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December 30, 2006
Turning junk into designer concepts
The architect believes in reusing material. Whether it is a moth-eaten tree trunk, or the creaky doors of Meghdoot theatre - everything, he says, can be reused.

Wanna zoom in the new BMW X5?
The new X5 can hold its own in the SUV brotherhood and is a new chapter in the BMW design.

2006: A flamboyant year for the markets
The Indian capital markets continued the flamboyant journey in the fifth successive year and the bellwether Sensex entered into the elite 10k-club, rewriting history in many spheres during the year 2006.

Will this film hit diamond sales?
The much talked about film 'Blood Diamond' accuses the diamond industry of profiting from the misery of civil war ravaged Africans, through the trade in conflict diamonds.

HR factor in retail: Largely ignored
The mood in India these days is "Goodbye, Socialism. Welcome, Sonyism".

How to build a real estate fortune
Money invested in real estate, for income and capital growth, provides stable and predictable returns similar to bonds offering a regular return on investment, if the property is rented, as well as capital appreciation.

Engineering, not IT the most invested sector
Engineering overtook information technology to become the most invested sector in 2006

Mutual Funds: The leaders & laggards of year 2006
At first glance, the numbers show a mixed trend.

December 29, 2006
CAS vs DTH: Which is better?
Here's a low down on the prices that operators are offering as well as a sense of the advantages and disadvantages.

Stocks of low cost carriers: A hot option
Why are institutional investors lapping up stocks of low cost carriers? A report.

Planning to invest in MFs? Get your MIN now
MIN will be provided absolutely FREE OF COST to the investors.

7 great investment tips for 2007
For once let us not only make some resolutions, but also keep them

10 must New Year resolutions
Once you make your resolutions, all you need to do is execute them. Get cracking and we hope the New Year rings in the sound of cash registers for you.

What to gift your boss on New Year
Remember, knowing what your boss craves for is directly proportional to your year-end pay increase.

December 28, 2006
How the IIMs woke up to competition
The academic rigour of the PGPEX course is their response to ISB's spectacular success.

Indian pharma on the global map
This year, Indian pharma majors went on a shopping spree, acquiring foreign majors and sealing out-licensing deals abroad.

India: Hotspot for global telecom cos
India is all set to become a hub for the production of telecom equipment.

Important lessons for HR managers
Managers need to find news ways to train, retain and compensate staff.

TV viewers: Here's a great New Year gift!
With Conditional Access System (CAS) ready to take off in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata from January 1, 2007, almost 2.5 million cable television viewers can look forward to having a customised bouquet of channels.

How to secure your financial future
If you want to take control of your financial future, you must have a plan that will allow you to find good investments, reduce taxes, beat inflation, and properly manage money.

An entrepreneur born to succeed
Kunwer Sachdev started out as a cable TV operator and recalls an incident that took place in his initial years, which incidentally was a turning point in his career.

December 27, 2006
How to save yourself from tax axe
Tax planning is a coherent part of any financial plan

Why Fixed Maturity Plans are better than FDs
Fixed Maturity Plans earn better returns than similar-tenure fixed deposits

He gave wings to the common Indian
Air Deccan boss Gopinath is considered the father of low cost air travel in India.

December 26, 2006
Markets: The hits and misses of year 2006
Though 2006 was a year of historic highs for the stock market, the average investor is unlikely to have a great party this year end.

How Warren Buffet made his billions
It all began in the family grocery store back in Omaha.

How Zee scripted its own success story
The channel invested in formal research into viewing habits and preferences

December 24, 2006
How Cadbury's won the battle of worms
And thanks to its equity with the consumers, Cadbury's won back consumer confidence.

December 23, 2006
How real is your estate?
What's sure is that the high returns are unlikely to be repeated next year, specially for the same set of stocks that led the rally.

Pajero tag is dead. Long live Montero!
The big Mitsubishi sheds its price tag and the Pajero moniker. But does it gain any cred?

Success story of an Indian state
Tamil Nadu's unhyped success in industry and services has much to do with quality infrastructure and forward-looking policies.

When local real estate players go national
An increasing number of Kolkata-based real estate players are spreading their wings and building interesting projects all over India.

December 22, 2006
Top paying career options in India
With the age of pre-placement offers setting in you can get a high paying job even before you step out of college

Solve this case, earn Rs 25,000!
R N Mehra has just returned from Prime Bank where he had gone to foreclose a personal loan. This is the story of his travails and the bank's delay in solving his case.

December 21, 2006
Infosys BPO boss speaks on jobs, attrition
'We treat attrition as a business problem, not just an HR problem,' says Amitabh Chaudhary, Infosys BPO CEO.

Diabetics, here's something to cheer about
Finally, two insurers are offering this in India

He has big dreams for Thomas Cook
The ex-ace investment banker talks about his game plan for making Thomas Cook a one-stop shop for travellers.

December 20, 2006
Auto sector zooms ahead in 2006
The Indian automobile industry had an action-packed year with big-ticket announcements such as excise duty cut for small cars, entry of German car major Volkswagen and Mahindra's tie-up with Renault.

Buying a new car just got cheaper!
Car manufacturers are giving consumers extra reasons to celebrate this Christmas and New Year -- by giving a lot of discounts.

India now flavour of the world: George Soros
Chairman of Soros Fund Management George Soros believes that India is currently the flavour of the world and it has become important politically. According to him, India's growth rate has improved on per capita basis.

Donating online? Read the fine print
Don't forget to scan the site for authenticity

Are the markets too risky to invest in now?
Few doubt that the markets are safe in the long run given the economy's growth path, it is in the short term that there are some fears.

Capital protection mutual fund scheme? Beware!
On the face of it, capital protection schemes of mutual funds look good. But are they really what they are billed to be? Find out if you should buy

Balance, the key to investing
Balance the stocks in your portfolio to plough the markets without overturning.

December 19, 2006
How they brought water to their fields
How locals of a remote village in Uttaranchal took the initiative to bring water to their fields.

Warning! Read home loan documents well
If you thought the loan documents were just a formality, think again. It is a contract skewed towards the lenders through various clauses buried in the fine print. We help you dig them out

Secure your child's future. Here's how
HDFC Standard Life Insurance's top selling unit-linked policy aims to give your child financial security by insuring your life

Earn millions through franchising
Franchising is one way to give your entrepreneurial self a chance. The challenge is huge, but the rules are simple. Grab the opportunity.

Lossmaker's guide to tax savings
Negative income does not attract tax, but actually saves you money

December 18, 2006
A buyer's guide to real estate in metros
Have money and want to buy a house? Here are some tips.

December 16, 2006
Elephants in the black market
My mind was boggling at the sheer ease with which something as large and temperamental as an elephant could be hidden so easily from the authorities

I-flex: don't tender, sell
Oracle, the world's second largest software company after Microsoft, surprised the market last week with a sharp revision in its open offer terms for I-Flex.

Do airline loyalty programmes work?
It's a consumer market and the volumes today are driven by the brand-don't cares.

Check out these exotic chocolates
Exotic chocolates are flooding the market this festive season

New Honda CR-V is better, but...
But is it worth the new price tag?

With $2 bn in kitty, this is the next boom town
These days, there simply isn't enough housing in the area, with so many industries coming in.

December 15, 2006
'SpiceJet to be McDonald's of the sky'
Avani or SpiceJet: which is the love of his life? For Ajay Singh, that's a tough one to answer.

Central banks and bubbles: Prevention or cure?
Our financial system, by any reckoning, is fragile, which is why the RBI is intervening.

December 14, 2006
Tips to become a good CEO
Leadership isn't a popularity contest, but heavily centralised management often gives results only till something goes wrong.

An economist and a 'climate man'
Stern says that we all know the pace of change has picked up in India

December 13, 2006
10 cultural implications of social software
More and more of your social interactions are moving online. Here are 10 major cultural implications of social software's growth.

New tools to banish slums
The key to a better future lies in creating a lot of low-income housing on the city

Year-End: The World's Richest Indians
Sure, we know L N Mittal and Azim Premji, but who else?

December 12, 2006
What's special about Aviva's pension plan ad
Aviva's pension plan ad is a not-so-gentle nudge to forgetful executives.

Buying a PC? Some tips for you
Any PC with a Dual Core or an Athlon XP 3600+ is powerful enough for most users.

Gift a music player this Christmas!
Gift a sleek-looking music player this Christmas season. It needn't be an iPod.

How smart is your mobile phone?
If you don't want to be dubbed "outdated", get these must-haves on your phone.

Want to get rich? Invest in art fund
Another fund, and a wannabe fund raiser, want to get rich on the spoils of the art market.

The product-service gap
Chances are that customer disagreements are not that frequent. If they happen, the customer may have little choice but to return. Even in competitive markets, a habit once formed is difficult to break.

December 11, 2006
Quant investing? What's that?
The availability of computing prowess at low costs and the penetration of Internet trading have moved quant investing from the realms of professional managers to retail investors.

Don't ignore this insurance option
A policy that works for those with dependents during low-income retirement years.

The man who brought UTI back
M Damodaran was the brand that managed the UTI crisis.

Make millions, be a Net entrepreneur
A few gatecrashers into the Net space have created formidable revenue models for online businesses.

December 09, 2006
Singur farmers: Why they oppose Tata plant
We visit Singur and find that farmers are reluctant to give up their land for an automobile plant.

Driving the Audi S8, S6 and S4 Cabrio
The Audi S8 is a fairly simple car in format. What AMG and M are to you know who, S is to Audi. Take one numbers A8, toss in a suitable engine, garnish with aero kit. Result. But, the suitable engine in this case comes from a supercar.

Check out these unusual greetings cards
So what would you like a greeting card for this festive season to be?

December 08, 2006
Two policies rolled into one, at a price
When buying New UnitGain Super, the top-selling unit-linked insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz which bundles investment with insurance, be sure about the reasons for doing so.

The hazards of workplace gift-giving
Why it's better to err on the side of caution when seeking appropriate gifts for employees and co-workers.

Pre-launch realty projects? Keep off!
Do the lower prices of pre-launch offers look attractive to you? Be careful, for you could fall easy prey for dubious developers of the so-called 'future projects.'

December 07, 2006
All about SBI One India Fund
SOIF can add little value to investors' portfolios and that it fails to come across as a "must-have" investment proposition.

Why you should avoid commodity stocks
Retail investors may not be able to time commodity stocks. Go for FMCG for a steadier rise.

3 great short-term trading skills
Long- and short-term investing require separate strategies that don't mix easily.

December 06, 2006
Buying real estate? Wait, read this first!
Pre-launch projects are tricky. Here's what to look for before investing.

A financial plan for senior citizens
Daljeet Mongia and his wife sold their house and moved to a senior citizens' home as advancing age had made it difficult to live alone. Here's a financial plan for them.

'Money in the bank' is a safe way to lose money'
If your investments can't keep up with inflation, maybe it's time to look elsewhere.

10 top mutual funds you MUST own
276 equity schemes in the market and you don't know which to buy. Here's a list of the proven 10 that should be a part of any mutual fund portfolio

Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Midcap: Flexible tool to handle swings
Can, and has, increased its cash levels in turbulent markets

Sundaram BNP Paribas Leadership: Taking a ride with the leaders
SLF first identifies the sectors it wants to invest in and then picks up the leaders within these specific sectors

SBI Magnum Contra: Far-sightedness adds to its value
SMCF aims to invest in scrips and sectors that are currently out-of-fashion, but hold potential

SBI Magnum Global 94: Leading in the middle kingdom
Fund management and a refocused strategy in 2003 boosted SMG's performance

Reliance Vision: Picks up winning stocks, but is risky
Large-cap and a bottom-up approach to stock picking

Prudential ICICI Dynamic Fund: It's a win-win situation here
PIDP follows a bottom-up stock-picking strategy and prefers to invest in companies that have the potential to compound their cash flows over the years

HDFC Top 200: Lower risk route to higher returns
Sound, long-term track record

HDFC Equity Fund: Steady player on a safe turf
Large-cap oriented portfolio should perform well even in turbulent markets

Franklin India Flexi Cap: Getting the balance right
One of the lowest down-side risks in the past one year

DSPML Opportunities Fund: Waiting for the right chance
The scheme churns its portfolio as and when the opportunity arises, which is quite often

December 05, 2006
The Sensex story: 1,000 to 14,000!
Strong global markets and major fund and FII investments in heavyweight auto, pharma, IT and metals stocks lifted the Bombay Stock Exchange's benchmark 30-share Sensex past the magical 14,000-mark on Tuesday.

Thousands of BPO jobs that pay BIG
At a domestic BPO, you can get a slice of the action without its associated problems

Don't wait to buy a home; prices won't drop
Prospective buyers should look at peripheral location where infrastructural developments are happening that can be classified as growth corridors of the city.

Is it time to dump your cable guy?
DTH may change the way we watch TV, they say. We find out if this new technology will end the reign of cable operators and what other options there are for a consumer.

How to get rich by tax planning
If you haven't planned on taxes already, do it before it gets too late. Only, while doing this, decide whether you just want to save taxes or make goal-based investments.

December 04, 2006
Perks on which employees don't have to pay tax
The credit card is a perquisite for which you don't pay tax. Which are the other ones? Find out. . .

How Sameer Nair turned around Star Plus
Star Plus is where it is today, thanks to his creative genius, say Nair's friends and foes alike.

Diversified MFs: Best long-term bet
Fund managers and wealth advisors say that in the long-term diversified equity funds are the best bet.

December 02, 2006
Zen: The old and new charm
The original Zen leaves a little void in the enthusiast's heart.

The new Zen Estilo experience
The original Zen was a snappy, honest, fun-to-drive number, but this looks like one of those preening, self-conscious kind of cars that are indifferent to drive...

Healthcare goes five-star in India
Indian healthcare industry is getting an extreme makeover and is touching the lives of people not just in India but all over the world.

Does Delhi need the new Metro link?
Better use of an eight-lane expressway to the airport can do away with the need for the 18.7-km metro link.

Travelling? Don't forget insurance cover
Before you step out of the country, make sure you have taken a travel cover

Pension plans: When, what, how
In a pension product, on the other hand, you make regular contributions during your earning years and then get a regular pay-off after a certain number of years

Where to file your insurance claim? Here's help
Here, we give a list of phone numbers, addresses and e-mails of all insurance companies, both life and general, in India.

December 01, 2006
Earn Rs 1 lakh a month, try retail jobs
India's big retailers have tempting jobs lined up. Tune in.

All you wanted to know about XBox 360
Is the XBox 360 the best thing on the shelves for the Indian community? Or is it far too expensive for India?

The Bible of stock market profits
'Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits' is recommended as a 'must read' for all stock market players.

Should you buy closed-end mutual funds?
But, does it make sense to invest in them, or are you better off with open-ended funds?

How India's education system can change
For India to take its rightful place in the sun, we need scores of companies involved in formal, mainstream education.

When to buy life insurance, and how much
A pure term life cover fulfills your needs at the lowest cost.

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