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April 30, 2005

How good is Skoda Octavia Automatic?
The Octavia diesel automatic can render you speechless.

Jacket @ Rs 1.7 lakh; shoes @ 40K!
Luxury brands are all set to engulf the Indian market, but will there be enough takers?

April 29, 2005

Profiling 21 top Indian women CEOs
Two students have written a book -- The Voyage to Excellence -- to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of Indian women.

April 28, 2005

How to be a world-class CEO!
A London Business School survey of over 100 managres of global companies shows the way.

April 27, 2005

Tirupati temple eyes commodity futures!
The Tirupati temple authorities have roped in JRG Wealth Management Ltd to install an online commodity futures terminal at the temple complex.

Is the IT industry losing its edge?
The offshoring model may still have tremendous scope but there are some serious concerns worth keeping an eye on.

Job rotation & how it works
A closer look at some Indian companies shows that job rotation is becoming an increasingly accepted practice.

How Philips India doubled sales
Philips ended 2004 with an impressive 47 per cent value-share of the total audio market.

April 26, 2005

What the credit policy means to you
Most non-finance professionals may not give even a cursory glance to the Reserve Bank of India's annual policy statement

April 25, 2005

Infosys, world's most valuable IT firm
Infosys's market cap though at $17.41 billion is lower than that of Accenture's market capitalisation, which stands at $19.95 billion.

Bull run may still be alive
There was a technical recovery in mid-week that eventually led to all round gains.

Rates may remain unchanged
Most debt fund managers expect no changes in the Credit Policy.

For Penguin it's a big shift!
Penguin India's foray into publishing in Indian languages marks a big shift for the company

Put your money where you shop
The retail sector will grow faster than the fastest growing sector in the country. But, in return, they sell at a premium. May be justifiably so.

Porsche Boxter unveiled!
The baby Porsche's day out. We drive the Boxster S

How to find your successor!
Taking a leaf out of Donald Trump's book, a small HR firm is using a unique succession plan to find the managers of tomorrow.

How to find your successor!
Taking a leaf out of Donald Trump's book, a small HR firm is using a unique succession plan to find the managers of tomorrow.

April 23, 2005

Porsche Boxter unveiled!
The baby Porsche's day out. We drive the Boxster S

For Penguin it's a big shift!
Penguin India's foray into publishing in Indian languages marks a big shift for the company

Globe trotters and jet setters
The joint venture of TUI and Le Passage to India may have interesting repercussions for the infrastructure-strapped tourism industry.

Kids' channels get ready for summer
Cartoon Network and Pogo have a spate of locally produced shows ready for the summer

Life after <I>Indian Idol</I>!
Ravinder Ravi, Indian Idol 's poorest contestant, is getting a face-lift while soaking in all the adulation

The story behind GMR's success
Hyderabad International Airport, being built by the GMR Group, is indicative of new revenue models.

5 of India's finest wines
Kanwal Grover, the patriarch of the wine business in India, has an all-consuming passion for wine.

The 'art' of getting rich
Collector and gallerist Ashish Anand has probably the largest collection of 20th century contemporary art.

What Indian BPO industry needs
The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce says Indian BPO sector needs to rebrand itself, have good infrastructure and more information security to thrive.

April 22, 2005

How good is UTI-Dividend Yield Fund
We believe that while the 'dividend yield' concept has merit from a diversification perspective, investors need to explore existing funds in that category before looking at UDY.

Cinema halls going digital!
Digital cinema also reduces the cost of distribution, eliminating the need for making costly prints and the need to rent, deliver, collect and store prints.

How security conscious are BPOs?
Indian IT companies and BPOs will consider hiring a chief security officer, or a chief data protection officer, if they've not done so as yet.

April 21, 2005

How to be competitive!
Competitiveness is not about keeping costs to the bare minimum, it is about keeping the intellectual abilities and the integrity of staff to a maximum," says Yeoh, MD, YTL Corp, Malaysia.

How to be competitive and successful
Competitiveness is not about keeping costs to the bare minimum, it is about keeping the intellectual abilities and the integrity of staff to a maximum," says Yeoh, MD, YTL Corp, Malaysia.

ILD calls: Grey market thrives
International long distance companies are losing between Rs 1,500 crore and Rs 2,000 crore in revenue a year to grey market operators who terminate international calls in India illegally without paying government charges.

April 20, 2005

Shadow over BPOs' future
India's BPO industry will probably turn out a winner but will have to sweat it out to the finishing point.</

It's time for RBI to raise rates?
Even those in favour of a hike recommend a gradual move so that growth is not choked off as it happened in the late 1990s

April 19, 2005

How to repair the Reliance image
The Ambani war has taken the shine off the Reliance image. Some image consultants tell how they would initiate damage control at India's most dynamic business house.

What motivates an entrepreneur?
A new study of entrepreneurial activity in India throws up some interesting results.

April 16, 2005

A starfish that also tells time!
The latest luxury watches feature glittering rubies in starfish designs and study lunar movements. They also tell the time

Here are some exciting car deals!
Car manufacturers release their cleverly packaged value-for-money editions

Celebs' Palate to deck up your home!
Three Mumbai celebs do their bit to raise the wow quotient at niche lifestyle store Palate

New Chivas Regal hits town!
Aged 18 years, the new Chivas Regal in town delivers 'luxury' Scotch at your doorstep

Wanna have a trendy bathroom? Read on
With competition hotting up, sanitaryware companies are devising new strategies and providing bathroom solutions

Namita Singh: A born builder
What makes Namita Singh, who has just completed the first phase of the Naval Academy in Kerala, one of our foremost architects

Corporatisation: Fashion's new mantra
The Indian fashion industry must corporatise or collapse

April 15, 2005

The incredible story of Lijjat Papad!
Born out of determination, bred with simple values, Lijjat Papad is the story of an enterprise that has steadily grown into an institution. President Jyoti Naik explains how.

April 14, 2005

How to survive the air-wars
The choice of aircraft is critical, but most domestic carriers don't have the appropriate mix for flying overseas

April 13, 2005

Can India and China cooperate?
The gains from cooperation will certainly be tremendous, but only as long as China doesn't see India as a competitor

What Amway learnt in India
William S Pinckney, Managing Director and CEO, Amway India, warns of the danger of believing that old successes can drive new ones.

Columbia don on how can firms succeed
Columbia professor Sunil Gupta tells why customer experience and customer equity are better measures of a company's success.

April 12, 2005

How India Post is managed
We take a look at how India Post is reinventing itself

April 11, 2005

All that glitters is gold
Gold jewellery makers are glittering on the bourses. Will they continue to shine?

Are medicine prices set to zoom?
Since 97% of the drugs in India are off-patent and the government has alternatives available to ensure availability of patented products at low costs, the fear may seem unfounded.

How to be a great manager!
, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Novartis AG, gives wise tips to ISB graduates on how to be great managers and good human beings.

Is the market valued fairly?
The trend of dropping earnings multiples over the past decade suggests it is better to be conservative and assume that the market will continue to be undervalued in terms of forward growth multiples.

April 09, 2005

An audio system for Rs 300,000!
So, if you are a connoisseur who wants both aesthetics and quality, then B&O may just be the right product for you.

How Yogi Deveshwar changed ITC
ITC chairman Y C Deveshwar, better known by his nickname Yogi, is a man who loves doing deals.

Through the looking glass
Hemi Bawa's latest show links glass and jewellery to make a unique kind of art

Sham Chougule: The wine maker
Indage and Sham Chougule, whom I first met in 1995 when scouting for a tie-up to produce Cinzano vermouths for International Distillers & Vintners in India.

Who owns Satya Paul label?
Sanjay Kapoor and Jyoti Nirula, former Citibank employees, floated Genesis Colors and took over the Satya Paul label in January 2001

What women want
But whether you are going to Breach Candy, Lilavati, Apollo or Cradle, Delhi, you should be ready to shell out Rs 50,000-plus.

Tourists pour in, but there's no room!
With tourist arrivals surging, India's hospitality industry is finding itself ill-equipped to handle the deluge

E-ntertainment anywhere, anytime
How much IT companies have to offer the growing entertainment industry

April 08, 2005

Reality wave hits Indian television
Is the era of soaps and family dramas on television coming to an end? Do people prefer a reality show to a prolonged television drama? Yes! The times are a-changing and the buzzword today is reality shows.

Narayana Murthy's 5-pt plan for film sector
The Infosys chairman says that the Indian film industry can emulate the software sector to grow globally.

Vijay Mallya: Mr High Spirits
Mallya has earned the reputation of a street fighter, a go-getter. His opponents have invariably found themselves on the receiving end of his business acumen.

April 07, 2005

Think like an MNC; manage like an Indian!
As Asian Paints morphs into a multinational, can or should it export its award winning culture? speaks about his company.

Brain gain, the BPO way
A small but growing number of foreigners are joining India's BPO industry.

Patents era: How will pharma firms cope
With India embracing the World Trade Organisation's guidelines on various trade-related matters, the patents issue has come under the spotlight. So how will Indian pharmaceutical companies be affected by the new rules?

Urgent trip? Just fly by hire
The most exciting opportunity for private ventures may however come from outbound charters

April 06, 2005

Mumbai's media Mahabharat
At least three new newspapers are to be launched in Mumbai in the next few months - and a media war has already broken out.

How to manage your boss
MBA programmes don't prepare you adequately to deal with people problems in the corporate world

Just what is a Patent?
A patent is a kind of intellectual property right. It allows rights (including exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights) pertaining to an object (product) and/or a means (process), with a view to rewarding the invention.

Should IIMs opt out of the ranking system?
Though there is doubt over the methodology, B-school surveys help aspiring management students and recruiters make a more informed choice

April 05, 2005

The cheapest PCs are here!
Tempted by those really cheap personal computers? Check out how they stack up.

How LG became No 1
How the Korean consumer electronics giant's second coming in India paid off

April 04, 2005

Cheap foreign footwear anyone?
Cheap foreign footwear is making an impact on the Indian consumer, but at what cost?

Lalit Suri: The uncrowned hotel king
Why is hotelier Lalit Suri an outsider in an industry for which he's put up such staunch support as a Parliamentarian?

Can VSNL become a global player?
A changing business model could help VSNL emerge a leading global telecom player.

April 01, 2005

The real story of the Ambani deal: Businessworld
A settlement between the Ambani brothers over the Reliance ownership issue is now imminent, says Businessworld.


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