran Manch, explains how he successfully resolved the feud between Bajaj Auto Chairman Rahul Bajaj and his younger brother Shishir.

June 16, 2003

A CAS for bullishness?
Stocks of broadcasters and multi-system operators have risen in recent weeks on the pretext that CAS will change their fortunes in the long run. But there are several risks associated with CAS-related media stocks currently.

June 14, 2003

Always in top gear
For a bureaucrat, Maruti Udyog managing director Jagdish Khattar has always been different.

Battle of the brew
The tie-up between Shaw Wallace and SABMiller has left Mallya's UB Group shaken and stirred, says Parul Gupta

Back to the bourses
After a long bear run, retail investors are returning to the stock market to try their luck, says Nandini Lakshman.

June 11, 2003

Maruti: Should you invest in it?
The Maruti issue is priced on the higher side, but investors with a higher risk-reward appetite could subscribe to the offering. In those terms, it would be the right time to get into the company.

June 10, 2003

The man who insured the future of insurance
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority chairman N Rangachary could be possibly be the most down-to-earth regulator in the financial system.

A regulator on a tightrope
C S Rao, IRDA's new chairman faces the tough task of ensuring the regulator's financial independence, says P Vaidyanathan Iyer.

June 09, 2003

Will the rise in the rupee hurt Indian exports?
The answer depends on what models analysts choose, Abheek Barua explains.

June 07, 2003

Bull in the china shop
Sahib Singh Varma continues to be the Don Quixote of the labour ministry, says Aditi Phadnis.

Small screen, big battles
It will rain newer, costlier TV programmes this monsoon as satellite channels join the battle for the eyeballs, reports Anusha S.

Is it the right time to enter the stock market?
Devangshu Datta takes a look at the different sectors and stocks worth buying.

The return of the consumer
The Indian middle class has more cash than ever before, and it's using cheap finance to go on a buying spree, report Sunil Jain & Nandini Lakshman.

June 06, 2003

Wind down but don't wind out
Stress in itself is not negative. A certain amount of stress is necessary to send the adrenaline soaring skywards, says Shyamal Majumdar.

June 05, 2003

'Cousin consortiums' can work
Family-owned businesses are regaining their sheen, says Narendra Jhaveri.

June 04, 2003

What next on interest rates?
Interest rates will have to bounce around in sustaining the present currency regime, says Ila Patnaik.

Set-top boxes can't capture viewership: TAM
Will set-top boxes installed to access pay channels in the post CAS regime, create a parallel audience measurement system? No, says TAM Media, India's only television viewership monitoring agency.

June 02, 2003

Vineeta Rai: Short on time, long on challenges
With a short tenure, can she overhaul the finance ministry's image? Sidhartha & P Vaidyanathan Iyer find out.

The spectre of deflation
India can overcome global gloom by harnessing domestic sources of growth, says S Sivakumar.


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