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February 28, 2004

Indian designers make it big
India's top designers have finally broken into the off-the-rack world of prêt-à-porter, says Jai Arjun Singh.

My first million: Printer's profit
Out of a small shed in Mumbai he started taking up printing orders for visiting cards. Today, his business has a turnover of over Rs 50 crore.

A boom town in Maharashtra
Ranjangaon, a small town near Pune, is still attracting thousands of crores (billions) of investment even though the competition is stiffer than ever before, says Nandini Lakshman.

February 27, 2004

The business yogi
Swami Someswarananada believes in just one mantra -- Indian Indigenous Management. Udipi restaurants,

February 23, 2004

From country roads to global highway
Tata Motors has travelled a long way, from huge losses to high-spirited performance under its executive director, commercial vehicles business unit, Ravi Kant.

February 21, 2004

Travel insurance mart booming
A variety of travel insurance policies are now available for high flyers to choose from, says Jai Arjun Singh

Stopping the jobhoppers
Innovation is the name of the game as BPO and software services companies struggle to keep their restless, young staffers, says Smita Tripathi

Revving up on the highway
As demand booms the Indian auto components industry is turning into a global giant, says S Kalyana Ramanathan

Scrapping over steel
As prices shoot through the roof, steel manufacturers and users are stepping up an intense lobbying battle, says Surajeet Das Gupta

February 17, 2004

Choppy ride ahead for markets
Investors must recognize value above all else and not valuations. Valuations may mislead, value never does.

Equity funds with focus on mid-cap stocks lead the pack
One of the most effective strategies for retail investors to cope with the ups and downs of the stock market is to invest for the long term, invest through mutual funds; and invest through Systematic Investment Plans.

February 14, 2004

Globally valid
Banks have taken the first step to offer global banking products. Arti Sharma finds out what it means to the Indian investor

Reliance makes a cash call
As bad debts mount, Reliance Infocomm is betting its future on storming the pre-paid market, says Surajeet Das Gupta

Fighting for the alma mater
The alumni of the IIMs are turning their guns on HRD minister Joshi and the battle is about to hot up, says Nandini Lakshman

February 12, 2004

Don't interfere in higher education
'If the government really wants to do something for the poor, let them invest in primary education,' says

Savers' loss, bankers' gains
Banks and corporations have benefited significantly from the low interest rate regime. The only loser is the saving community.

February 10, 2004

'Govt must let IIMs do their job'
Sumeet Arora, a first year student at IIM-Calcutta, speaks on the IIM fee-cut controversy and why he thinks it is not a correct step.

February 09, 2004

Top fund managers on how they did it
Best fund managers of 2003 warn investors to temper their expectations of astronomical returns in 2004.

February 07, 2004

Shoot-out in the skies
The Government's plan to let private airlines fly abroad has been hit by a barrage of surface-to-air missiles, says Surajeet Das Gupta

Now a golf course at Ennore port
Three-year-old Ennore Port has 20 full-time employees and a very ambitious blueprint for growth, says S Kalyana Ramanathan

Indo-Pak series, a boon for TEN Sports
When Abdul Rehman Bukhatir, the man who pioneered cricket in Sharjah, launched TEN Sports in Dubai, he had his eye firmly on Indo-Pak sports, says V Krishnaswamy

Sales chicken out on flu fear
As bird flu sweeps Asia, Indians are getting nervous about their favourite dish, says Arti Sharma.

Broadband the next big revolution
Broadband is likely to be the next big battleground in the Indian telecom sector, says Thomas K Thomas

Money can buy you love
As Valentine's Day approaches the marketing whizkids are turning up the heat, says Soumik Sen

February 03, 2004

MFs give handsome returns
Equity schemes' one year point-to-point return was 95.90% up to Dec 03.

What the FM may say
The interim budget cannot propose any changes in direct tax rates. But Singh will have the liberty to extend sunset clauses for exemptions that lapse with the end of the current fiscal, and raise income-tax exemption limits for salaried individuals.

All about interim Budgets
They can be political statements as well, says A K Bhattacharya.

February 02, 2004

Are the markets reversing?
Analysts agree that fundamentals are sound and long-term growth prospects are healthy. The chartists see an immediate downtrend.


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