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November 30, 2006
All about Lotus India Tax Plan
In terms of fund management, this is the first Indian venture of its kind for Temasek.

Top 10 computer virus threats in 2007
Number of password-stealing Web sites will increase and so will spam, says McAfee Inc.

November 29, 2006
Indian behind Wright Varsity R&D hub
The Wright State University College of Engineering and Computer Science unveiled its new Krishan and Vicky Joshi Research Centre.

In the office? You can't access the Net
Seven in 10 organisations allow their employees only limited access to the Internet.

Management lessons you learn from real life
It is always important to ask not just the whys and the whats, but also by whom and by when.

Make a smart will. Avoid family woes
While making a will is not a Herculean task in itself, there are quite a few things you could have missed out on inadvertently that could lead to major hassles later.

Should you invest in Funds of Funds?
Let us look at the various issues associated with FoFs -- some are positive and some negative.

November 28, 2006
All about HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund
It is a diversified equity fund, which offers investors an opportunity for saving tax by providing Section 80C benefits.

Don't rule out a new tax this Budget
Officials in North Block are wondering if a new tax will be mooted again and whether that will pertain to foreign investments.

'Easy to use' products are in
Outsourcing Product Development is set to emerge as a $8-11 billion industry by 2009 from the current $3 billion market estimates.

Google has the last word in Microsoft battle
Google was slowly but surely tightening its grip around Microsoft mainstay products

India takes lead in chip design
As many as 18 out of the top 25 chip companies are setting up chip design centres in India,

'Own a diversified portfolio in India'
'Indian stocks are richly priced relative to their emerging market peers'

Skewed picture of India's oil deals
Is the DGH right about ONGC's track record?

Mediclaim: You can claim it twice, if...
If you are covered under group insurance policy, you should take another cover, in addition to the base employee cover. Additional cover is useful in 2-3 conditions.

November 27, 2006
Some great housing stocks to look at
Even if real estate prices are zooming, housing finance players will continue to do well as the demand for home loans will remain strong.

November 25, 2006
Small screen, big buyouts
With increasing corporatisation of Indian television, creativity is being backed by professional management. The growth potential is huge.

November 24, 2006
Should big brands be running scared?
As the big-ticket shopping war shifts to supermarkets arena, a slugfest is certainly assured for consumer loyalty

Should you buy money-back policies?
This plan is for you if you don't have the stomach for risk but still want liquidity.

Why you need a mortgage insurance
A home loan is settled by this cover if the borrower meets an untimely death

November 23, 2006
How good is Reliance Long Term Equity Fund
RLTEF has a relatively straightforward portfolio strategy.

Commodity futures: trade away some risk
It has been three years since it has been opened to retail investors, but few have taken to it. A primer for those prepared to dive in to find the pearls.

All about home insurance
It often takes a lifetime of effort to acquire a home—your largest asset. So, once you have it, you need to protect it and its contents. Luckily, home covers are quite affordable.

November 22, 2006
Is India's property market overheated?
While the RBI is reportedly thinking of capping loans to real estate, many believe any such move is a bad idea.

Corporates with a conscience
Fifty per cent of India's employable population is either unemployed or under-employed.

How insurance literate are you?
Indian families have to become more insurance literate to manage risks

Driving style to govern car insurance
Being a high-value asset, a car needs a comprehensive cover to protect you financially from mishaps. With premiums to be de-tariffed soon, auto insurance is set to change.

Why medical insurance is a must
Urban India moves from disease to lifestyle-related ailments that could need a stay in a hospital. With rising healthcare costs, medical insurance is critical for you.

November 21, 2006
How India Inc is managing quality
India boasts of 16 companies that have won the Deming Award from the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers.

Private banks and elusive passbooks
The Reserve Bank of India might have notified their issue, but hardly anyone else is taking the order seriously.

How new tricks can help old media
The E&Y global report had mixed reports on the television, cable and satellite industry

Accident insurance? Here are some tips
An accident is often a double-whammy - the physical pain is aggravated as you have to spend on treatment at a time when your income too is hit. A cover takes the financial sting out.

Motophone: Motorola's big India bet
Motophone which is an exciting breakthrough technology, it's a whole new design, it's pretty energy efficient, it's designed for markets like India and China.

November 18, 2006
Radio: The new infotainment mantra
There will be 40 strong private players compared to the current seven and the market of Indian radio, as industry experts point out, will see investments worth $1.5 billion in the next 24 months.

Welcome to the world of serious gaming!
The players, both console and PC, calculate the growth of Indian gaming at a steady pace of 16-18 per cent

Why service apartments are in demand
Experts are of the view that the trend of serviced apartments is beginning to catch on in India.

November 17, 2006
How e-banking can ease your life
Not just bill payment, you can make investments, shop or buy tickets and plan a holiday at your fingertips

November 16, 2006
Indians rule the US start-up arena
Indians account for 28 per cent of all foreign-founded private start-up companies in America, according to a study.

November 15, 2006
What's good for the Indian post office
Anyone who has the future of the post office at heart and wants it to be robust and self-reliant, even while discharging important public service obligations, should focus attention on making it autonomous.

Should pension funds be put in markets?
Equity markets offer hugely better returns but since the risks are also real, a 'life-cycle' investment strategy offers a happy solution.

'World economy may disappoint next year'
I think we are coming to a critical point in the global business cycle, where an unbalanced world needs to get rebalanced, says Morgan Stanley economist Stephen Roach.

Blogging acquires corporate hue
Companies will have to set clear guidelines about what is appropriate for a corporate blog and what is not

November 14, 2006
How the airport bids almost went wrong
Not taking action is not just a travesty of justice, it simply encourages others to try and do similar things in the future

How to control wedding costs
If you allow wedding expenses to run riot, they will. Here's how you can keep the costs under control and still have a memorable wedding splurge.

Here's Nike's India game plan
How sports footwear and apparel giant Nike is changing its market positioning in India?

The selling season
How festival advertising is different from regular campaigns?

November 13, 2006
The FMCG story: Good times are here
FMCG firms should not have a problem selling; how much money they will make remains to be seen.

November 11, 2006
Net game fever catches urban youth
There's a rage that's fast catching up with young, urban Indians. Computer and Internet gaming are finding a growing number of takers, especially as young converts make sure to stock the latest titles for their Xbox and playstations.

Look, a feature film on my phone!
Mobile content providers are hoping to bring mobile phone owners a comfortable wireless Web experience coupled with a new world of portable multimedia entertainment.

The mystery shopper strikes
Large stores have mystery shoppers to see how well the staff is trained to help you locate the five packets of imported sugar that you took the trouble to hide behind the tea before asking for them!

November 10, 2006
The puppet masters of viral marketing
Making The Blair Witch Project taught Campfire how to tap the power of curiosity.

November 08, 2006
Test your business skills, win Rs 25,000
There are two trade unions at Alpha Automobiles. Miffed at not having their way, one union calls for a strike. The strike eventually fizzles out but its shadow lies over the next round of talks 3 years later.

November 07, 2006
He dreams to dress the rest of the world
Home textile player Alok plans to integrate and move up the design chain.

November 06, 2006
Tata's global gambit
Tata Steel needs to access low-cost slabs in order to tap Corus' potential and make the acquisition work. Will there be another acquisition?

Nearing 50? Here's a financial plan for you
Yashwant Kumar Singh's life is at the crossroads, with the impending marriages of his children, the heart ailment of his wife and his retirement. Outlook Money does a financial makeover with a customised gameplan for him.

Temp jobs can make you good money
Permanent is not the only way to go any longer -- temporary jobs are a viable alternative.

Why floating home loan rates never drop
The Indian home loan market, bedazzled by the low rate home loans, forgot to ask one basic question: what is my floating rate loan benchmarked to?

Find the information gap and profit from it
The gap between stand-alone Indian figures and global figures can be the difference between sell and buy.

India's success story in global buyouts
It is now widely accepted that Indians are among the most cost-competitive producers in the world.

November 04, 2006
Why floating home loan rates always rise
The Indian home loan market, bedazzled by the low rate home loans, forgot to ask one basic question: what is my floating rate loan benchmarked to?

How US firms are wooing employees
Innovative American companies are discovering that mandatory paid vacations and free carwashes -- not salary -- are the best ways to lure the best employees.

Want big profits? Get good looks!
As consumers invest more time and money into what they buy, a growing number of companies are placing heavy emphasis on design.

November 03, 2006
Check out how the top 10 IPOs fared
With most new issues doing well, the bogey of IPO pricing needs to be dropped

How to say no to unsolicited banking calls
Get disconnected from the world of perky telemarketers and wallow in the lap of a luxurious disturbance-free day.

How Pawan Ruia turns around sick firms
Pawan Kumar Ruia runs the danger of becoming the man most sought after by governments and private promoters stuck with sick companies.

5 reasons to buy a house even now
Rising income levels and the boom in the information technology and related services sector made it possible for many families to buy homes.

FDI, not rising salaries, to fuel India retail boom
Relaxing FDI restrictions will have a greater impact on fuelling growth of supermarkets than rising income levels.

November 02, 2006
Management lessons from Ricky Ponting
When you talk about sports and business, you do see the parallels between each

The 3Cs of cash management
Are you earning a big salary package but have nothing to spend? Cash management is your primary problem. Read on to know more.

They dared to dream and made it big
Do you feel you could be using your time and talent in a better manner and earning a lot more as well? Read on...

November 01, 2006
The success story of an Indian animation company
Rajiv Chilakalapudi chucked a great job in the US to start an animation company in India. This is the story of his struggle for recognition.

The LNG boom: How India is coping
Check out how LNG suppliers are coping with increasing demand and prices.

5 steps to get people to know your expertise
Here are the five steps to getting people to recognize your expertise by a man who has successfully done it.

How to launch a career with your blog
Your blog can get you the career of your dreams.

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