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August 31, 2005

FAQs on fringe benefit tax
The CBDT has issued a list of FAQs with answers on Fringe Benefit Tax, clarifying some issues raised by the trade and industry.

August 30, 2005

Chidambaram: The Jaya angle
The genesis of the finance minister's current troubles may be December 7, 1996.

All about the new fringe benefit tax
Employees Stock Options (ESOPs) have been exempt from the new FBT, but not car and health perks, leave travel concessions and several other benefits, including amusement, games and sports.

Broadband just got cheaper and better
Have you got yourself a broadband connection? MTNL's Triband has lowered some of its charges and now offers some attractive packages whether you are an Internet junkie or you simply need to check your mail.

August 27, 2005

Alibag lures Mumbai's rich
Up close with some Mumbaikars who have retreated from a city life and careers to creat an alternative lifestyle in Alibag.

Making his first million, from IT
Prateek Garg started IT&T in 1990 and built it up for 7 years to a turnover of Rs 35 crore. He them left 1997 to start Progressive Infotech, which has a turnover of over Rs 80 crore today.

What the global CEO thinks like
Conventional wisdom talks of economies of scale. But in today's world, perhaps we should be looking at economies of learning and knowledge, says Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP, one of the world's largest advertising groups.

August 26, 2005

There's money in rating pubs
Bangalore's online company discovers money in rating travel destinations, pubs and eateries.

Now home theatres for Rs 11,000!
A combination of Korean aggression and technological innovation has finally made such systems affordable.

August 25, 2005

India's internal brain drain
The attrition rate in Indian capital goods firms has reached an alarming 30 per cent.

Are Indian BPO operations secure?
While frauds in countries like the US are probably greater right now, the issue of security can't be pushed under the carpet for too long.

ModiCorp's Hollywood foray
MCorp Global's commercial film on the life of Buddha will be ready for release in 2006.

Are you ready to face retirement?
Only 2% of Indians not working in government will be able to fund their retired lives, if they cut expenses by half, says a survey.

Indian IT tigers keen to rule China
India's infotech giants are preparing to gnaw a large chunk of China's mouthwatering software services market.

August 24, 2005

What makes Star Plus the leader?
Me-too programming allows ample room for new players.

Multiplex fever sweeps India
For a multiplex, weekends are like Amitabh Bachhan: big and bountiful.

For intelligent search, try Lilo
Hyderabad-based TrulyIntelligent Technologies has developed a search software that can understand the linguistic component of a search query.

What is Outcome Budget?
The Outcome Budget is a progress card on what ministries do with the money given to them for various schemes and in what stage of implementation these schemes are.

August 23, 2005

Toyota's mantra for success
Toyota MD believes those lower down must have ownership of the process.

Why pizza chains outshine mobile phone firms
Which has the bigger slice of the offers pie -- cellphone services or pizza chains? Read on.

'Inventive thinking,' the LG way
LG Electronics' new campaign binds different products with a common idea.

Which are India's safest cars?
Just how safe is your car compared to its European sibling?

All about India's biggest FDI project
It is the single-largest FDI project in India. But little is known about Posco.

August 22, 2005

All about India's rural job guarantee scheme
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act will cost about Rs 40,000 crore annually.

Can HLL sustain its stock performance?
The recent spurt in Hindustan Lever's share price more than adequately discounts the turnaround in its business performance.

Invest in art, be a millionaire!
Keeping pace with the alarming increase in artists' prices is a body of people who're hoarding art.

The best stereos for your car
With the German in-car entertainment company Blaupunkt opening exclusive brand stores, car owners can choose the timbre of their sound.

August 20, 2005

India is a nation of shoppers
The expanding 20-49 age group and the rise in incomes will result in a shopping explosion.

August 19, 2005

Stuck in corporate rut? Here's Grid help
Bruce Carlson, President and CEO of Grid Intl, a US-based HR firm, says a solution is available for organisations that want vibrant, creative, feisty employees.

What is WorldSpace radio all about?
Apart from the fact that FM is free and portable and poses a stiff challenge, the choice of WorldSpace receivers is even poorer than it was earlier.

ARCIL makes a hesitant start
Only if there are more asset reconstruction companies will banks be more comfortable with the valuations

August 17, 2005

Why isn't Disney succeeding in India?
Star Gold and Disney are desperately clamouring for acceptance from Indian viewers.

Dravid and an ad with a difference
Max New York Life tries to break through the clutter with a different approach.

The best automobile stocks
Hero Honda and Bajaj Auto offer great value for money, say analysts.

Be an independent director. Earn millions!
With the Irani Committee recommending that one-third of the board of a listed company should comprise independent directors, there's a huge demand for IDs round the corner.

August 16, 2005

How good is Reliance Tax Saver Fund?
RTSF will be managed aggressively like its diversified equity fund siblings; also the fund is likely to be a high risk - high return investment proposition.

PII Fund: High risk, high return
The fund can add value to informed investors who have a view on the infrastructure sector and a flair for high risk investment avenues.

B&W: New colours of the season?
Films, advertisements and books are going black and white. Are we looking at the new colours of the season?

August 15, 2005

Billionaire in a <I>banian</I>
O P Jindal's empire, at the time of his death, was worth Rs 17,500 crore, but you would hardly know it from his austere ways

August 13, 2005

Indian cuisine makes a comeback
Indian food is being snazzily reinvented so you can have your kebab and the style to go with it

Check out these French wines!
While wine consumption in France itself has been falling for several years, they still put away about 56 litres per capita

Radio from the skies
If music be the food of life, WorldSpace is here to provide the soundtrack.

On a roll in Punjab
Punjab may have slipped from third rank in the latest per capita income report, but beyond its apparent opulence is a spirit of enterprise that's guiding its fortunes.

August 12, 2005

Narayana Murthy's dream for the future
N R Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys, has plans to turn the company into a bigger, stronger, and global player.

Want an iPod? Buy it abroad!
Add zing to the thing with some great accessories. Buy them abroad as they're cheaper there.

10 rules to manage your boss
Boss management can stimulate better performance, improve your working life, job satisfaction, and workload. Give your boss a hand and reap the rewards.

August 11, 2005

Banking industry's apartheid
Commercial banks appear to be leaving out rural areas and backward states while expanding operations

August 10, 2005

The name's Bond. Games Bond!
Kalkush, the one-year-old company behind Games Bond, is serious about original formats for TV shows.

Mobile photo albums, the rage!
Mobile operators and Web sites are betting big on online photos albums.

VSNL: Learning the global ropes
Tyco Global and Teleglobe make for ace assets but VSNL will soon find that buying them was the easier part of building a worldwide telecom empire.

Designed for success!
Samsung India is betting on design and innovations to gain an edge over competition. Will the strategy work in a price-sensitive market?

How digital era is changing Bollywood
The digital revolution is altering the way the Indian film industry produces, distributes and exhibits films.

August 08, 2005

A look at Reliance's mega plans
RIL is on its way to becoming a global hydrocarbon major with a larger petroleum refinery and sizable upstream business.

Check out these hot new phones
Nokia 8800 and Motorola Razr Blk V3 are great value for money.

VAT and the problems it poses
Alignment of VAT with HSN will complicate it tremendously and, for once, the traders will be justified in opposing it

Check out the new Hyundai Sonata
The new Hyundai Sonata is up to something. Like challenging the Accord for the D-segment throne

Have keyboard, will buy
E-commerce seems to be the New Age way of shopping for an increasing number of Indians.

August 06, 2005

Is trade with Pakistan possible?
The historic possibilities of trade across the Wagah border are still fraught with uncertainty.

India: Is labour trouble resurfacing?
The spectre of the trade labour union movement has returned to haunt the industry. Is the Left responsible for the rise in militant unionism

August 05, 2005

What's behind Wipro's 'flower' logo
Shombit Sengupta, the founder of Shining Emotional Surplus, tells us how he created Wipro's new 'Rainbow Flower' logo using the 'Emotional Surplus' strategy.

Elastic norms behind your plastic
The sales pitch has shot up to frenzied heights in recent weeks

August 04, 2005

Great tips from a great CEO
A profile of BP chief Sir John Browne and a look at his remarkable management philosophy.

Flooded? Here's how to claim insurance
In order to claim insurance against any policy, it is imperative to have some proof of a loss.

5 great tips to rule the bull market
Here are five golden rules you need to remember in your encounter with the roaring bull.

Bosch's day out
From cars that park themselves to driving a Volkswagen GTi. All in a day's work at Bosch's 57th Automotive Press Briefing

Fortis: Healthcare with a difference
With the lack of super-speciality hospitals in northern India, Fortis is making the best of available opportunities

August 03, 2005

B-schools wake up to the real world
B-schools sensitize students to the value of art. Could it really be happening

August 02, 2005

The world's most expensive homes has compiled the first comprehensive list of the priciest residences on the planet -- the top five per continent, excluding Antarctica, to be precise.


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