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April 30, 2007
5 innovations that will change our lives!
The list is based on market / societal trends (expected to transform people's lives) and also on emerging technologies from IBM's Labs around the world that could make these innovations possible.

Indian CEOs' breathtaking salaries
Professional CEOs are taking home fat cheques and humungous stock options the size of small company turnovers

India's retail king tells his story
The varied roles he has played have included those as a trader, a failed film-maker, a dance festival organiser

April 28, 2007
Indian hotels with unique designs
An increasing number of hotels in India are giving rooms a new look.

A new-look Chandigarh?
While it's alright to give Chandigarh a facelift, some veteran architects say the change shouldn't affect the old charm of the city.

A Dubai lookalike in Noida
We tour Noida's Great India Place and come away feeling pretty satisfied.

The great Indian rupee trick
The Indian rupee is on a roll. In 37 sessions it has appreciated 8.46 per cent from Rs 44.68 to a an American dollar to Rs 40.90 on April 26.

Summer jobs can pave your future
Getting a competitive edge is a must in today's world. And summer training could be the way to go.

April 27, 2007
How a small trader became a metal king
Agarwal's is a classic story of a small trader becoming metal king. The secret, he says, lies in believing in himself and in the country's potential.

April 26, 2007
India, now a $1-trillion economy!
According to a Credit Suisse report, Indian GDP at the current price level of the rupee (Rs 40.76 per $) stands at $1trillion. The strengthening rupee has now made India the 12th country to achieve this milestone.

Hunger is quiet violence: Amartya Sen
India has done badly on three issues: fighting hunger, providing adequate health, and gender inequality, says the Nobel Laureate.

April 25, 2007
Gold: A great investment opportunity
Will gold touch the psychological barrier of $720? Investment funds are bullish but cautious.

Overseas PE funds help rich Indians
Indian investors accounted for 30 per cent of the fund's total corpus, while the minimum ticket size (entry level) stood at $2,50,000.

Indian firms moving away from ESOPs
Options are still the most commonly used long-term incentives, but companies are turning to sharper performance-based alternatives.

The company that's making TVs for TN govt
Becoming India's largest contract manufacturer of colour TVs isn't enough for Dixon Technologies. It now wants to revive the Weston brand.

April 24, 2007
The RBI policy statement
This Statement consists of two parts:

Want a dream phone? Check out Nokia N95!
It is powered by the fastest processor currently used in the Symbian operating system devices and is faster than Dopod D600, a Windows Mobile 5 PDA.

April 23, 2007
All about investing in auto stocks
With the auto sector headed for slower growth in FY08, investors may need to reassess their auto portfolio

The gentle giant of Infosys
Kris is gentle but firm, consultative yet decisive, and thoughtful yet action-oriented

April 21, 2007
Buildings made of steel soon!
Though it may just be the beginning, Indian steel companies are taking steps to create homes, schools, community halls and bus shelters in steel.

When hotels turn into fantasy hubs
To keep pace with cut-throat competition, an increasing number of hotels are creating "themes" to lure consumers.

The rise and fall of Benarasi silk trade
Geetanjal Krishna spends three days in Benares to understand why the city's famous handwoven silk industry is in the doldrums.

April 20, 2007
All these incomes are tax-free for FY 2007-08
Here are some of the important items of income, which are fully exempt from income tax and which can be utilised by a resident individual Indian assessee for the purpose of tax planning.

Was your job interview a nightmare?
CEOs weigh in about what impresses them -- and what draws their ire.

Can reverse mortgage click for India's elders?
It is yet early days for this product. It has the potential to prove very useful but you should wait for clarity on rules before you liquidate your biggest investment -- your house.

How reverse mortgage works
The popularity of the instrument lies in that it converts an illiquid asset -- the house -- into liquid cash flows for the owner, typically a senior citizen.

April 19, 2007
Why your boss won't fire you
78 per cent of bosses put off

How UTV plans to change TV viewing
It missed broadcasting's first wave but UTV is looking at an AIM listing and its projects include combining the best of Hollywood and Bollywood.

Home entertainment won't be same in India
Moser Baer's foray into home entertainment may change the storyline for other players.

April 18, 2007
Win Rs 25,000. Just solve this case
In your opinion, how should Garuda finance its future capital investments, and why?

Do you really own what you inherit?
You may not necessarily end up rich after inheriting wealth or assets. You may have to shell out part of the pie as taxes or other costs. Here's what to expect and watch out for.

Here's how to pick the BEST mutual funds
With 1,500-plus schemes in the market, how do you pick the winners? Here's help.

Markets to consolidate in the near term
R Sukumar of Franklin Templeton Invetments (India) continues to be positive on the longer term prospects of the market although he feels that rising interest rates and inflation could pose as a problem in the short term.

What are STPs? How they help make money
Transfer funds systematically to average costs in a choppy market.

April 17, 2007
Why India Inc is helping farmers
Rural retailers are finding that helping farmers earn more helps them create a customer base.

What's hot, what's not with mutual funds
A study of the top ten mutual funds' equity portfolios as on March 30 reveals that funds bought huge chunks of metal major SAIL, engineering stock KEC Infrastructures, while diluted their exposure to FMCG major ITC.

Cashless health insurance? More pain than gain
You may think that all will be well because you have a cashless settlement mediclaim policy. But, that's not so. From pain-killers, they can easily turn into pain-givers.

April 16, 2007
How to lower risks, get higher returns
If you own shares of several different businesses, your risks are lower and your returns less volatile.

Benefits of investing in mutual funds
Nowadays, mutual funds have become a popular vehicle of investment.

Why portfolio review is a must
Volatile markets, rising interest rates, inflationary pressures... deadly cocktail to make an investor feel jittery. Should you sell out? should you hold on?

Why Fixed Maturity Plans are good
FMPs are basically debt-based products, which come with a pre-specified tenure.

Top sectors & stocks to look out for
Corporate India is likely to maintain its growth in the March 2007 quarter despite higher energy prices and rising interest rates

A SWOT analysis on reverse mortgage loans
The loan is given without any income criteria at an age where normal loans are not available.

How to be smart with plastic money
One of the big advantages of using the card is 'the float' that is given to you by the banks

April 14, 2007
Mortgaging US growth
Though news of increased defaults from the sub-prime market continues, a combination of rising incomes and higher equity values are shoring up consumer spending.

Glitter-glitter: India bullish on expensive jewellery
In an economically buoyant India, expensive jewellery is the in-thing.

Subroto Roy: Loser or gainer?
Experts say Roy has got a great price for Air Sahara, which was steadily losing market share. The company was also burning a lot of cash to keep the airline afloat.

Infosys: Momentum play
Infosys' March quarter numbers may have come in a tad below expectations with revenue growth at just 3.2 per cent quarter-on-quarter and a drop in the operating margins owing to an appreciating rupee.

Young desis off the beaten track
Find out all about overseas Indians in alternate professions with huge fan followings.

April 12, 2007
The myth about great ideas
A new column that explores how and why ideas succeed or fail. This month: the power and perils of a great backstory.

April 11, 2007
Want to lead better? It's simple
In a world of infinite choices, says author and consultant Bill Jensen, the job of a leader is to help people make the right choices.

What VCs look for while funding a business
This article broadly explains the various steps of the evaluation process carried out by venture capitalists while financing a project.

What makes a visionary leader?
How Indian Industry is managing quality?

Playing Net nanny
What's your protection strategy for online teenagers being stalked by predators?

Golden rules to retain staff
How can HR managers protect their people when competitors come calling?

April 10, 2007
Airtel & how to sell a message
Airtel gets the message across through an emotional campaign to highlight its network strengths.

The kid who turned down $1 billion!
Why Facebook's 22-year-old CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, spurned Yahoo and Viacom to go it alone.

The art of effective communication
The "pyramid" component stems from the idea that there should be a main governing thought for the communication.

Dilip Chhabria: The master auto designer
The DC badge was aspired by almost everyone who could splurge a few lakhs on an otherwise ordinary car.

SEZs: Villages have power to give nod
Thanks to Article 243 G of the Constitution, which provides that the humble village panchayat and its planners, the rural equivalent of the Planning Commission, examine each proposal and decide if the village wants to part with its resources.

What makes a company successful?
Should you swallow the poison pill that keeps the same staff in the same job year after year?

Bhoomi: A revolution in rural land record system
Bhoomi means that 7 million farmers in Karnataka can get any extract of land records for a flat Rs 15 in the quickest possible time, sans payment of 'speed money'.

How to plan your investment
Damani suggests that one should keep 10-15 per cent of your portfolio value in cash as it is a good hedge in volatile markets

India's emerging growth centres
The real estate action is no longer limited to the large metropolises of India but has now permeated to the burgeoning smaller towns and cities.

April 09, 2007
Tips to buy a good cellphone
Powered by an Intel Xscale processor and Windows Mobile operating system, the Atom has significant Wi-Fi capabilities that can be used for browsing the Web with the the internal IE browser.

Why you should invest in bank stocks
Long term investors can accumulate bank stocks as the expected lower credit growth and margin pressure seem to be factored in the stock prices.

Indian Hotels set to woo the world
The hotel chain intends to have a worldwide presence and reduce its dependence on the home market.

April 07, 2007
Ludhiana, now on the hot realty map
Mall mania has hit the town what with 15 malls expected to be ready by 2009.

The man who made happy living spaces
He may no longer be with us, but Lawrence Wilfred Baker continues to live through all the living and working spaces he has created over so many years.

Will the Logan be a hit on Indian roads?
In short, the car should appeal to anyone who is planning to buy anything, from the top-of-the-line Hyundai Santro and Suzuki Wagon R to the Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Getz to the Honda City and Ford Fiesta.

The story of India Inc's deal mania
The change in the way the world views India now is a reflection of how Indian industry has re-engineered itself over the past decade.

April 06, 2007
'Each year of delay costs us $15-20 bn'
I agree with the Tarapore report on fuller capital account convertibility except for the time frame set.

Subhash Chandra & version 2.0 of Packer?
The Essel Group website calls him a "karmyogi", defined as someone who believes in action rather than worry about its consequences.

April 05, 2007
The best mid-cap mutual funds
Mid-cap funds have given three-digit returns -- more than those from benchmark and large-cap funds. But, due to the higher risk they entail, you need to tread with care.

How a behemoth plans to regain lost crown
UTI, India's first mutual fund, has been on the backfoot in a competitive marketplace. The fightback looks not just at new products, but new processes and investor services

Of sportsmen, ads and wrong strategy
How companies can get their sports marketing strategy right.

April 04, 2007
Beware of holiday package perils
A bad tour operator can turn the wows on your holiday abroad into wails. Choose yours carefully.

Will Delhi's Master Plan '21 solve its woes?
The implementation of the recently unveiled Master Plan for Delhi is unlikely to provide durable solutions for the capital's multitude of housing, infrastructure and other problems.

Of divorce and financial planning
Have control over your finances, especially when you are going through a separation.

April 03, 2007
The lost art of time management
, director, South Asia, Logitech, on what b-schools fail to teach.

Ace deal-maker whom the Ambanis trust
India's ace deal-maker explains what allowed him to represent both Dhirubhai Ambani and Nusli Wadia while being on Essar Shipping's board.

Taking loan to invest in IPO? Stop!
In times of high interest rates, it is not a very bright idea to take a loan and invest in an IPO

The changing face of insurance
By paving the way for buying lapsed policies, the High Court is injecting liquidity into insurance products.

Can you club incomes to save tax?
The I-T Act ensures that you cannot divert income within the family.

April 02, 2007
Medical insurance terms demystified
Important definitions in medical policies that one needs to know.

To beat inflation, invest in gold
Gold is an efficient hedging instrument against inflation.

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