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November 30, 2005

Stop the virus
Due to lack of good computer engineering graduates, firms are hiring students from other engineering disciplines and training them in-house to become IT engineers.

How AMD made Rs 10,000 PC possible
Computer chipmaker AMD has taken 15 per cent of the Indian microprocessor market in four years. Is Intel's dominance under threat?

November 29, 2005

Reboot the system
India's engineering education needs better infrastructure, more emphasis on practical aspects, a competent faculty, etc. In effect, an entire revamp of the system.

Stocks costly, but you can still make money
Although Indian markets are expensive currently, FIIs are unlikely to withdraw money. So, over the longer term, the markets should return 15% annually.

November 28, 2005

Techies, we have a problem
What ails our software engineer-developing engines?

The Sensex journey: 1000 to 9000!
The oldest stock exchange in India, the Bombay Stock Exchange was established in 1875 as the Native Share and Stock Brokers Association at Dalal Street in Mumbai.

Can Tata Steel buck the trend?
Compared to a near 47 per cent rise in the Sensex in the past year, leading steel stock returns pale in comparison.

Montblanc out to woo women
Masculine brand Montblanc has gone the whole hog and launched a jewellery collection for women.

November 26, 2005

The new Hyundai Santa Fe is out
Hyundai's popular SUV is longer, taller and wider than its predec

Check out the new Ford Fiesta
Fiesta is a decent option over the current C-segment king - the Honda City

How Ruia turned Jessop around
Ruia has turned Jessop & Co around, confounding his detract

What Italy can teach Indian designers
A cultural exchange between the Indian and Italian design industries promises to be beneficial to both sides

Ma, my comics are talking!
Home-grown comic heroes get a fresh lease of life in new formats

How I made my first million
Travel Services, is worth Rs 6 crore and manages a fleet of around 100 vehicles

November 25, 2005

Check out these new MP3 phones
Though the new lot of MP3 phones also suffer from the limited memory problem that plagues the older models, their looks are great.

How to achieve excellence
Effective delegation creates speed for the organisation, self development for superiors and high motivation for subordinates.

November 23, 2005

What are SEZs?
Special Economic Zones will be deemed foreign territory for trade operations.

iT, this new PC is for free!
If iT has to succeed, it will need to offer much more than attractive pricing.

Will the draft EIA facilitate environmental clearance?
The draft Environment Impact Assessment notification will throttle speedy implementation of projects

The next big IT wave to hit India
Remote infrastructure management is a multi-billion dollar industry and Indian companies have realised the strategic sense in being part of it.

How to make strategies work for you
Organisations today need a language for communicating strategy as well as processes and systems to implement strategy and gain feedback about it. Success comes from strategy becoming everyone's everyday job.

November 21, 2005

For small pharma cos, the future is bright
Given the burgeoning opportunity in the contract research and manufacturing, pharma companies are gearing up to grab a share of the pie.

November 19, 2005

Evian has big plans for India
Evian is back with a pragmatic marketing strategy, and this time it's here to stay

Fashion designing: India's latest fad
A mere 12 years ago, fashion designing as a career in our nation - or for that matter Indian fashion designers - seemed as exotic

Audi's A4 can rival the Merc
Expect Audi to price it in the Rs 20-25 lakh segment

Lalit Suri - Hotelier with a drive
Suri bid for 10 properties of Indian Tourism Development Corporation when the government wanted to divest.

A modular kitchen for Rs 25 lakh!
Modular kitchens are neat and convenient, and are beginning to catch on in India

The amazing story of Tata Motors' success
It is one of the biggest turnaround stories scripted by a team led by Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata.

November 18, 2005

To transcend the man
Alwaleed's business life began with as much theatre as his life continues to be influenced by.

November 16, 2005

Indian telecom: $10 billion up for grabs
A major BSNL expansion plan is about to set India's telecom sector abuzz. Expect price-value acrobatics, big time stretching and casualties.

November 15, 2005

B-schools can't teach intuition
Intuition is the only path to new insights and B-schools can't teach you that, says Mukul Agrawal.

Power brands, the new FMCG mantra
Indian fast moving consumer goods companies like HLL, Godrej Consumer Products Limited and Marico Industries are completely sold on the concept of "power brands".

A great scheme to invest your money in
The Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund is the first close-ended equity fund in 12 years.

November 14, 2005

Fee for tech services abroad is taxable
As per Indian law, fees for technical services are taxed on the gross amount of the fees

Is India ready for a phone revolution?
Unless Mr Maran moves on reducing the access deficit charge, One India will remain a dream

Is India Inc slowing down?
Earnings growth in the September quarter has declined sharply, and indications are that the coming quarters may not be too different.

India's auto industry revved up for success
India now ranks amongst the most preferred destinations for most of the major global OEM players.

How to track economic freedom
The more the reforms proceed, the freer India becomes economically

November 12, 2005

How Stellar Search was born
Today, the company employs more than 25 people, and has a turnover of over Rs 5 crore

Shopping blues? Visit this showroom
If you have the post-Diwali blues, you should step into Van Heusen's new showroom in Delhi's Connaught Circus

Honda brings City & VTEC together
City looked absolutely futuristic and needed no plastic surgery whatsoever for the next five-odd years.

Zen and the art of investment
Satish Gupta, popular artist, not only because he sells and can be "understood" even by the dumbest socialites, is also a painter's painter

Wanna pop a champagne? Read on...
The champagne market in India has enough reason to celebrate

The man behind <I>Deccan Chronicle</I>'s success
The Deccan Chronicle has challenged The Hindu's leadership in Chennai, and is preparing to battle the biggies in the English language newspaper market.

The blog as bazaar?
Publishers and filmmakers are among those looking at web logs as tools of publicity which could be the first step towards the mainstreaming of blogs. But limited connectivity is still an obstacle

November 11, 2005

Mumbai's amazing dabbawalas
Can we replicate the business model of the dabbawalas in the digital age?

November 09, 2005

Birth of a generation of workaholics
The great point about such constant connectivity is that executives -- women executives in particular -- certainly do get to organise their work-life balance better.

November 08, 2005

The secret behind Ajay Piramal's success
The pharma takeover tycoon on where he draws his inspiration from

How managed to beat its rivals
Customer focus is good, but don't lose sight of your competition

How useful is B-school grooming
But most B-schools in the country are yet to realise the need for "regional" knowledge

November 07, 2005

The story behind Refco's collapse
How the futures and commodities brokerage giant went bankrupt.

Sameer Manchanda: TV's 24x7 dealmaker
For Manchanda, however, the going could prove to be a lot tougher this time around as the news broadcast industry has undergone a sea change in the last six years.

A tale of three stocks
A review of how three companies that recently raised funds through public issues have fared and could fare in the times ahead.

A new breed of investors hit the Street
More and more women are taking an active interest in stock markets.

Where are the buying opportunities?
In a stock pickers' market such as this, investors may be better off paying a premium for companies with a good business model and earnings visibility.

November 05, 2005

Wai Wai? It's Nepalese noodles
Corporates of Nepal are no longer remaining ensconced in the frozen environs of the Himalayas.

Browsing will soon be lot easier
The Big Three are improving audio search and moving towards newer ways of searching the web.

Check out these niche hotels
Niche and economy hotels are the latest steps in the attempt to make India a tourist haven

How Digital Age is changing India
Technology is altering not only the process of creativity but also the experience itself

November 04, 2005

Mobile-blogging poised to explode
Mobile-blogging is poised to explode onto the mainstream, but Indians cool their heels

November 03, 2005

Good catch for ONGC-Mittal
Naresh Kumar Nayyar was crucial to the company's overseas ambitions

November 02, 2005

Can Accenture beat its Indian rivals?
As it scales up, Accenture is turning its `global delivery model' for IT services competitive, but not in the way you might think

A peek into India's diamond trade
Despite accounting for almost 80 per cent of diamonds globally, Indian diamond merchants are still shrouded in secrecy

November 01, 2005

Fly overseas at dirt-cheap rates
When airfares for international destinations are offered at unimaginably low rates, the Indian traveller's distant locales do not seem so distant


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