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May 31, 2006
Be ready with cash to buy at lower levels
Salil Sharma says that people who are into markets for more than a year, should start picking up stocks in a small quantities.

9800-10,000 is strong support zone for Sensex
Over a 12 months horizon, this entire situation will get corrected

How to live happily ever after
The chase for making money indeed gives us a thrill, which we interpret as happiness

'If India has big plans, global money is available'
India's challenges: infrastructure, large fiscal deficit, low FDI

There is still poison in the system: Jagdish Malkani
Though quality stocks have retreated 10-15-20 per cent from their recent highs, it's time for cherry picking.

Anil Ambani's recipe for success
The litmus test of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group's rebranding is not just the immediate success of how the external changes are perceived, but in how well it can transform its very corporate character.

It's time to pick up stocks: Baliga
We see the markets consolidating for the next two months

May 30, 2006
Indian pharma's enviable journey
The drug industry is at an inflection point and it could take off explosively.

They aren't CRYing for help!
CRY has changed its positioning to focus on children's rights. Will it still connect with donors?

Three hidden mid-cap gems
Hemindra Hazari of Karvy Stock Broking discusses three stocks from the smallcap and midcap space that he likes in the current market.

5 GREAT tips for safe investment
A structured approach to fund selection with a systematic checklist to achieve it is of utmost importance.

Hot stocks and sectors for this week
The experts advise investors to buy on declines and average at lower levels

May 29, 2006
BPO recipe: Quality and a dash of M&A
Unless you glamourise it, the youngsters who are getting into the universities and schools will not want to get in

How to value a stock: An expert's view
He was among the first Indian analysts to work for foreign institutional investors

One billionaire's pudding is another's poison
Even the billionaires of the world have not made their money following any one holy gr

India: A hotspot for clinical trials
India is fast emerging as an attractive destination for conducting global clinical trials due to availability of vast pool of patients and also well-trained medical professionals and sophisticated technological infrastructure.

Where is the market headed?
Two veteran chartists thrash out the prospects for stocks

Death of tax saving investments?
EET would make longer-term investment options more attractive. Insurance schemes – and not investment schemes – will probably be the most preferable tax-saving instrument.

May 27, 2006
If it's dog's life, let's lead it
Pet owners are spending obscene sums on food, toys, even clothing

Of management, trust and investing
Jamshed Desai of IL&FS Investment told CNBC-TV18, how he goes about rating managements

The lure of Sonepat land
Sonepat is fast becoming a hot spot for real estate developers.

Go green: India Inc's latest mantra
An increasing number of offices, IT parks and companies in India are turning eco-friendly and using recycled materials for construction.

How Bollywood makes money
The increasing corporatisation of the Hindi film industry will soon make it impossible to lose money on a movie, even if it flops at the box office.

Tools to spruce up your PC
You should regularly spruce up your PC with software to get the best out of it

May 26, 2006
She made a difference to Kotak Bank
Mumbai has the potential to become a powerful and truly world class financial centre

Where will the Sensex be this year-end?
Leading market experts believe that the Sensex will trade in a wide range of 11,500-14,000

It is a threat to Microsoft Office!
The OpenOffice suite includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.

How best to negotiate your salary
We take a look at what's available and how you can use this to your advantage

May 25, 2006
'Sensex will end the year at 11,400'
Asian and emerging markets are close to their bottom, and that valuations are looking more reasonable in Asia and India.

PCs to get a facelift with a 'skin'
The skins will help users personalise their machines, giving them the colour, picture or design of their choice

Survival guide for demat account holders
Looking for the exit after Sebi's DP ban? A roadmap and your survival guide.

May 24, 2006
How to profit through mutual funds
The right way to benefit from MFs is to balance the risk as well as the potential to earn.

Move over bears and bulls, it's the pig's doomsday
The key to being a successful long-term investor is designing a well-diversified asset-allocation game plan that suits your timeline and tolerance for risk

'We remain positive on India for medium term'
One has to bear in mind that India has been a very big beneficiary of large flows of global risk taking appetite

Deluge nearly over; invest in largecaps over midcaps
The crash is a blessing in disguise for those investors who could not afford large cap stocks earli

Can it create History in India?
The History Channel in India has shifted gear from being an infotainment to a more broader-focused entertainment channel.

How India's IT biggies can grow
The next step forward for Indian software leaders is to acquire consulting capabilities

May 23, 2006
'Current levels very attractive for investing'
With today's current level, it is very attractive for us.

FIIs are here for a long time: FM
The small investors must heed the advice of mutual funds and remain invested.

Selling India to foreign funds
It is about getting long-term money into India

When being greedy pays
There are only two seasons in the stock market, one is bullish and one is bearish.

May 22, 2006
Bright spots in a grim market
Investment advisor P N Vijay says FMCG is looking strong

'Stay away from midcaps for the next 2-3 weeks'
Technical analyst at JM Morgan Stanley, Gautam Shah expects the Sensex to slip to four-digits with a medium term target of 9000.

'Stock markets are like supermarkets'
With market volatility increasing every day, investors need to touch base with some basic rules of investing.

Markets will remain under pressure: Marc Faber
Investment guru Marc Faber believes that this is a good time to get rid of assets and park money in two-year treasury bills

'Good that the market is off peak'
Peter Douglas of GFIA Singapore expected a substantial correction in India.

How to save further losses; 12 rules
With the markets sliding leaps and bounds, you need to keep your calm and find ways to cushion the free fall

Market rife with speculation: Mehraboon Irani
Mehraboon Irani of Darashaw and Company says that investors are very scared and the market is rife with speculations.

'Fair value for Sensex is at 8500'
India remains attractive and the economy is strong

Markets: Short-term recovery likely but...
...a pattern of lower tops and lower bottoms indicates that in the intermediate term markets will move downwards.

12 questions on the market fall
Indian stock markets witnessed their worst week ever with the Sensex tumbling 1347 points in five trading sessions. Here is all you need to know.

May 20, 2006
Why this business centre is different
It is not even a year old, but Realtech Projects has interesting designs on business centres in India.

Some stylish tiles for your floors
The tile market in India hots up with companies offering a wide range to customers.

Here's the NEW Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia
Calling forth the Evo spirit in the Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia.

These hotels have a story to tell
Next time you book into a hotel look around carefully, you might be offered a slice of history.

May 19, 2006
Smart strategies for unpredictable markets
All of us need to develop ways to deal with volatility. Let us analyze various strategies for both existing, as well as new investors to handle volatility.

Falling markets: Top tips for you
Time in the market and not timing the market is what makes the difference between a successful investor and an also-ran.

Own a car? Read the fine print
If your car has been damaged while in the workshop, ensure that you are not the one paying the repair bill.

'India in a 10-year bull phase'
I would say don't look at the market because fundamentally our economy is good and one has to see the economic story of the country and not only the market.

Time for fresh investments: Fund managers
Fund managers are unperturbed by Thursday's fall and see it as a good investment opportunity.

May 18, 2006
Want a study loan? Read this first
Banks are getting more reluctant to extend study loans thanks to the extent of default in this segment. A look at the new roadblocks on the education highway.

Tax return: Dos and Don'ts
Filing tax returns is a simple process, but don't give it a miss.

May 17, 2006
How to profit from your mutual fund
Mutual funds as an investment choice tower over other choices as they offer everything an investor looks for: easy availability, liquidity, transparency, decent returns.

When to sell your mutual fund
By selling a MF from just a profit-booking perspective, you may be selling off a portfolio with good long-term potential. So take care.

May 16, 2006
What should retail investors do now?
Experts advise retail investors to get into the falling market, keeping in mind strong fundamentals and time horizon of more than a year.

Own midcap stocks? Then don't worry
All the major indices were tumbling in the markets since Monday. The Midcap Index was down over 4% Monday and was seen slipping today as well. So what will be the fate of this momentum driven space? Experts reveal it all.

Indian markets may correct by 30%: Faber
Investment Guru Marc Faber expects most markets, including India, to see a 30% correction, which is likely in, both, equities and commodities.

Next 2-3 days are crucial: Freeman
According to Malcolm Freeman of Ambrian Partners, this correction was a kind of fund liquidation. But he maintains that fundamentally nothing has changed.

May 15, 2006
Sensex tanks: What to buy now?
Analysts are not too concerned about the Sensex fall. They see it as an opportunity to buy and get into good stocks.

Biggest falls and gains of the Sensex
Here are some of the biggest falls and gains in the Indian stock market history.

Is your PC fit for playing games?
You may want to play a game on your PC. But is it equipped to handle the task? Here are pointers to find out.

What the future holds for Air Deccan
Air Deccan's LCC model is a good one, but it could take time to play out.

It takes 14 secs to crack your password
Loss or theft of data on your PC, laptop or mobile could cripple you.

How to make money on the Net
Selling online is a great strategy if you go about it smartly. You save time, money and effort, and you could end up with a good business.

Two women prove how successful feminine <I>shakti</I> can be!
The West may be miles ahead of us, when it comes to biotech research but these two women have atleast given us a good start.

How DLF plans to use IPO money
DLF will use its IPO proceeds in part to acquire land, complete on-going projects and retire debts.

May 13, 2006
Is India's mobile user base number right?
Telcos are inflating numbers to get more spectrum, says a study.

Tata Motors has an Ace up its sleeve
Tata Motors has notched early gains for Ace through a carefully crafted strategy. It is now unfolding plans for the next step.

Adobe plans Japan story in India
What operators need to do is to build their networks, get a steady subscriber base and get their act together for 3G (third generation) spectrum.

A PC that doubles up as a TV
You can use the Microsoft Media Centre as a PC or a TV.

How does your company motivate you?
Indian companies are finding novel ways to motivate employees.

May 12, 2006
Govt will curb cement prices from Monday: Kamal Nath
The government is looking concerned over the rising cement prices. On Friday, Union Commerce Minister Kamal Nath met the members of the Cement Association, where he asked them to address the issue by taking effective steps.

How RBI move hits your loans
Although the Reserve Bank of India has left interest rates alone, the new provisioning norms could impact your personal finances.

How to make a fortune overnight in stocks
If you are addicted to the rush of trading and the thrill of making a killing in the stock market, then technical analyst G Devanathan takes you through the steps on how to make more money and avoid those pesky losses.

Take India seriously: Morgan Stanley boss
India is a market, a story, a country, an economy. . . and investors need to take it seriously, says Morgan Stanley, MD, Stephen Roach.

May 11, 2006
How to play Reliance Petroleum now?
Experts give their views on what must one do with this stock ahead.

Voice rings in big bucks for telecom firms
The mobile telephony market is showing a lot of promise. Indian mobile voice and data services -- which will include voice, data and value-added services (VAS) -- are estimated at over $8 billion annually.

May 10, 2006
Mahesh Chokhani's tips to be a great investor
Director of Enam, Mahesh Chokhani brings the benefit of his expertise over long years of trading in the market. He gives away a few of his secrets, so that a lay investor can benefit.

Longer Bull Run = Bigger bubble: Marc Faber
The longer a bull market lasts, the more likely it is that it will end in a colossal bubble, says Marc Faber.

May 09, 2006
The IPO gravy train
Going forward, investors will have to exercise caution while investing in IPOs.

Schooling is an effective job quota
38% of college-enrolled are SC/STs and OBCs - this is also their share of top jobs.

Are car owners being fleeced?
The road tax that is charged to the buyer is on ex-showroom price, not the ex-factory price as mandated.

How did these NFOs fare?
New diversified equity fund offerings collected Rs 25,000 crore in 2005. An analysis on their performance

India's BEST mutual funds, ranked!
The Outlook Money Mutual Funds rankings show that diversified equity funds have stolen the show this year.

May 08, 2006
Can Sony take on Apple iPod?
Sony Ericsson has a new set of phones that sound quite like they should... so should Apple iPod be losing sleep?

The man whom demat traders must fear
Anantaraman has a record of passing at least a couple of hundred orders ever since he stepped into Sebi

Is your demat account safe? Take care!
Here are some dos and don'ts to protect yourself from fraudulent debits

Strong rupee = bad news for IT stocks
If the rupee continues to be strong, IT will be a less enticing investment.

May 06, 2006
The other side of the world's richest Indian
In a rare interview at their palatial mansion in London, Mittal and his wife Usha open up to .

50? Here's a house JUST for you
Senior citizens have reason to smile, with real estate developers readying plush apartments and homes for them.

Know all about Merc E280
Return of petroldom with the new Mercedes-Benz E280.

ICICI's $1.4 billion shopping basket
With an overflowing fund, ICICI Venture is foraying into realty, management buyouts and helping Indian companies make acquisitions abroad

Almost ALL services may be taxed
It is more than likely that in the next few years, all services will have to pay the tax except for a few essential services.

TV on your mobile. Soon
Eight million mobile TV-enabled handsets are projected to be sold in 2006 the world over

Are wired networks here to stay?
Jeong H Kim who spearheads Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs as its president and Phil Edholm, chief technology officer and VP (strategy & architecture enterprise solutions and packet networks), Nortel express their views on technology

The 10 hottest job sectors in US
Small employers are creating jobs at a breakneck pace. Here are the industries they're influencing, and the opportunities that lie within them.

May 05, 2006
The colours of BIG profit
Growing demand, dynamic innovations and trim bottomline paint a pretty picture for the company.

Mittal's bid: The INSIDE story
Lakshmi Mittal's bid for Arcelor will open any day now. The strain of the battle is telling on both Mittal and Dollé. But neither will accept defeat.

Godrej plan: Get paid before a job
Sales Academy targets front-end sales executives.

May 04, 2006
US firms fight for new talent
As the labor market tightens, employers are going to ever greater lengths to lure top performers. How aggressive are you willing to get?

How to create a GREAT career History. Networks? Everywhere. Five trends that will shape your career in the coming decade.

India's TOP 5 mutual funds
Smart, unique strategies will create tomorrow's mutual fund winners.

May 03, 2006
India's friend from Harvard
Professor Galbraith will always be remembered as a great friend who did much to put Indian agriculture on a sound footing and ushered in the computer revolution in India.

Taming the boss from hell
Ambition, self-confidence, even a little bloodlust--all can be part of a great biz leader. They can also wreak havoc on an organization. Now, for the executive from hell, help is on the way.

May 02, 2006
Nokia still leads in India, but. . .
Nokia's leadership may be undisputed, but other handset manufacturers are trying to catch up.

A contact lens for only Rs 90
How contact lens makers are trying to get customers to discard their spectacles.

May 01, 2006
Indian techies never had it better!
Even as Indian tech majors cash in on the growing demand for offshoring, they face rising attrition and wage inflation that could pressure margins.

Sensex @ 12,000: What should investors do
Since markets have run up sharply over the past few months, investors should take a relook at their asset allocation and focus on stocks that hold potential for outperformance.

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