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October 31, 2003

Cash and carry
The stir that the German distribution major, Metro Group, has caused by opening its first cash and carry distribution centre in Bangalore, indicates that it has the potential to initiate radical change in India's trade and distribution structures.

October 27, 2003

Develop a tax culture for better compliance
In case of income taxpayers, concern is often shown about the small number of people in the tax net compared with the large population.

October 25, 2003

Sport a luxury tag this Diwali
This festive season buy yourself a limited-edition product to make a statement, says Soumik Sen

A wok with a view
Payal Jauhar, Shilpa Gupta and Natasha Chaudhri opened a restaurant specialising in Thai food, at a time when such eateries were hardly the norm in Delhi

Foreign mobile handsets flock India
The cellular handset market becomes even more competitive as Korean and Taiwanese companies dial into the Indian consumer's mindspace, says Soumik Sen

India Inc eyes rural markets
Leveraging the prevalent feel-good factor, marketers are reaching out to the rural market as never before, says Nandini Lakshman

Scouting for small business
Lakshmi Venkatesan's Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust is turning into a role model for developing countries, says Paran Balakrishnan

Reliance's gigabit gamble
The Reliance Group is betting big by forking out $207 million for Flag Telecom and must find ways to make it pay, says Surajeet Das Gupta

October 24, 2003

Crowding in or crowding out?
In the second part of a three-part series on how foreign portfolio investment is driving the Sensex, Janaki Krishnan and Rakesh P Sharma look at the FIIs' impact on the markets

October 23, 2003

5 Ways to Make India Inc Great
India needs to become an innovator in multiple fields, if it wants to remain a growing economy beyond this current price-driven outsourcing phase, says Arindam Banerji.

Hedge funds key to further bull run
In the first part of a series on how foreign portfolio investment is driving the Sensex, Janaki Krishnan and Rakesh P Sharma examine what it is that is drawing these funds to the Indian equity market

October 22, 2003

NGOs and international civil society
Governments must resist NGOs and pressure groups that compete to influence politics, says Deepak Lal

Subhash Ghai's Bollywood dreams
Subhash Ghai is focusing on TV software, film distribution and exhibition to boost growth

Where is India going wrong?
Arindam Banerji's strategic plan to make corporate India and the Indian nation forces to reckon with globally. The second of a three-part series.

October 21, 2003

5 steps to the next India Inc
Arindam Banerji's strategic plan to make corporate India and the Indian nation forces to reckon with globally. The first of a three-part series.

October 20, 2003

Steeling the show!
Steel scrips have seen an unprecedented bull run on the back of a favourable demand-supply equation and lower interest costs. But are stock prices running ahead of fundamentals?

October 18, 2003

Juicing up the market
Ladakh Foods is trying to change the landscape of the juices and jams market on the strength of a vitamin-rich berry, Jai Arjun Singh

Season of giving
There's a range of gifts available in the market this festive season. Smita Tripathi takes a look at some of them

New prescription for success
Lupin's Desh Bandhu Gupta is finally letting outsiders manage his company. Where will it lead, asks Arti Sharma

GAIL's giant pipe dream
GAIL is criss-crossing the country with 7,900 km of gas pipelines but its monopoly status is angering rivals, says Surajeet Das Gupta.

BPO's first couple
K Ganesh and his wife Meena, the entrepreneurial duo behind Customer.Asset, are exploring new avenues, says Subir Roy

Return of the Shahenshah
Amitabh Bachchan had to re-invent himself to pay back the losses he made on ABCL, but this time he'll be a more hands-on businessman, says Nandini Lakshman.

October 17, 2003

Spiritual strains
DIY pujas, shlokas and mantras are the new tunes in the devotional music market, says Maitreyee Handique.

Sweet enterprise
This Diwali, Vrinda Rajgarhia is set to give traditional mithaiwallahs in Delhi, a run for their money, Yusuf Begg.

October 13, 2003

The mystery of Samir Arora
The stockmarket regulator's order banning him from the markets raises more questions than answers, says N Mahalakshmi.

How long will this rally go on?
Is this the time to take your money and run or wait for the next upmove?

Oilman on a marketing drive
U Sundararajan, the freshly anointed independent director on the board of ONC, could easily give corporate chieftains a lesson or two in running their companies.

Arvind Swami: From films to corporate arena
A movie career that spanned less than three years and nine movies, the biggest grosser being Roja, a film on terrorism in Kashmir, Arvind Swami today has re-invented himself as a BPO entrepreneur.

October 11, 2003

Power battle: Tata versus Reliance
The low-profile feud between Tata Power and BSES has suddenly turned into a battle royale between two of the country's largest business houses, says Nandini Lakshman.

New LIC scheme: What's in it for you
A N Shanbhag dissects the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme and the LIC's newest offering.

This is the best time to travel abroad
A stronger rupee ensures that this is the best time to travel abroad, says Smita Tripathi.

Hughes Software: Calling up new profits
Hughes Software Systems has bounced back after two years in the dumps. In the first quarter ended June 30, 2003 Hughes reported a rise in net profits of 245 per cent. It has followed that this quarter with a net profit rise of 106 per cent.

MRPL on a recovery path
MRPL is on a recovery path as its new promoter ONGC has embarked on a scorching restructuring exercise.

Pharma firms: Injecting a new dose
A group of Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical companies is moving into position for the new patent regime and powering ahead on steroids.

October 08, 2003

Will DTH work in India?
Drop in set-up and service costs makes it an attractive option, but unclear policies remain a major hurdle.

In pursuit of art
Art dealer Ashish Nagpal is set to open more galleries to push growth, says Mansi Kapur

October 06, 2003

Who's driving this bull run?
The current market rally has several cheerleaders, and that is why it may sustain.

The economy is not immune to AIDS
This pandemic should be tackled as a larger developmental issue.

Deepak Parekh: An unofficial crisis consultant
Parekh, who turns 59 on October 18, has become something of an unofficial crisis consultant for the government in recent years.

FIIs: Bane or boon?
Going by current macroeconomic factors, foreign investment flows should not be a cause for alarm, says S Sivakumar.

October 04, 2003

Bharat Shah: The crisis manager
Affluence can be threatening, if you look at the video camera that stares at you menacingly in the office of diamond merchant and film financier Bharat Shantilal Shah.

No strings attached
Wireless connectivity is the latest tech buzzword. Soumik Sen explains how to 'go wi-fi'

Nivea plans product rejig
A dormant J L Morison wants to unleash 100-odd Nivea products. Can it penetrate an already cluttered toiletries market? Parvathy Ullatil finds out

The foody triumvirate
Sanjay Chadha, Sameer Puri and M P Singh together run Foodworld Hospitality, which manages four restaurants in Delhi.

The Indian BPO juggernaut rolls on
India is poised to reap the benefits as offshoring spreads to new areas like auto components and pharma research, say Bhupesh Bhandari and Bipin Chandran

Telecom: Disunity on the line
The Group of Ministers has taken key decisions but the cracks are already showing, says Surajeet Das Gupta

Teaching tiny tots: a million-dollar biz
Multiplication is the name of the game as a new breed of pre-school entrepreneurs turns to franchising, says Abhilasha Ojha

October 03, 2003

It's boom time for corporate gift mart
This year choose from silver stress-busters, Patchi chocolates and Zen Gardens for corporate gifts, writes Maitreyee Handique

Forget H1-B, protect L-1
The crunch could come in 2005 if there is a sharp increase in orders and no commensurate rise in visas issued.

October 01, 2003

Free PSUs before privatisation
If the PSUs identified for privatisation are transferred to the divestment ministry, there will be continuous efforts to improve proceeds from the divestment, says A K Bhattacharya

Ganguly, Percept set to resume innings
Sourav Ganguly is set to return to the Percept D'Mark fold for Rs 48 crore Shuchi Bansal


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