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May 31, 2005

How budget airlines keep their costs low
Most low-cost carriers offer short haul, point-to-point services on a no-frills basis; they have a single seat arrangement (all economy, no business or first class); and their fleet consists of a single aircraft model.

Mid-cap funds? Are they safe?
There is a growing interest in mid-cap funds on the back of higher returns; but higher valuations and lower liquidity pose concerns.

May 30, 2005

Why was the case withdrawn?
How the biggest fraud in the history of Indian government's recovery proceedings was orchestrated.

Jute scam: All procedures flouted
How the biggest fraud in the history of Indian government's recovery proceedings was orchestrated.

How the jute scam was masterminded
How the biggest fraud in the history of Indian government's recovery proceedings was orchestrated.

The great jute mill robbery
How the biggest fraud in the history of Indian government's recovery proceedings was orchestrated.

Family biz: Here come the young guns
A young generation in the corridors of family businesses can make or mar fortunes.

May 28, 2005

The attack of the publishers
International publishing giants such as Penguin and Macmillan are looking at India to become the next big publishing hub

Corporate crooning comes of age
Corporate house employees are grooving to a new beat by forming in-house bands

Check out the new Mercedes-Benz SLK
'Top' class fun in the 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK 350

Women travelers are now a pampered lot!
Luxury hotels are gearing up to sensitise their services for the woman traveller

May 27, 2005

How UK policy led to AP farmers' suicides
A study says AP farmers were forced to pay more for seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, water and power because of flawed public policy and economic strategy implemented at the behest of a British government body.

May 26, 2005

Incredible story of Banyan Tree group!
"Organic diversification is the best route for growth," advises the founder of the Banyan Tree, one of the world's fastest growing hotel chains, which redefined the meaning of the word luxury. Read why. . .

Not making hay when the sun shines
Banks incurred trading losses with interest rates rising in 2004-05, but didn't cash in by earning more interest income

Nokia takes on iPod, Canon
The era of convergence can throw up unimaginable scenarios -- mobile handset manufacturers competing head on with IT majors and also aiming for a chunk of the exploding digital camera market.

May 25, 2005

The man behind IA's rebirth
In about a fortnight from today, the government has to appoint a successor to Mr Arora

How good is the Tata Mid Cap Fund?
Over 3-5 years, the fund will benefit from the long-term growth potential of mid caps, but investors should factor in the above-average turbulence that will likely come their way.

Is Principal Junior Cap Fund good?
We believe the fund is a high risk - high return investment proposition and risk-taking investors can consider investing in the same.

May 24, 2005

Who is the real brand custodian?
Are the advocates of brand positioning standing on loose soil?

How Kim scripted LG's success story
Kwang-Ro Kim, the man who turned LG into a blockbuster brand in India, shares his secrets

How to train to be a pilot
Fantastic pay and perks mean flying could be a great option for teen

May 23, 2005

Why IPOs are no longer alluring
Aggressive pricing of primary issues driven by booming secondary markets is beginning to hinder returns from IPOs. Most of them neither offer a quick buck nor a safe bet.

May 21, 2005

India a minnow in the world of wine
It's early days yet for the industry in India, which is hamstrung by rules and regulations in most states

May 20, 2005

Investing in ULIPs? Read this first
My advice to those who are looking to buy not just a ULIP, but any financial product: It is your right and responsibility to ask for a company printed benefit illustration and brochure, and take some time to read, understand and question it.

The farce of bank CMD selections
Public sector banks have no set framework for selecting their top executives and the rules change from case to case

Do women write better e-mails?
An IIM-A study on the relationship between gender, politeness and e-mail content has thrown up some interesting points.

May 19, 2005

Defaulters beware! Banks now know your past
Now every retail borrower's account details are an open secret

How to stop waste in advertising
How can you improve your ROI (return on investment) and get more sales for less rupees? Ad guru John Philip Jones gives some tips.

<I>Sholay</I> + <I>Phoolan Devi</I> = Zee Cinema
Learn how India's first two-minute thriller was made.

Broadband's got cheaper for owls
For all you insomniacs, broadband just got cheaper

May 18, 2005

L-RAMP: A boon for rural innovators
L-RAMP, a joint initiative of IIT Madras, Rural Innovation Network, and Lemelson Foundation, USA, is helping encourage innovation in rural India.

For global mobile majors, India is hot
Mobile phone manufacturers are investing in India to leverage the market potential.

Saving cash, the online way
Plenty of companies are turning to e-sourcing to save money.

May 17, 2005

Brain gain! Fewer IITians going abroad!
More challenging opportunities in India, better pay, fewer opportunities in US and better living standards in India are the causes, say experts.

CavinKare takes the spice route
Will CavinKare be able to replicate its success in shampoo with pickle and condiments?

How MTV made it big in India
MTV India Managing Director Alex Kuruvilla tells Business Standard of the folly in believing that the cocktail circuit's tastes reflect those of all Indians

May 16, 2005

Steel: Will the big bets pay off?
Indian steel companies are increasing capacities at a fast clip, but there are worries about over capacity and a down turn in steel prices in the long term.

In search of an ideal threshold for VAT
An inherent problem with any sales tax is the appropriate tax treatment of small firms, both in industry and trade.

May 14, 2005

Global melodies, India-style
International bands from London, Canada and Denmark are making India their musical stop. What continues to bring them here?

Australians are here to sell wine
The Australians are coming to India to sell the civilised spirit of bacchanalia

LN Mittal's younger brother has big plans
Pramod Mittal is determined to catch up with the world's biggest steel producer -- Mittal Steel, owned by his elder brother L N Mittal -- fast. Mittal, in fact, is expanding with a vengeance.

Seoul Motor Show: A report card
A first-hand report from the Seoul Motor Show

Astrology, a jackpot for mobile firms!
Leveraging the Indian psyche, mobile phone service providers predict the future.

May 13, 2005

Tata to fund former Ranbaxy honcho's new venture
Three former scientists and a former senior manager at India's top drug maker Ranbaxy are joining hands to start a boutique drug discovery and development outfit.

Israeli drug giant eyes Cipla, Dr Reddy's
Teva, the world's second largest generics firm, is on the prowl. In its sights is an Indian drug major. An inside track of the hunt.

The 7 steps to excellence!
What drives excellence in a professional services firm? Read on. . .

May 12, 2005

Who's that guy in the Indica ad?
Launching a new series: Ad of the Week

May 11, 2005

Here come the Canon cameras!
Canon is aiming to click in the consumer electronics arena by focusing on the digital imaging market -- plus a little glamour.

Look how NatGeo has changed
The channel's new ad reflects its changed, information -plus-entertainment slant.

How to treat VAT in books of accounts
VAT should be shown in the books of account under a separate liability account, which is ultimately reflected in the balance sheet under creditors.

How VAT works
Do you understand VAT? Do you need advice on the new VAT laws and how they affect your business? Here's help.

May 10, 2005

Is your company risk-intelligent?
Faced with newer types of risk profiles across their enterprise the concept of the chief risk officer -- or the CRO -- may soon mark its presence in India.

May 09, 2005

The Penguin CEO who thinks local
Publishing books, despite the intellectual aura associated with it, is still a business for the hardnosed.

World's best vodkas now in India!
The spate of new premium vodkas in India will make your blood rush.

For sale! Rs 15 cr villas at Amby Valley
What exactly do you get when you buy a chunk of the Rs 15,000 crore Amby Valley?

May 07, 2005

Man with the Midas touch
Until last week, Mukundray K Shah of MK Shah Exports was only known as a leading tea exporter of the country.

Farming with a difference
Contract farming has a lot to offer both farmers and the landless

How to bet at the races
And finally, if all your studying of the form book doesn't deliver winners, try betting on horse number six in the sixth race running in lane number six...

Check out the new Maruti 800, Omni
Maruti gives its old faithfuls a bit of a nip-and-tuck. We check out the 'all-new' 800 and Omni.

Scramble in the sky for Re 1 fares
Next week will unleash the second phase of fare wars, making flying cheaper than ever before. But will the new airlines survive or sink?

May 06, 2005

Y2K-like bug to hit Linux computers!
If Linux programmers get nightmares, it's about this date and time

How to build a smart company
Companies that want to create processes that foster entrepreneurship must develop legitimate systems and manage them in a way that is motivating.

May 05, 2005

Do we need a new pension scheme?
The current one caters to only a small portion of the workforce and is financially unsustainable, but the Left parties don't buy this argument

The DTH war hot up in US
A new battle is now being waged in America between the two major DTH providers, Directv and Dish Network.

Retail chains embrace EAN standards
The ECR forum in India is working towards making EAN the international standard barcode, mandatory for all products sold in India after March 2006.

How will US Fed rate hike impact India?
With US Fed increasing interest rates to 3%, equity money flows into emerging markets like India could be impacted in the medium term.

60% Net-savvy Indians own a car!
A global online survey on car ownership and purchase intentions, conducted recently by ACNielsen, reveals that 60% Internet-savvy Indians owned a car, the highest among other Asian nations.

May 04, 2005

How <I>Deccan Chronicle</I> stormed Chennai
Deccan Chronicle" claims that it has made considerable headway in the Chennai market.

How Maran helped Sun beat rivals
Kalanithi Maran is foraying into West Bengal, has DTH plans and wants to own a newspaper

Corporate class in cyberspace
e-learning is slowly gaining ground as companies try to save time and costs.

'We may buy another company in Germany'
Wockhardt Chairman Habil Khorakiwala says the company was looking at active inorganic growth in the European market andmay buy a pharma firm in Germany.

Thiagarajan's trail-blazing invention!
The 25-year-old's method of compressing digital images helps save money, time and precious resources, and also exemplifies simplicity.

May 03, 2005

Who will win India's retail war?
Which retail strategy works in India? Conservative or full-speed-ahead?

May 02, 2005

Trendy sports outfits flood India
Branded as well as unbranded sports apparel has flooded the Indian market, offering consumers a wide choice.

How to attract tourists to India
Tour operators are stretching their imagination to attract tourists to India.

MFs ride mid-caps to glory
Equity diversifies funds have ridden to success largely on the back of mid-cap stocks


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