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January 31, 2007
Tatas don't plan overseas listing yet: Muthuraman
Attempt is to bring the EBITDA level of Corus approaching to the EBITDA level's of Tata Steel

Corus buy will impact Chinese steel market
Steel prices will be positive in 2007

Tata-Corus to firm up steel prices: Essar
I think this is a good deal because after this you do not have many more deals of this kind available

Management guru Ram Charan on leadership
Business author and consultant Ram Charan lists the qualities successful leaders possess in Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform From Those Who Don't. Here is an excerpt.

Tata Steel's long term profitability to improve: Kampani
A bit of equity financing will help Tata Steel

'Corus: A landmark win for India'
This is a further step in the global endeavours of the Tata Group.

This is the future of computing!
Working all but alone from his hardware-strewn office, Jeff Han is about to change the face of computing. Not even the big boys are likely to catch him.

January 30, 2007
'Budget to focus on expenditure reforms'
The finance minister says that the budget will focus on expenditure reforms. He further adds that more private and public investment is needed in agriculture.

Fly to Europe, Russia in a private jet!
A private jet-service run by Lufthansa. They offer faster connectivity, your entire itinerary is coordinated by an event manager and a personal service team is available round-the-clock for assistance.

Pharma chains join the retail revolution
The sector is abuzz with activity as organised expansions gain momentum in the retail segment.

How banks fared well this quarter
Asset growth continues to be strong and banks have managed to protect their margins in a rising interest rate scenario.

Great laptops, but not cheap
Here's a laptop that resembles an Apple MacBook, weighing a little over 1 kg and cutely compact with an 11.1-inch display. However, the Sahara-brand NB55132-CK66 is no cheap MacBook substitute.

Manu Shroff: A tribute to last of the champions of liberalism
Obituary: Manu Shroff (1930-2007).

Challenges of India's retail boom
The explosion in organised retail brings unique opportunities and challenges for consumer product companies.

There's no stopping the Indian IT juggernaut
IT companies have weathered the appreciating rupee in their December 2006 results and are poised for strong growth this quarter.

January 29, 2007
RBI may not cut SLR
The government and the Reserve Bank of India is moving in the right direction to curb the inflationary expectations

His dream gadget: A time machine
I am a passionate scuba diver and next on my list is a chronograph solar powered dive watch that gives a depth down to 120 metres and has an inbuilt GPS application.

What makes mid-cap funds tick
Though many such funds may not make the grade, it would be foolhardy to

January 27, 2007
Meet Harish Thawani, the Nimbus CEO
Meet the flamboyant Harish Thawani (46), the boss of Nimbus Communications who dons a diamond earstud.

January 25, 2007
Gen-Z'ers role-play in virtual cocoon
Trust Ragnarok to lure those kids away to a virtual world where they can dream to play what they play to dream

Buying a 2nd house? A checklist
Don't get swayed by popular thinking. Outlook Money gives you a checklist to follow before you finally decide whether to buy a second house or not.

How Ayurveda helps IT, BPO professionals
Neelakandhan Mooss, chief physician, at Thrissoor-based Ashtavaidyan Thaikattu Mooss Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala, speaks about the treatment for IT pros.

January 24, 2007
Ousting 50,000 farming families
In the light of the controversy over the takeover of agricultural land to establish SEZs, we reproduce a letter from the Economic and Political Weekly, where Admiral L Ramdas draws attention to the ouster of 50,000 farming families in Alibaug.

Are Special Economic Zones sustainable?
There is a need for devising effective rehabilitation packages so that the displaced are not deprived of the fruits of development.

The multiplex boom sweeps India
India's multiplex bandwagon has gone beyond the metros to redefine entertainment in B and C class towns. Check it out.

January 23, 2007
Kaizen, the mantra for success
In the maintenance department of an auto component company, the original grinding wheel motor was drawing 18 amp current using a delta connection. Considering the motor's function, this seemed high to the motor operator.

How to live like a king now, and forever
Lead a flamboyant lifestyle but keep an eye on the future.

Prepaying home loan? Read this first!
When interest rates rise, so does the EMI of your home loan. There are two ways in which you can deploy surplus funds to reduce the EMI. For maximum benefit, you can combine the two options.

January 22, 2007
Don't get fooled by your insurance agent
To protect your policies from being orphaned by flighty agents, you have to choose both man and matter with care

Of 3 women and investment
Investors now want to learn the tricks of the trade and are not driven only by greed

These IT stocks are a good bet in '07
In India, the greatest impact is likely to be on housing.

January 20, 2007
Bajaj Pulsar 220: Bikers' delight
What we're saying is that on the whole - product, packaging and pricing - Bajaj have more or less hit the nail square on the head.

Drive the Xceptional BMW!
We embark on a big, fat Greek test drive of the new BMW X5.

Rs 100-crore apartments are hot!
Penthouses for Rs 125 crore in Mumbai, bungalows that cost as much in Delhi...but the real edge might be user facilities such as a lift to transport cars right up to your 20th floor living room.

Life after the ultra-mega power deals
The economics of pricing gas for power has competely changed, and a competitive gas price now has to be lower than even the subsidised APM gas price.

Pay 'real' cash for a great virtual life
Abhilasha Ojha gets a virtual avataar and sips champagne while taking a tour of Second Life, a scarily real digital world on the Internet.

Here come the moneybags!
The big guns of global realty from Blackstone, Carlyle and Morgan Stanley to Tishman Speyer and Emaar are all set to re-landscape the Indian real estate sector. Helping them out will be the who's who of India Inc from Reliance to Tatas.

January 19, 2007
The real story of India's retail boom
Even as India Inc lines up billions of dollars to invest in the country's retail sector, murmurs have arisen of fuzzy revenue models and a possible capacity glut.

A guide on how to get your MIN
If you wish to invest in mutual funds, you may now require to furnish a new number

The dos and don'ts of buying stocks
Make sure you have the right attitude and know how to go about it.

Investment plan to suit your budget
In an era where more is better, we give the flipside to suit your investment needs

MF is your personal portfolio manager. Trust it
When it comes to successful investing it is the journey that is more enjoyable than the final destination.

January 18, 2007
Why India, China can rule global IT, energy
At $100 billion, India and China will soon form the world's largest trading bloc. Together, they can rule the global IT industry, drive energy bargains and shift the balance of power to Asia.

Meet the master of game theory
With his flowing white beard and Jewish skull cap, Professor Robert J Aumann could just as well be a rabbi preaching the Talmud instead of the 2005 Nobel Prize winner for economics.

Why Harvard, Stanford should come to India
The commerce ministry and industry bodies are in favour of FDI in the education sector. However, the HRD ministry is opposed to it.

All about Capital Protection Funds
The returns from such funds will be limited

January 17, 2007
The 5 hottest lifestyle stocks
Since the bull run began in May 2003, the Sensex has gone up by 367%. The Index of lifestyle stocks has gone up by 507%. A major bull market for leisure, lifestyle and entertainment stocks has just begun.

January 16, 2007
Console gaming storms Indian homes
Nasscom estimates the Indian gaming market will grow at an astounding 78 per cent (compounded annually) to cross $300 million by 2009.

More room at the IIT lab for young innovators
The Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), an IT business incubator supported by IIT Bombay is set to open its doors for more innovators sand entrepreneurs.

Buying a house? Take this quiz
For most of us, it is the biggest dream to own a house. As there is a feeling of pride attached to it, it becomes more of an emotional call than a financial call.

January 15, 2007
Tune in to the news
Backed by a good team and riding a buoyant economy, CNN-IBN is a strong contender for the number one slot in the English news genre.

Killer apps and a few glitches
It's 2007 and Microsoft wants you to upgrade, literally. The beta version of Office 2007, which I used, seemed as if the Redmond-based giant has managed the unexpected -- a redesign of Office applications.

Patentman fights for India
R A Mashelkar handed over charge of CSIR recently but continues to be the 'face' of Indian science.

For LIC, life begins at fifty
By refocussing on equity-linked products, LIC has managed to turn in some splendid numbers.

Service tax on air travel
The intent is to tax international travel and not domestic travel.

11 GREAT tips for buying a laptop
What should you look out for when buying a laptop? Here's help.

Hot destinations for retired people
Pune, Dehradun, Goa and Kerala are fast emerging as preferred destinations for the retired and would-be retirees.

7 secrets to making a good household budget
Budgets are not meant to 'tie' you down but give you a defined economic freedom.

5 stocks worth a look
BRICS PCG recommends a "Buy" on Infosys Technologies at Rs 2183

January 13, 2007
What's happening in Lavasa?
Lavasa may be Maharasthra's newest address in real estate development, but villagers there feel they have reason to worry. What's going on?

The new avatar of Vizag
We examine real estate development in Visakhapatnam and find that the city is rejoicing in its new avatar.

January 12, 2007
The man who heads India's biggest pharma firm
He has already spearheaded eight significant acquisitions within and outside the country

SIPs help your money grow, safely
answers your insurance and mutual fund queries.

Want to retain staff? Think beyond money
The match between your employees' values and the organization or team's values is a more powerful factor by far than money in keeping good people.

January 11, 2007
The 7 Samurais of self-evaluation
You've racked your brains far too long to plumb where you belong in your organisation. Here's the mantra to swim with the sharks on a whim.

Nandan Nilekani on Infosys' future
Our strategy of moving up the value chain is working out well

The amazing story of Magarpatta
Satish Magar speaks about his long journey on what often seemed like a road to Utopia.

Fickle markets: 7 FAQs answered
While some of the investors feel compelled to sell, others see it as an opportunity to invest

What's hot, what's not with mutual funds?
Mutual funds bought metal, media, telecom, engineering, and pharma stocks in December

America's 10 hottest jobs for 2007
What are the hottest jobs for 2007? Fast Company spoke with trend experts to compile a list of the top 10 professions that will be in high demand in 2007.

Guide to financial planning for a safe future
Plan for your own self such that your goals and objectives are reasonably met in eighteen years from now.

January 10, 2007
Is there a market for 3G services in India?
With even the Airtel chief saying 3G isn't as hot as it was some years ago, Indian telcos will have to follow a different

Why it will be the year of the cellphone
As the world moves from 'Triple Play' to 'Quadruple Play', make your voice heard across a range of data options in fibrespace. As talk gets cheap, walk the talk and beyond. . .

January 09, 2007
Cars to expect this year
The new year is expected to witness a flurry of activity from car manufacturers, who are getting ready to launch a series of models. Take a look at the oncoming traffic.

January 08, 2007
Insurance policy dilemma? Here's help
Caught between choosing to continue an inefficient policy and dropping it? We have some answers that will help better your insurance portfolio.

Get ready for these fancy gadgets in 2007
This year is expected to break fresh ground in technology with a fancy range of gadgets. So get ready to get wired into the new year.

How the markets will behave this year
A panel of technical analysts forecast how markets will behave this year.

For a safe future, plan early
Your asset allocation strategy should take into account the goals you want to reach with your funds, your investment horizon and your age

January 06, 2007
Six mega-trends that define India's future
Forecasts are tricky, so it may be more productive to understand the big trends that have large ripple effects and which therefore will define the future.

How Ahmedabad is changing
A series of new residential projects are changing the face of the city.

How to give your career a boost
Give your career prospects a competitive edge this year by enrolling into personal improvement courses and learn what they didn't teach you in B-school.

How to empower your portfolio
It is not necessary to crowd a portfolio with stocks and funds to give it an edge.

Great prospects in real estate for you
We map the areas with great prospects for price appreciation in the six metros of Delhi & NCR, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.

More companies gambling on Sin City
Las Vegas has emerged as the top city for entrepreneurs, a huge source of new jobs, and one of America's busiest convention destinations. A look at where you can work hard -- and play hard.

New Year's resolution - get a life!
A look at how companies are reducing stress -- and helping their rank-and-file juggle their personal and professional lives.

Racism in the international job market
An online advertisement for a project manager's job posted in late December -- "Non-Indians preferred" it said bluntly.

Bringing technology into crime-solving
As a result of this 150-year rigidity, the police have no means of tracing people who go missing or simply change residence. There is no official statewide, let along nationwide, network where missing-persons alerts and information can be posted.

January 05, 2007
Packing in the new security age
Prohibition hasn't quite arrived at the airlines. But, thanks to tough new TSA rules limiting liquids in carry-ons, the easiest way to fly is dry.

CEOs in the slammer
This year, a record number of CEOs were ousted. Some were fired, some retired, and some even died. But a great number were also sent to prison. . .

Here's the company of the future
Slim Devices is a Silicon Valley startup with hot products for audiophiles. It's also a next-generation open organization where customers imagine and design the products.

How and why of investing in GOLD
Exposing your portfolio to gold is a good investment move in 2007. With the dollar weakening, the demand and price of gold would appreciate. So, bring the goddess of wealth home.

Smart investment strategies
Focus on companies and not markets for a great year ahead.

Simple guide to commodity trading
Commodities can increase returns at the same risk level. But it is a tough nut to crack. A user's guide.

Son wants cell phone? Think twice before you buy!
Once you buy them a phone, let them decide how efficiently they can use their pocket money

12 hidden gems you may invest in
Look at companies in 2007, and not the markets. 12 small-cap little-known picks to give a boost to your portfolio.

Mutual funds: What 2007 has in store
58% growth in assets, 3 new fund houses, 38 new equity fund offers - that was 2006.

Does China invest 'too much'?
'The investment rate in China might be high precisely because the return on capital in China is high'.

January 04, 2007
Make millions, from your living room!
Thanks to new technology and opportunities make it easier than ever to start a lucrative business at home. Here's how.

Great minds and business ideas of 2006
A who's who of the most creative minds and business ideas of 2006 from the covers of Fast Company.

5 retirement planning myths busted
The younger you are, the better are the prospects of building a large corpus for sunset years.

What makes a successful savings plan
Saving generally means putting money aside. Here's how to go about it smartly.

Will we strangle gas pipelines?
The law regulating the gas pipeline sector will end up making the public sector incumbents dominant players in the market.

The party continues in 2007
I am, like other Indians, justifiably proud of the economic progress made in 2006 and in the newfound confidence and aggression of our business leaders, who are now thinking big and thinking global.

January 03, 2007
Buying property? Check this out first
In India, real estate has remained largely outside the purview of formal economic activity.

10 global business trends of 2006
Here's a review of ten business innovations, digital media products, and trends from 2006.

Orissa: Land of sun, sand and steel
Close to 60 MoUs have been signed including the $12 billion deal with Posco -- the largest foreign direct investment, FDI, in the country.

Setting the right financial goals
Setting the right financial goals

Will large retail kill the kirana?
There is obvious competition at the front-end, but cash-and-carry will benefit the kirana as well, apart from the impact on supply chain and agriculture.

January 02, 2007
Airbus flying high on Indian skies
Airbus executive vice-president clears the air on the company's India operations and the rivalry with Boeing.

Marketing lessons from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Tips on how to create a loyal band of followers who can be converted into a captive market for brand variants and extensions.

Strategies that India Inc must follow
Is there a single change in strategy that will put Indian companies firmly on the road to success in the coming years.

Hot property destinations of 2007
Property rates are on an upswing in Tier I cities. But then if these are out of your reach you could consider investing in the surrounding locations which could give you a good appreciation in future.

January 01, 2007
Will 2007 be another dream year?
Though the outlook for 2007 remains positive, market experts advice investors to tone down their returns expectations.

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