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February 28, 2007
Private plants to aid power generation
Government's equity and debt support to central public sector enterprises to aid funding for national electrification programme.

February 27, 2007
The technology-politics nexus in India
Over the years the state has taken over water resources from the hands of village communities. The irony is that even as the state has vested this power in itself, people have taken water under their control.

Creating a wheat crisis
If private trade is kept out of the market and farmers don't get higher prices, this year's bumper crop will be a one-time affair.

February 24, 2007
Guns for pleasure, anyone?
A ban on importing firearms has killed off the hobby industry, leaving only a few dealers to sell guns and revolvers to, mostly, professionals only.

The real surprise in Delhi's Master Plan 2021
Delhi will be free from the clutches of a greedy development authority

February 23, 2007
Should you invest in Gold BeES?
Given the relatively high entry load charged by the fund house during the NFO period, investors, who intend investing in gold, should avoid Gold BeES during the NFO period.

February 22, 2007
Create tax-free income for your child
Your minor child's income would be lumped with yours. So try to create tax-free income streams for him.

February 21, 2007
How the CEO leads transformation
The CEO helps a transformation succeed by communicating its significance, modelling the desired changes, building a strong top team, and getting personally involved.

February 20, 2007
Want money to multiply? Get PPF a/c for your kid
Want your savings to grow at one of the highest risk-free and tax-free rates? Go for a PPF account in your child's name.

Inheriting shares? You are in for trouble
Sucheta Dalal on how companies make unreasonable demands before handing over the shares you have inherited.

February 17, 2007
A tale of two Swifts
The Swift diesel is a very sorted out car

Coming up: India's big airport cities
In India, 35 per cent of the country's trade by value goes by air

Escaping the inflation squeeze
The big guys have access to funds overseas, and their cost of borrowing does not change at all. If anything, a tighter domestic monetary situation gives them a comparative advantage when it comes to the cost of borrowed funds.

February 16, 2007
18 ways to be a great boss
An online guide that provides 18 tactics to help you take the reigns running.

Of archaic I-T laws and charity
Several restrictions on tax deductions for charity are no longer appropriate today.

Divorce? Don't let it bankrupt you
Goal re-planning for your lifestyle and emotional aspirations would indicate the resources you have, how long they will last how much you need to deploy additionally.

We've to keep our eyes on tomorrow: Tata
There is a brand finance study that pegs the Tata brand value at about $7.6 billion and a 103 on the list of 250 'most valuable brands in the world.' After acquiring Corus, this is value will rise further.

Racism and bigotry in the West
While the British are not generally racist, they don't know that their government is.

February 15, 2007
How to build and lead great teams
You don't have to be Michael Jordan or Mia Hamm to have the skills you need to build and lead high performing teams.

25 rules for leaders
Fast Company's RealTime San Diego generated a remarkable collection of ideas, tools, and inspirational advice. Here are 25 of the smartest insights that we took away from the event.

Speaking for the <i>aam aadmi</i>
How nice it would be to see public morchas, fasts, bandhs and letters to the Prime Minister or the chief ministers to reflect and act on some of these matters too!

February 14, 2007
The world is waking up to a New India
In KBEs, the business idea is untested, the promoters are relatively unknown

February 13, 2007
How Idea Cellular plans to scale up
Shrugging off a troubled history, which stunted growth for several years, Idea Cellular, India's sixth largest wireless player is moving on.

Tips on buying the right shares
Investors are willing to bank on growth and value shares at higher multiples

February 12, 2007
Credit card: Don't overspend, or else
Maintain fiscal discipline, don't overspend.

Car, home insurance? Here's help
Detariffing has made some insurance sectors cheaper. But, has hit some others

Pension plans: Look beyond the tax benefits
Consider flexibility, performance and prospects before buying a pension plan

How to handle DEBT carefully
Don't let debt become such a big burden that it affects your personal relationships

Cover risk as you rake in moolah
ULIPs come on top with one-year returns between 34% and 45% compared with closed-end mutual funds and ELSS

February 10, 2007
Why Mumbai's Chor Bazar is buzzing
Antique dealers around the country are getting cannier.

Pune, India's next boom town
We gauge the Pune market and finds that real estate developers are queuing up for a slice of India's next boom town.

'There'll only be global bourses'
Indian businesses are growing very quickly

February 09, 2007
All about HSBC Unique Opportunities Fund
HSBC Unique Opportunities Fund is a 3-Yr close-ended diversified equity fund

P R Dasmunshi: Mr Policeman?
The I&B minister's banning of AXN channel and threatening to ban 4 more channels for so-called obscene content has surprised many.

Let your 2nd house pay for itself
It will help your finances and even help you escape the taxman

Get tax benefit from mutual funds! Here's how
That's what ELSS investments have to offer, coupled with other benefits.

Investments: What's taxed & how much
Being an investor, and not a trader, makes a whole lot of difference to the tax liability of a person. We look at the tax implications that different investments have.

Calculate your tax, in 5 minutes flat!
It is now just a five-minute sprint to calculating your tax liability

February 08, 2007
2 pension funds that also save tax
Take a look at funds that offer a combination of tax savings and pension after retirement.

How to pay LESS tax on your income!
You can reduce your taxable income by investing in specified instruments

February 07, 2007
PAN, MIN, UIN. . . what's next?
Just how many times would they want to know us?

Calculate your income in 10 minutes!
It takes 10 minutes to find out your Gross Total Income.

ESOPs and how best to invest them
Like the rest of your income, ESOPs too can yield more, if invested in the correct way.

Investing in real estate stocks? Careful!
If you are already invested in real estate stocks, you've made your money, exit

February 06, 2007
US slowdown will not hit outsourcing
There is lot of potential in chip designing and solar energy going forward

Peter Mukerjea on his decision to quit STAR
There is nothing that is guaranteed in the world of television and loyalty is pretty fickle

StanChart CEO on Tata-Corus deal
'Tatas have a great record in making deals work'

How Bisleri reinvented itself
By and large, most brand analysts approve of Bisleri's attempt to reinvent itself.

The Dabur strategy: will it work?
Dabur India's brand proliferation contrasts starkly with other FMCG companies' power brands. How effective will the strategy be?

Tips on buying the right insurance
Striking a balance between the cover needed and the premium outgo is critical.

February 05, 2007
'Mills For Sale: The Way Ahead'
Darryl D'Monte, editor of MARG's latest title 'Mills For Sale: The Way Ahead', on why everybody should be concerned about the controversial mill land redevelopment issue

Meet the man who handled Tatas' Corus bid
Meet Arunkumar Ramanlal Gandhi. The head of the M&A activities in the Tata Group, who called up Tata to convey Tata Steel's victory.

Ratan Tata : The man with steely resolve
The overseas drive of the group has been accompanied by a change in Tata, the person, too

February 03, 2007
Chinese imports killed this Indian town
Once synonymous with India's bustling glass products industry, Firozabad's factories have downed shutters.

Why Kochi has an exciting future
Ravi Teja Sharma studies the real-estate market of Kochi and finds that developers are excited about the town's future.

February 02, 2007
India's tourism story
Though tourist arrivals to India rose to 4.43 million in 2006, it was only 0.52 per cent of the global pie.

Meet the man on a Wi-Fi mission
It's the Year of Broadband in India and Frank Hanzlik, MD of the Wi-Fi Alliance, wants Wi-Fi to rise above the din created by WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and 3G.

How to become a household name
Marketing gurus Chip and Dan Heath on what makes a marketing message work.

What you need to succeed
Treat people right and they will eat nails for you, and other lessons Thomas Stemberg learnt while building Staples into a giant company.

February 01, 2007
Why athletes make great CEOs
Nothing sticks like a lesson learned while hurtling 10,500 feet through the air at 120 miles per hour. No wonder John Hart improved his listening skills when he started jumping out of airplanes.

How ads adapt to changing times
Consumer goods companies are realising that men also participate in decisions about groceries

A biz guru cracks the Indian code!
G. Clotaire Rapaille has guided Chrysler, Procter Gamble, Boeing, and other enraptured clients through the "collective unconscious" of dozens of cultures. Now he's taking on India. Is he a sage--or a charlatan?

How to create a GOLDEN corporate culture
Too plodding? Too entrepreneurial? A combination of approaches is necessary for success.

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