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September 30, 2006
The new republic of Bihar
A journey to the badlands of Lalu Prasad's former fiefdom, has changed impressively under the leadership of new Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar.

Future cities of India in 2010-2020
School children from eight schools in New Delhi will give Delhi a much needed facelift for Commonwealth 2010.

Hyderabad's new centre of attraction
A quick tour of the Hyderabad International Convention Centre leaves one with a proud feeling.

Art, the great new investment option
Indian art has consolidated its position as an investment-friendly collectible.

September 29, 2006
A VC's story: How to build BIG companies
Srini Raju, now a hugely successful venture capitalist, built Satyam and Cognizant, and now runs iLabs that funds start-ups.

Hotel shortage? Start more luxury trains
The Palace on Wheels is a legend in itself (it's booked till 2009), and the opportunity being offered is to deliver similar levels of luxury on other rail tours.

What is 3G spectrum? How does it help you?
3G helps to simultaneously transfer both voice data (a telephone call) and non-voice data (such as downloading information, exchanging e-mail, and instant messaging. The highlight of 3G is video telephony.

September 28, 2006
7-point guide for budding entrepreneurs
Chowdhary holds forth on the entrepreneurial activity in India, what TiE is doing to promote entrepreneurship and advises aspiring entrepreneurs.

Indians, world's most confident consumers
Asia-Pacific is tightening purse strings and preparing for a global slowdown, but Indians remain the world's most confident consumers.

September 27, 2006
i-Mate's smartphone @ Rs 24,000
i-Mate makes a "total package" for those who do not want to lug around the bulk of a full-size keyboard.

How workers run a global tea company
Check out the Kannan Devan Hills Plantation Ltd, formerly owned by Tata Tea, where the workers are the owners.

Is RBI's directive unfair to SEZs?
If SEZs are globally competitive, they can raise funds abroad huge exposures here will lead to an asset-liability problem.

Wait! Don't buy tech stocks now
Ambareesh Baliga of Karvy Stock Broking says he would be comfortable with a 800-1000-point correction to start buying into the markets.

September 26, 2006
7 strategies to start a company for nothing
Now, more than ever, it's possible to start a great company for peanuts. Here are seven strategies.

Online travel & e-ticketing boom in India
The online travel sector may comprise a mere 2.2 per cent of the domestic travel market, but it is set to grow from $796 million in 2006 to around $2 billion by 2008, according to a recent report by PhoCusWright.

A successful entrepreneur-turned-VC tells his tale
Today, there are opportunities in many areas like the new media entertainment, mobile space, gaming, bio-informatics and application of technology in various domains.

September 25, 2006
'Don't be afraid of new technology'
India may be on the edge of a severe foodgrain crisis, warns the Nobel Laureate and one of the architects of the Green Revolution.

More management gems from Dhirubhai
Our experience working for him has left such a lasting impression that I think we carry around a permanent 'Dhirubhai tattoo' on our brains and in our hearts, says .

September 23, 2006
All you want to know about smart homes
Smart homes offer a network of all devices inside and outside of the house that can be operated using an interface that can be run on a PDA, PC or a TV screen.

Great portable media players @ 5K plus
Portable hard disk players that can store immense amounts of audio data are fast gaining popularity among music lovers. If electronic entertainment is the mantra, portable media players are possibly the best thing after computers.

Delhi's disastrous rise to riches
I have seldom seen the city gripped by such a prolonged series of panic attacks.

The facts about poverty reduction
Evidence of the past 60 years shows that the route to poverty reduction is rapid economic growth.

September 22, 2006
'India will emerge as a superpower'
With the growth in economy, US companies have substantially hiked investments to India, said David Hopper, US Consul General in Chennai.

Here come the Web 2.0 jobs!
Is the rise of online social networking creating a new breed of programmers?

How to buy a dream house in the hills
Owning your pie in the sky is not a Himalayan task anymore. Your dream of living among hills and mountains is closer to reality than you think.

September 21, 2006
Films at your doorstep, courtesy Seventymm
Online movie rental company Seventymm promises to deliver the movie you want to watch at your doorstep, from more than 10,000 titles from Hollywood, Bollywood and seven regional language films.

Surat: After the floods, diamond workers face joblessness
Thousands of diamond industry workers have been rendered jobless following the floods that wreaked havoc in Surat in August, making their life harder than the stone they cut and polish to make a living.

Be cautious with FDI in education: Arjun Singh
Commerce and HRD ministries are on a collision course on FDI in education.

9 essentials of entrepreneurship
Ramalinga Raju, founder, Satyam, explains what entrepreneurship is all about.

September 20, 2006
The story of mills & boom
With sugar mills put up with investments of about Rs 3,000 crore (Rs 30 billion) set to go onstream next month, the sugar economy in Uttar Pradesh is ready for a transformation.

The <EM>crorepati</EM> quiz
Some attributes attract wealth. Take this quiz to find out if you have the qualities to make it to the rich club?

Sensex @ 12K: Experts advise what to do
The Sensex has touched 12,000 again, but under entirely different market conditions. The advice from market pundits is to stick to stocks with strong fundamentals.

September 19, 2006
Killer PC viruses and how to be safe
Computer viruses, worms and similar threats continue to plague companies of all sizes--but even small businesses can fight back.

Kerala vs Bengal: A tale of 2 Leftist chief ministers
Here is a ready reckoner on the contrasting styles of governance and the stand taken by West Bengal and Kerala chief ministers, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and V S Achuthanandan on key issues.

The <EM>crorepati's</EM> secret toolkit to get RICH
The very rich use simple financial tools to grow their wealth. Outlook Money brings their secret toolkit to you.

September 18, 2006
How Mylan can turn around Matrix
The super-profits that a generic launch brought a few years ago are a thing of the past. So, with Mylan's deep pockets, Matrix can return to what it does best: produce drugs at a lower cost than most of its competitors.

How good is OptiMix Dynamic FoF scheme?
With its ability to invest in equities or debt depending on market conditions, ODFoF offers investors the opportunity to add to their portfolios what can typically be termed as an asset allocation fund.

5 GOOD mid-cap stocks to buy
Mid-caps have missed the market rebound. Its a good time to buy into these five mid-cap stocks, at reasonably low prices. They would be winners.

Lalu comes to IIM-A with new image
Lalu is 'material for case study' because Indian Railways, which defaulted in paying dividends worth Rs 1823 crore in 2001, is today profitable with its treasury boasting of a Rs 12,140 crore turnover

6 qualities that make you a <EM>crorepati</EM>
Making crores is not just about financial planning and prudence. Here are six stellar qualities that can usher in wealth.

September 16, 2006
The new Honda CR-V: It's superb!
Honda's betting big with the all-new CR-V. We can't wait for it.

Death of a bank: The complete saga
Six years ago, a bid to place new directors on the board of United Western Bank rendered it comatose. This article traces the steps that led to its final collapse and takeover by IDBI.

September 15, 2006
Why Lalu is <EM>dukhi</EM> despite turning Railways around
The reason for this heartache is his belief that he has not been praised enough in his home state of Bihar for his spectacular success in turning around the loss-making Indian Railways into the second-largest profit-earning PSU in the country.

IMF has been surprised by India's strength: Raghuram Rajan
IMF has raised India's 2006 growth forecast to 8.3% from 7.3%. IMF's Chief Economist Raghuram Rajan explains why.

Animation: Can India tap the huge opportunity?
According to industry sources, the animation industry needs about 30,000 people, some six times the current number working in the sector.

IDBI chairman to the rescue
Last year, Industrial Development Bank of India chairman and managing director Vaddarse Prabhankar Shetty held an offsite meeting with employees of IDBI Bank at Retreat, a resort in Madh Island, Mumbai.

A unique plan to groom future leaders
After making a mark for itself in the world of information technology, India is now emerging as a key global centre for manufacturing.

Stocks that can propel Sensex to 13K
Now that the psychological level has been achieved what the next level, that the bulls would be looking to gun down? Will it be 13K? If yes, which stocks will pilot this flight to that mark?

Why hypermarts are a hit in India
As the action in hypermarkets heats up, here's check on what makes the model tick.

Sensex@12K: Sell these stocks now
So even as we celebrate this bull market, it's important to know what kind of strategy one should adopt in the market from hereon.

September 14, 2006
OfficeTiger: An amazing success story
This is the tale of the journey that Joseph Sigelman undertook from New York to Princeton University to Harvard Business School to Chennai to create one of the biggest BPOs.

How Maruti plans to sell 1 mn cars
To achieve a sales target of one million cars a year by 2010, Maruti Udyog is unleashing an internal revolution aimed at unlocking the potential of its human resources.

Foreign universities in India? No, say Arjun Singh, Left parties
Many foreign universities have shown keen interest in India's education sector, but the HRD minister and the Left parties say they will not allow FDI in education.

September 13, 2006
Who will be counted as a UWB shareholder?
Rs 28 is what the shareholders of United Western Bank will get from IDBI. But the big question is, who would be counted as a shareholder of UWB?

Why airlines prefer print ads
TV channels ask for at least a week's lead time before assuring a slot, which could prove irksome, given the hour-to-hour dynamics of aviation planning.

Can Britannica & Encarta beat Wikipedia?
Here's a wager: a tennis fan trying to find out the highest a smashed ball has ever bounced on a hard court will head straight for the Internet.

Every family has a bank account here!
The districts of Palakkad and Malappuram in Kerala will soon become the first districts in India where every household will have a bank account.

September 12, 2006
Turning Mumbai into Shanghai @ Rs 60,000 crore
Funds proposed to be spent on 31 projects.

How Andhra Pradesh is helping graduates get jobs
Jawahar Knowledge Centres, a unique AP project, is helping students, even in rural areas, to get employed in reputed companies.

Trading tips to get over the market crash
So what trading strategies must one adopt to counter this sudden market fall? Experts give the answers.

September 11, 2006
An Indian banker with a difference
He once dreamt of being a concert pianist

September 09, 2006
Indian B-schools get a facelift
Authorities are working overtime to ensure that the students don't have to settle for anything mediocre

Let's book a room at the mall
Real estate developers are giving the nod to the hotel-in-a-mall concept.

Hey, it's Ford vs General Motors again
Two unique 100-bhp hatchbacks. Which is the one for you, the SRV or the Fusion?

10 must-haves for your garage
A list of must-have easy-to-use tools that will keep you busy through any given weekend.

Why the Tatas 'bought a piece of the future'
Tata Tea has defied convention to buy into Glaceau's fortified beverages market in the US.

September 08, 2006
What's better? Foreign aid or economic freedom?
Aid leads to larger government while economic freedom eventually results in higher FDI and growth.

Mind games that teach you to be on top
Anand Patkar, management consultant and author of the recently published Master the Mind Monkey, urges people, corporate bosses, executives and common people not to seek inspiration from external sources but from within.

How to beat mid-career crisis
Rapid changes in the business environment render skills obsolete in no time

How to develop good knowledge workers
Being 'boiled and simmered' in the "crucible" may not always be the most enjoyable or pleasantly reassuring view of life, however, it just may be the most fulfilling one.

September 07, 2006
HR outsourcing, the next big thing
How can Indian firms capture a larger share of the global pie in this burgeoning business?

Invest in restaurants. It's big money
margin restaurant business is getting more professionalised.

It's better to buy stocks than property
Real estate might promise high returns, but there are a few hiccups.

September 06, 2006
What's in store for UWB shareholders?
UWB would be a great buy for ICICI Bank and Canara Bank

Birla Long Term Advantage Fund: Should you buy?
The scheme offers a monthly exit option wherein units in the scheme may be redeemed in the first five working days of every month.

Buy your child a secure future
An insight into insurance policies for children which are on offer.

How to choose an investment expert
It is important to know your investments and, the person investing for you.

Achieving a good work-life balance
It is important to know how to manage expectations - at home and at the workplace.

Should you invest in these IPOs?
Investment advisor, S P Tulsian and Pradeep Kumar of Anand Rathi Securities give their tips on what one should subscribe or miss

Going abroad? Buy health insurance first
While studying abroad, unplanned medical expenses can send your planned budget into a tailspin. Insurance bought in India or abroad can save you from chewing a bitter pill

September 05, 2006
Management gurus on crisis communication
The recent pesticides-in-colas controversy offers some important lessons

The best malls in India
where to shop, where to chill: We take a whistle-stop tour across the malls in six major Indian cities

Why you must have a PAN card
This number is key to most financial transactions, and is an easy proof of identity

What is CAS? What is DTH?
All you wanted to know about the new cable TV regime, CAS and DTH.

Get rewarded for spending money
Redeem your points with exciting gifts and start using your credit card, intelligently

September 04, 2006
FAQ: Capital a/c convertibility and how it affects you
To put is simply, capital account convertibility (CAC) -- or a floating exchange rate -- means the freedom to convert local financial assets into foreign financial assets and vice versa at market determined rates of exchange.

Tech-help to track your money
SMS, e-banking and ATMs. Banks are using the latest technology to offer useful transaction alerts

India's 2nd Green Revolution in the offing
If seed to grain was the motto of the first Green Revolution, soil to market is the motto of the second Green Revolution

Jairam Ramesh: Common man's commerce minister
Jairam Ramesh has carved out a niche role in the commerce ministry to emerge out of Kamal Nath's shadow as an 'aam aadmi ka commerce minister.'

Need a broker? Here's help
With the Sensex close to 12K, it is not a good idea to waste time looking for a broker. Here is where you should go.

The 5 IPOs lined up for this week
As the stock markets turn bullish once again, initial public offerings have become numerous

September 02, 2006
Kerala logs Microsoft out of schools
From now on, the 2,650 government and government-aided high schools in the state will switch to Linux from the Windows platform.

Styling with steel
Two leading functional design companies have started mixing stainless steel with wood, ceramic and glass.

September 01, 2006
Dinesh Keskar: Boeing's India ace
The senior vice-president, sales, commercial airplanes speaks about his company's future.

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