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December 30, 2005

How the airport bids were evaluated
Here's a lowdown on how the bids for privatisation of airports were evaluated.

Zipping on the telecom highway
With investments set to cross $5 billion, the number of subscribers and FDI doubling, and Skype-type net telephony possible, the sector's booming like never before.

Reality TV stars earning BIG bucks
Indian reality television continues to go strong.

December 29, 2005

Sleeping with the enemy? Beware
Thinking about a strategic alliance with your competitor? How deep a relationship do you want?

Sorry, we're booked
With just 5,000 new hotel rooms likely next year against the shortage of 90,000, expect the industry's expansion to pick up pace.

Your cellphone is under attack
The number of malicious software programs created for mobile is expected to reach 726 by the end of 2006.

How to shop online, smartly
In the e-shopping world, the more you haggle the better the bargains get. Besides there's the bonus of not standing in a queue

India's airports upgrade takes a new turn
New government committee will submit report next fortnight.

Can Indian textile weave new dreams?
The textile industry will invest Rs 23,000 cr over the next two years to augment capacity, but that's probably not good enough.

December 28, 2005

A new aircraft every week, and more
Expect a new aircraft every sixth day, half a dozen new carriers, at least four IPOs, airport privatisation and a lot more.

India Inc goes ga-ga over radio foray
With the government having invited bids for 338 FM stations across 91 cities for a period of 10 years, corporates are in hectic parleys for tie-ups and business plan evaluations.

B-schools can't teach you to adapt
My management education still comes in handy. Though several theories and ideas were discussed and taught in a closed environment, one gradually learnt to adapt them in the real world.

December 27, 2005

How to retain your employees
Here's a low down on how companies in high-attrition industries are holding on to their employees.

India, the hottest investment destination
From software giant Microsoft to telecom biggies Nokia and Samsung to auto majors Honda and Toyota, global players now eye India as the most attractive destination for investment.

New IITs: A report card
Informed sources say a decision to announce the new IITs is just around the corner.

December 26, 2005

Indian Railways zooms ahead in 2005
Indian Railways was on its way to making record profits to shore up its finances in 2005 despite the political 'derailment' of Railway Minister Lalu Prasad on his home turf in Bihar where his party lost power after 15 years' rule.

How India can be the most innovative place on earth
Let us say 'no' to grunt work, let us do something new. Innovate! says Anand Chhatpar, one of the top 5 entrepreneurs in the US under the age of 25.

IT revolution enters new phase
The year 2005 has indeed been eventful for the Indian information technology sector. IT and electronics majors like Microsoft, Intel, Motorola and Philips have committed to invest billions of dollars in R&D and manufacturing.

Divestment: More smoke than fire in 2005
There was more smoke than fire in the year gone by as far as divestment was concerned, with the Left parties' stalling the government's move to offload stake in profit-making Navratna PSUs.

Can spend millions? Come in, please
2006 will mark the year when luxury brands will find an appropriate retail address for the first time. But have the promoters got it right?

December 24, 2005

How India can get BIG investments
The decision to set up special economic regions will help make India a prime investment destination.

India's most expensive eateries
At Wasabi, an exclusive restaurant at the Mumbai Taj, a sashimi platter can famously set you back by up to Rs 10,000.

Auto sector: A year of hits and misses
One of the most violent labour unrest, which shook the entire country, rattled the success story of the Indian automobile industry in 2005, a year which saw the high growth rates peter down and players grapple with rising input prices.

A GREAT year for Indian IT
Resurgent software exports, lucrative global deals, huge investments, acquisition, a quite burial to the outsourcing outcry and low-cost computers marked the year 2005 for the information technology industry

December 23, 2005

Not your dad's bank
State Bank of India is reaching out to a younger customer group. Will it work?

Narayana Murthy's 4-point plan on higher education
Infosys Technologies chairman and chief mentor N R Naranaya Murthy proposes four tangible solutions to transform higher education in India.

A traffic jam in the Indian skies
A 24 per cent increase in air travel and the launch of several new airlines, including low cost carriers, were the key developments in the Indian civil aviation sector in 2005

December 22, 2005

How to check online shopping frauds
Online shoppers must look for an 's' after "http" in the Web page address or URL.

December 20, 2005

4 Indians among world's top 50 business gurus
Business gurus C K Prahalad, Ram Charan, Vijay Govindarajan and Rakesh Khurana rank among the world's best management brains.

The other BIG retail story
Online shopping is big business internationally. Is India catching up?

How to energize employees
Your most valued workers are also the ones most likely to suffer a sense of discontent. Here's how to keep them engaged.

December 19, 2005

The secret of wealth creation
Motilal Oswal Wealth Creation study finds a way to pick bluechips with zero chances of losing money. Read on to know how.

H-1B visa curbs may end the American dream
US visa restrictions are keeping entrepreneurial immigrants away, and they're finding new opportunities overseas.

December 17, 2005

Want a top gun ride? Use your credit card
Banks are offering exciting reward options to credit-card holders.

Meet India's rustic knowledge providers
Anil Gupta and the National Innovation Foundation tell us that rural Indians can be knowledge providers too.

December 16, 2005

Should there be quotas in private institutes?
The government's attempt to pass on its social obligation to unaided educational institutions is undemocratic

Airtel's Blackberry: Not too hot
While most of the functionality on the Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets is similar, needing to pay extra for surfing is unfair.

December 15, 2005

The Most Creative Minds of 2005
Want to innovate? Want to forge lasting connections with customers? The creative folks in our annual report on the Masters of Design have a lot to teach you

December 14, 2005

How to make your products simpler
You can start by simplifying your company.

Google's secret weapon: simplicity
Google's high priestess of simplicity Marissa Mayer, who keeps Google's home page pure, understands that less is more. Other tech companies are following suit. Here's why making things simple is better.

How became a hit
He started off his company doing the odd market surveys and feasibility report, but the company was too broke to pay him, so the house was looked after by his wife who worked with Nestle

Can India become a chip powerhouse?
Will Maran's dream of making India a semiconductor powerhouse take off?

December 13, 2005

FMCG: The consumer is back
Better urban demand has revived the sector. Now firms are betting on the rural market.

The 10 faces of innovation
In an exclusive book excerpt from the general manager of Ideo, we meet the personality types it takes to keep creativity thriving -- and the devil's advocate at bay.

December 10, 2005

Hemendra Kothari: Big newsmaker
Can 1K yield $500 million? Of course it can, if the K stands for Hemendra Kothari who struck a deal with Merrill Lynch to sell 47 per cent stake in his company for that amount.

Special: The war for mobile mail
Hutch is all set to challenge Airtel's Blackberry.

December 09, 2005

10 CIO resolutions for 2006
Surge in technology innovation and unpredictable economy may make 2006 a 'paradoxical year.'

Why we hate HR
Finding, nurturing, and developing talent is one of the most important tasks in any corporation. So why does human resources do such a bad job?

Asia's biggest powers gear up for Summit
Even as Malaysia is set to invite Asia's biggest powers to the first East Asian Summit, a major rift has evolved between some countries.

These smart phones really sizzle
You can throw away your laptop (almost!) but the keypads of the new phones still need improving upon.

December 08, 2005

Can India Inc build global brands?
No one doubts the ability of Indian companies to run global businesses, but building a brand involves a totally different set of abilities.

Asia's wireless generation
Mobility and freedom of communication is driving Asia's new lifestyle.

December 07, 2005

Chanderi women weave a success story
They had never stepped outside their homes, let alone towns until a couple of years back.

December 06, 2005

India's rich textile legacy
That's a 17th century Indian border print that was popular in Persia," says Dr Ruth Barnes, looking at the leaf-like motif print on my skirt. "Border prints tend to last longest - like the flowering lotus, or certain star patterns."

Global oil hunt: India, China join hands
India and China share a new mantra when it comes to owning oil reserves abroad - if you can't beat `em, join `em.

Is it safe to invest in sector funds?
Though select sectoral funds have turned in an impressive performance in the past year, investors must be willing to take the risk to reap the rewards.

December 05, 2005

Tsunami: How IT firms made a difference
It is nearly a year since the tsunami devastation hit India's southern shores.

Who's afraid of Wal-Mart?
Big Bazaar is empowering its vendors, Shoppers' Stop is getting into hypermarkets, Subhiksha is going it sans frills as they all gear up to the potential challenge of Wal-Mart.

Is your boss killing you?
New research suggests that employees who see their bosses as unfair may be at significantly greater risk for heart disease. Here's how to fight back.

December 03, 2005

PVR: Set to move the movie mart
PVR's ambitious new plans see it set to diversify its role in the movie market.

Escorts: Big daddy of healthcare
Escorts, now belonging to Fortis Healthcare, is fast becoming one of the top healthcare brandnames in the country.

December 02, 2005

Should the education Bill be scrapped?
It may stifle the development of private schools and add to the bureaucracy

December 01, 2005

Tourism: Sri Lanka is back in business
Between January-September '05, there were over 400,000 visitors to Sri Lanka

India's love song to itself
As the Hindi film industry flanks itself in defence from Hollywood, its real strategy throbs within.

Titan's Fastrack on comeback trail
Titan's youth brand Fastrack is trying to make a comeback. Will it work?


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