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June 30, 2006
Fed may raise rates once more: Morgan Stanley
More liquidity tightening is likely by global central banks.

'More downside likely in Indian mkts'
Bank of Japan rate hike might affect liquidity in India

RBI likely to hike rates by 25 bps in 3 mths: StanChart MF
The 10-year yield may touch 8.5 per cent before a decline

He made Tata Coffee a global brand
Krishna Kumar has done for Tata Coffee, what he did for Tata Tea in the year 2000

Reliance creating over 600,000 jobs!
Reliance plans to hire 10,000 professionals and 500,000 customer care people for its retail business, and 100,000 persons for its Jamnagar refinery.

June 29, 2006
'Fed's hawkish stance to continue'
The rupee will remain soft against the dollar, and will continue to be an underperformer against other Asian currencies.

Low risk, high returns. Here's how
Investing in an index fund could be turn out to be a comparatively low risk, decent return, defensive strategy of investing in equity.

Fed may hike rates by 25bps: UBS
Fed is expected to deliver a more market-neutral statement

EPS for FY07 seen at Rs 70: BL Kashyap
Revenues for FY07 are likely to double, while the FY07 EBITDA margins are seen at 10-12 per cent

FY07 EPS seen at Rs 18-20
Jain irrigation has come out with a very strong set of numbers.

Global economy will slow down now: Marc Faber
Investment guru Marc Faber says that you shouldn't be in industrial commodities, since they are now more vulnerable and liquidity growth is essential to sustain bull markets.

June 28, 2006
Fed meet to decide mkt's next move
If the cues emerging from the Fed meeting is of a pause or a level off in interest rates, it will be a positive for the market.

25 bps hike most likely outcome of Fed
I think they would keep the door open, to pause, hike or ease

Fed may consider 6% rate target for 2007: JP Morgan
Fernandez feels that it is not the time to buy emerging markets on dips due to the uncertainty that looms

Fed guidance to impact domestic markets: IL&FS
The investors are advised to book profits at higher levels and reduce the position

Tata Coffee CEO on the company's big plans
He says that the company will move from plantation, to becoming a branded player

Real estate MFs set a positive trend
Sebi's Real Estate Mutual Fund guidelines is a positive one, but some structural issues need to be addressed.

Should you buy the new JM fund?
JM Arbitrage Advantage Fund is an equity oriented interval fund that seeks to generate market neutral returns.

Aurobindo Pharma chief on the firm's future
The company's revenues are seen to cross $1 billion in three years time

How ITC turned biscuits business around
ITC got around its late entry disadvantage to chew off a chunk of the biscuits market. Here's how.

How to identify GREAT leaders
A good leader is one who can connect, talk and be able to develop trust between him and the team members.

June 27, 2006
What Google is doing in China
Kai-Fu Lee, technologist and self-help guru, is a raging celebrity in China. Now Google is paying him $10 million to build its research lab in Beijing.

Does the American's job have a future?
Three decades after the groundbreaking book Work in America, its authors tell us how things really turned out.

June 26, 2006
How he made a small daily BIG
How a regional newspaper can call the shots with advertisers - because it delivers responses

How Dolle stole the Arcelor-Mittal show
Dolle had got Mittal to agree to pay substantially more than the euro 33 per share he had offered

LN Mittal: The undisputed Sultan of Steel!
Now, with 10 per cent of the world's notoriously fragmented steel making capacity, he is undoubtedly the Sultan of steel.

The Indian Amazon story is unfolding
Misha Dange is CEO of a books portal which she's determined to make the next of India

Arcelor-Mittal: Some tricky issues remain
This may be attractive to some other financial investors, but certainly for the individuals who are looking to gain additional long term values

Why some stocks do well, some don't
Market experts try to explain the reasons why some stocks did well and why some didn't, and what investors should do now.

9 stocks that hold big promise
Three stock market experts pick nine mid-cap stocks that hold big potential for investors.

June 24, 2006
Everyone wants India's energy pie
While the Indian government mulls its policies on non-conventional energy sources, private and foreign players are already off the mark.

1st govt-owned 5-star hotel turns 50
New Delhi's Ashok Hotel with 550 rooms and 111 suites is not devoid of stories, anecdotes and nostalgic memories.

Reviving the magic of the Kolkata
Architect Dulal Mukherjee wants to restore the allure of some of the important buildings in Kolkata.

How good is the new Mahindra Bolero?
If you're the sort who wants maximum bang for buck, without being overly concerned about performance or image, then the Bolero makes sense.

June 23, 2006
Business moms
Just as the world was getting used to soccer moms, we have power moms of another kind.

Coolest little start-up in America-II
Tom Szaky at 24 is a highly successful entrepreneur: he sells garbage packaged in garbage!

The coolest little start-up in America
Tom Szaky at 24 is a highly successful entrepreneur: he sells garbage packaged in garbage!

June 22, 2006
Tackling work-related stress
Organisations can only provide stress-busting tools. It's up to the individual to utilise them.

Floodgates of philanthropy
Last week, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced that he would step down from his day-to-day management role in the company from 2008 to work full-time in philanthropy through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

SEZs: A ready reckoner
Here is all you need to know about Special Economic Zones.

How Infosys plans to fight the war for talent
The company aims to recruit 25,000 people in a single year.

All about tax benefits on home loans
If you take a home loan, you are entitled to a host of tax breaks.

Your retirement plan needs this!
Superannuation trusts definitely deserve a place in your retirement plan, with or without the FBT exemption.

June 01, 2006
'You make money when you differ with the Street'
Use your original thinking to do something, which you think is right.

Go, grab that pie of British realty
Land in the UK is a precious commodity–and skyrocketing prices reflect this. Here's how you can buy into a piece of this action, sitting right here in India.

'Buy after a couple of days'
Act more like traders; buy after a couple of days of panic and exit when things bounce back

Markets headed for a major correction
Shah feels that the market breadth indicates that it is headed for a bit of a major correction going forward.

Money risks women face
Women face a multitude of risks at each life stage

FII outflows to persist in near-term
India country funds saw an outflow of $700 million

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