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August 31, 2007
Buying mutual funds? Beware of costs!
Expenses incurred by mutual funds are a critical factor because they eat into the returns which would otherwise be available to investors

August 30, 2007
Can credit rating firms be unbiased?
Apart from their competence, questions need to be asked about whether credit rating firms can be unbiased about a client who pays them.

When markets are volatile, invest in SIPs
While a value investor will purchase stocks and hold, another method of making most of the situation is through Systematic Investor Plans of mutual funds

IPO's are not short-term plays
Retail investors like to invest in initial public offerings (IPOs) only to sell out on the day the stock is listed. Flipping IPOs, as this is known as, can be very risky.

August 29, 2007
At 17, she has built a million-dollar web site
No rich relatives? No professional mentors? No problem. Ashley Qualls, 17, has built a million-dollar web site. She's LOL all the way to the bank

The four gaps in B-school teaching
B-schools must not only develop managers but also develop entrepreneurs.

Taking a personal loan? Some tips
Personal loans are expensive. But cash withdrawals on credit cards can hurt even more.

August 28, 2007
Of market analysts and buy recommendations
Analysts usually have a buy recommendation on most stocks. Why?

Companies behind America's prosperity
Find out which companies, which industries, and which regions are fueling the entrepreneurial economy.

Of mutual funds and tax calculations
Here are some calculations where we use the basic tax rate on these investments excluding education cess for better understanding

Don't fall prey to mutual fund scams
Unbelievably good return figures can hide an underlying scam

Take the fund track to freedom
Mutual funds have given investors the choice to move away from traditional investment options

How pessimism can add value to our work
Studies show that, in some situations, pessimism helps us see things more accurately. It actually sharpens our sense of troubling realities, writes

The future of your money
New one-stop shops will redefine how you transact in shares, funds, insurance and debt.

August 27, 2007
How they are enjoying freedom at sunset
Stories of 4 winners whose right investments, foresight and discipline are helping them to live it up in their retirement

Use the portal and vent your anger!
Technology gives the common consumer a platform and a voice to air his grievance. Here's how you can help yourself

All about home loan insurance plan
Most plans offer a sum assured that reduces as your outstanding home loan comes down every year.

7 sectors you may invest in NOW
Stocks may plunge because of the crisis in global markets and political moves back home. But the India growth story is still tenable and promises gains for the patient investor.

Getting fired could be a great career move
Sometimes opportunity knocks with a pink slip in hand.

August 24, 2007
A double-barrelled firm, now only in name
It gives a near perfect picture of a global corporation many decades back, much before many of today's global companies practised them

Check out these new training tools
Companies are trying hard to take the monotony out of training sessions.

Does Indian patent law stifle innovation?
Ultimately, the debate boils down to whether disallowing patents on incremental innovation will discourage firms from doing fresh research.

August 23, 2007
Why you need a money manager
With an increasing variety of investment products in the market, a personal money manager is what you need

5 ways your money can make you rich
Most of us believe that income and wealth are the same

How to raise fund in a crisis?
We all face moments of crisis in our lives. How do you ensure that your finances stretch to keep you afloat?

US subprime horror: Worst may be yet to come
Floating rate home loans will soon be reset, impacting interest rates. In the current situation interest rates might go up, causing more defaults and more volatility in stock markets.

Going beyond 80C to invest efficiently
The choice of income tax saving instruments is important, but now you have to identify tax efficient investment options

August 22, 2007
Japan, India break trade impasse over luncheon
Japan's changing strategic calculations will hopefully bring money into India. Abe informed the audience that 480 Japanese companies are present in India and Indo-Japan partnership is growing by leaps and bounds

Secrets of Wal-Mart's success
Altering traits does not endow us with the underlying genes, however, and over time, our gray roots show and our crow's feet come back.

How to build and lead teams
B-schools fail to provide adequate inputs is in the areas of people management, building and managing teams and leadership.

Filing tax ain't easy in India
The new forms, 8 in number, are between 2 and 20 pages. There's a list of instructions too

Shopping for insurance? Try online
Here you can compare various deals in the market to choose the one best suited to you

Time to get some debt funds in your books
With interest rates expected to soften in the long term, debt funds have found new energy, and are expected to attract investors

August 21, 2007
Betting on the Big B
Binani Cement is banking on extensive coverage and celebrity endorsements to help build its brand.

Foreign funds now on offer in India
total of four diversified equity funds that would invest your money abroad were launched in the past month.

How to gain freedom from the boss
People who can adapt their skill set to different sectors always remain relevant, irrespective of the job scenario

Get your numbers right
While calculating returns, you need to take the cost component into account

Great brands are performance art
Marketers must create a dynamic (and hopefully interesting, fun, and meaningful) forum in which brands and people interact directly -- not just experientially, but in the form of mutual dialogue, of collaborative brand creation.

August 20, 2007
How about sharing our financial freedom?
The urban pooró maids, drivers, cleaners, vendorsó remain just outside the bell jar of financial inclusion

Deprivation amidst opportunity
Affirmative action has suffered due to poor targetting of anti-poverty schemes

How much life insurance to buy?
Indians do not buy insurance for the sake of insurance

Investing in MFs? Avoid these errors
Now that investors are waking up to mutual funds, they should understand a few intricacies of making the best use of that vehicle

Where to invest in a volatile market
Investors at this time are facing the all-important question of how to insulate themselves from this heavy volatility?

4 stocks you can invest in NOW
While fundamentals remain intact, valuations of oil services companies have become attractive after the recent market meltdown.

August 17, 2007
Now markets catch Japanese flu
So as we can see, the appreciation of the yen to 112 yens to a dollar, has led to the profit of the carry trade investor coming down drastically to 1.78 per cent.

Of home loans and interest rates
Where are interest rates expected to go from here? What should the new home buyers do? What should the existing home buyers be aware of?

Gold: Your 'loss-proof' investment
Gold has traditionally been the standard by which the value of anything is assessed

How to beat dirty negotiating tactics. 10 tips
The ten tips are designed to help you identify and respond appropriately to common dirty negotiation tactics used by unscrupulous business people.

August 16, 2007
When Americans sneeze India catches cold
Essentially it all starts with an American wanting a home loan

Mutual funds: It's best to merge several folios
But you may need to do some running around to obtain a no-objection certificate from your earlier agent if you have switched agents

August 14, 2007
What they don't teach you at B-schools
Brain management refers to managing the mind not only for incremental effectiveness, but also for magical results -- as practised by Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler and so on.

Of facebook and office networking
Facebook has obviously designed workplace networking in to its offering. The question is can this become something more useful for organisations?

Machines to make sales pitch on phone soon
Next time you answer the phone, chances are there won't be a caller at the other end, but a recorded message trying to sell a product or service. It doesn't expect an answer, but goads you to punch in a few keys in acceptance or simply hang up.

Teach your child to value money
It's never too late to teach your child financial matters. Start now.

August 13, 2007
Making money for the money-makers
Since celebrities often do not track their finances, they could land up squandering a lot of their funds and not saving enough

August 11, 2007
Overheating and undereating
The major task in emerging economies now is how best to tackle high or rising food prices.

Virtual lines of control
The Indo-Pak rivalry is set to move onto the cyber-world with the World Cyber Games in Mumbai.

Markets: When the going gets tough...
And the ones who remain either close their eyes like the pigeon when faced with a ferocious feline, or go bonkers trying every trick in the trade to prevent an erosion in their portfolio.

Why you must rebalance your portfolio
Over a period of time your asset allocation will change due to changing values of different asset classes and their percentages will be different from what you started out with

Of hidden charges and fine print
There is clear consensus among experts that whether the market goes up or down, there will be a serious element of volatility in the days to come.

Taxing times: Joint ventures work better
A husband-wife team with incomes from two separate jobs can take advantage of the tax laws by buying a residence through a home loan.

Can't work, have family
Two years ago, Sardarji hired Prakashu as his shop assistant (he has a small shop selling electrical goods over which the threat of sealing has been hanging like the veritable sword of Damocles for the last two years).

August 10, 2007
How to motivate? Gift an airplane!
What insurance companies do to motivate their sales force.

August 09, 2007
Can CEOs cure cancer?
Big Pharma execs may not know more about the disease than the rest of us, but a group of them are using their power to fight it.

Tata Tea brewing a success story
Better prices and smaller packet sizes help Tata Tea concoct a winning brew.

August 08, 2007
This is how banks fleece you
Banks may be offering you more services than ever, but they have their price tags

August 07, 2007
Why smart people make dumb money mistakes
We are programmed to get our money decisions wrong. But we can still win

August 06, 2007
A volatile market is best for SIPs
The law of demand clearly states that at higher prices demand is less and vice versa. The retail investor investing in the stock market doesn't quite follow that logic.

Stronger rupee: End of India's export boom?
The high profitability of India's corporate sector should buffer the costs of rupee appreciation.

August 04, 2007
India's 'Denim King' passes away
Arvind N Lalbhai may not have been the poster boy of the textile industry, but in a lot many ways he was truly one.

What common to Himesh, Harry Potter, the Taj?
There is something to learn from the 'non-product' brands around us.

August 03, 2007
Want to be innovative? 3 things to do
Managers must learn to protect and direct that instinct to lead, and embed it in the organization, despite, and along with, the nature and ever-growing complexities of business.

August 02, 2007
How to reduce investing risks
Market risk can be reduced through proper diversification

July 31, 2007
Super luxury flats @ $1 million only!
Indian developers rush into the super-luxury segment.

Beware! Vishing could ruin you!
Virus attacks are no more just virtual. They now have a voice and are getting more personal.

July 30, 2007
Stock markets NOT in serious danger
With global economy still firmly on the growth path, equity markets do not seem to be in any serious danger.

July 28, 2007
Click and buy, the cheap way
Don't be a Net-phobe. Online shopping throws up many exciting deals and discounts.

Global designs on India
Indian real estate is benefitting from the integration of global architecture and design firms. What is driving this trend?

Lessons in chasing malls
We pick up some expert advice on the business of developing and managing malls.

India's mushrooming medical cities: will it mean affordable treatment?
A healthier future, but for whom, ask analysts, as investors and the corporate medical sector gear up to pour money into medical cities.

July 27, 2007
Sensex's biggest slides through history
The Sensex traded lower by 536.19 points at 15,240.12 at noon with most heavy-weight stocks plunging to recent lows. Similarly, the second wide-based National Stock Exchange index Nifty dropped by 173.10 points at 4446.70.

Sam Pitroda: Connecting India
Pitroda is also considered the pioneer of the Indian telecom revolution, more than his reputation as a venture capitalist, inventor, technocrat and social thinker.

July 26, 2007
What's your EI score?
Indian CEOs are world leaders in IQ, but have a long way to go in tuning in to other people.

July 25, 2007
Rupee rise: No big pay hikes for IT, BPO staff
Due to the rupee's rise and its impact on IT firms earnings, employees in IT, BPO sector will not only have to work longer but will find their salary increments being pruned.

The rupee rise: How you are affected
If the rupee continues to gain against the dollar, India's competitive strength in world trade will weaken, and many people will lose jobs.

July 24, 2007
All about the low-cost Ginger hotels
How the Ginger chain of hotels plans to go places.

Professionalism = more than just doing your job
True professionals stand out from the crowd and grow rewarding and satisfying careers. And the customers of the world know when one is at work.

How do foreign companies invest in India?
What is foreign investment? How does a foreign company invest in India? If you have doubts on any of these or more questions, read on:

July 23, 2007
AlJazeera's plans for India
The Arab media network had applied to the information and broadcasting ministry about six months ago to allow its English channel into the country. The channel is still waiting for government approvals.

July 21, 2007
Networking never takes a holiday
Vacation doesn't have to be the end of your networking efforts. Get an expert's tips on how you can continue to build relationships with powerful people even when they're out of the office.

Jim Gordon may have an answer to energy problems
An alternative to oil? Check. Completely green? Check. Economical? Check. So why has the entrepreneur been sued, pilloried, and lampooned?

Suzuki Grand Vitara: Should you buy it?
We check out the Grand Vitara -- the biggest, most expensive Suzuki in the country.

Apartments for Rs 4.5 crore! Will they sell?
Apartments that come attached with a hefty price tag are catching everyone's fancy. But is this for real?

India morphs into global R&D hub
Technology research in the country is the next big thing.

July 20, 2007
All you wanted to know about NBFCs
What is a non-banking financial company (NBFC)? How does it differ from a bank? Get the answers to these and many more questions on NBFCs.

July 19, 2007
You are fired. Now what?
Some very successful entrepreneurs got their starts only after losing their day jobs. Who knew getting fired could be a great career move?

A Ulip with an all-equity option
Max New York Life's recently launched Ulip gives you the all-equity option

Insurance just a click away
Shopping for insurance online is the way to go, especially if you need general insurance. Here you can compare various deals in the market to choose the one best suited to you.

SC/ST role in economy? India Inc in dark
The government, industry and civil society groups agree they have no data, which they admit are the building blocks for any action for inclusive growth.

4 things your relationship manager won't tell you
Relationship managers do not always act in the best interests of their customers. Here's why.

All you want to know about PAN
A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is one of the most important documents in the country today. It is an identification number which the Income Tax Department gives to all taxpayers.

July 18, 2007
Insurance: Some good news, some bad
While the costs of auto and home covers have gone down, that of health cover has gone up.

How to get cash in a crisis
How do you ensure that your finances stretch to keep you afloat?

Does phone banking really help?
Many banking services are now just a call away. But how much of a banker can your phone be? And is it trustworthy?

Biometric PAN cards? What are those?
Finance Minister P Chidambaram has announced that soon biometric PAN cards may be issued to reduce chances of duplication and to ensure better tax compliance.

July 17, 2007
Don't use your credit card to withdraw cash
It is thus advisable to opt for a personal loan as, the interest charged on such loans are far less.

TCS: Time for re-rating?
The appreciating rupee has taken its toll on Tata Consultancy Services' June quarter numbers, with the top line growing just 1per cent sequentially in rupee terms to Rs 5202.8 crore (Rs 52.02 billion).

July 16, 2007
A stock specific guide for cautious investors
The market seems to have rewarded stocks in advance building in the Q1 forecast. Investors need to take a cautious stock specific approach to avoid disappointments.

TechXchange: Microsoft's new invention
MSR India and MSIDC see collaborations in the fields of software engineering, multilingual systems, mobile networks and applications

Invest in FMPs or FDs? Here's help
An FMP offers the advantage of lower tax in comparison to a bank FD.

July 14, 2007
Who's listening to radio?
Huge losses are asphyxiating the FM radio business.

July 13, 2007
GMR: From commuting on a cycle to building global airports
From handling a jute mill to doing global infrastructure projects, Rao has come a long way.

India's tryst with the millennium
As the world trembled in anticipation of the Y2K disaster, India awoke to outsourcing.

July 12, 2007
Income-tax return forms: Not so Saral!
We attempt to demystify for the salaried class the two main ITR forms applicable in their case, i.e. Forms ITR-1 and ITR-2.

India's top 15 BPO-ITeS firms
Genpact has been ranked India's best third party ITES-BPO company, followed by WNS Global Services at the second spot and Transworks Information Services taking the third slot.

July 11, 2007
'Seeds of India's rise as IT giant were sown in 1947'
The seeds of India's rise as a global powerhouse in information technology were sown way back in 1947.

How Indian stock market has changed in 50 years
When Dhirubhai Ambani entered with his big bang public offer the foundation for the Indian stock market was laid.

About stocks, scams and the government
Markets can no longer go kaput these days; nor can brokers.

Is advertising India's next BPO opportunity?
Our core strength is that we communicate in English, are low-cost and have impressive skills in design and creatives

July 10, 2007
SC ruling may boost outsourcing
In a significant decision on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that foreign companies would not have to pay tax on their global income earned from business related to their outsourcing arms/units if these are done at existing market prices.

3 reasons why term plans make sense
Term plans not only give high cover for low premiums, they are flexible and can help you cover various loans as well

Financial guide for single parents
Single parents carry a double load. They need special strategies to cope with the situation

July 09, 2007
'Retail push, not the new models, pushed up our sales'
Maruti Udyog Ltd, the country's largest car maker, reported a growth of over 25 per cent in sales, up from 9.9 per cent in May. Jagdish Khattar, the company's managing director, spoke to Business Standard on survival strategies in a tough market.

How to invest long-term capital gains
Section 54F permits investment of consideration in maximum two properties and not more.

Adding sheen to your portfolio
Traditionally, Indian have been hoarders of gold, but now there are more opportunities to invest in the precious metal

8 tips to make best use of your bank
Complications have accompanied the conveniences that the evolution of banking in India has ushered in.

July 07, 2007
The real 2-in-1 ULIP
If you must buy a Ulip, the smart move will be to get the one that gives fund value plus sum assured

Fly Singapore, Dubai at less than Rs 10,000!
International budget airlines are vying with each other to offer you the cheapest deals.

Glassy, gaudy Gurgaon
Whichever side you enter Gurgaon from (M G Road or NH 8), you experience deja vu: have I seen this before? Buildings with a glass facade line the road as you enter from NH 8, almost all somewhat similar.

July 06, 2007
Buying a car? 5 smart moves
It makes sense to let your head do the leading when you buy a car. Especially, since it is a depreciating asset and won't give you any returns.

10 great ways to manage your debt
Don't run away from debt, manage it. Here how to make debt cheaper, safer and tax-efficient.

The Sensex story: 1,000 to 15,000!
Check out the historic rise of the BSE Sensex over the years.

R C Agarwal's rags-to riches story
Agarwal built Vishal Retail from scratch into a chain of highly lucrative hypermarkets and discount superstores.

July 05, 2007
Indian may have found cure to HIV
An interview with Indrani Sarkar, one of the scientists who engineered an enzyme which attacks the DNA of the HIV virus and cuts it out of the infected cell.

Six ways to protect your e-mail
Unwanted junk messages now make up as much as 95 per cent of all e-mail. How you can fight back.

Want to be a millionaire? Start investing early
The power of compounding is a mindboggling thing.

Indian engineering degrees now accredited in the US
This follows India's induction into the Washington Accord, an international agreement between registering bodies of member countries accrediting academic engineering programmes.

July 04, 2007
Al Gore's amazing $100 million makeover!
The untold story of how an epic loser engineered what may be the greatest brand makeover ever.

The art of managing expectations
Kamal Nath's reaction to India's exports growth of 18 per cent in May 2007 was almost like that of a panic-stricken commerce minister

Hyderabad, Bangalore: India's H-1B visa fraud hubs
Glen Keiser, consular section chief, US Consulate, Mumbai, says that Hyderabad and Bangalore are centres of H-1B visa fraud.

July 03, 2007
The success story of Sashi Chimala
A serial entrepreneur speaks about his many successes in the US and India.

Wake up India! Time's running out
A new study underlines the need for Indian manufacturing to become globally competitive.

The craft of effective management
For those aspiring to be super-managers, the journey is exciting and rewarding

July 02, 2007
Playing roulette with stocks
Mathematicians like D'Alembert and Paroli have devised strategies to improve odds in gambling, which can be effectively used in money management.

What will impact the markets?
The outlook on inflation, interest rates, rupee and foreign inflows is not too encouraging. Corporate earnings growth is also likely to be muted in this quarter.

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