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June 29, 2007
Lessons in do-it-yourself investing
Being a do-it-yourself investor means taking full responsibility for creating a portfolio of high-performance, low-cost mutual funds that you'll be able to hold on to for the long term.

June 28, 2007
Can the billion-dollar Harry Potter brand survive?
Harry Potter has become a pop culture classic -- and a huge industry. With the final book due out this summer, can the billion-dollar brand survive for years to come?

June 27, 2007
Workforce: Youngsters don't lack ethics, they are just different
You've hired them. Now how can you keep them around?

Why M&A deals fail or succeed
The head of the global merger management practice at McKinsey & Company, Clay Deutsch, takes us behind the scenes of some of India's biggest deals and tells you why deals succeed or fail, because 70% of all deals fail.

An example of branding wizardry
Shining Emotional Surplus' founder and strategist on how he created a system which keeps the client satisfied both in the short run and the long run.

June 26, 2007
Rs 1-lakh car: An open letter to Ratan Tata
On face of it, your vision looks to be a fabulous one that will fulfil the dreams of hundreds of thousands of Indians who would want to own that esteemed car. However, this very dream has myriad potential hazards that might surface later.

How Deepak Chopra's Virgin Comics is changing comic book industry
Virgin Comics -- founded by Sharad Devarajan, Suresh Seetharaman and Deepak Chopra -- is redefining the comic book industry with tales based on eastern myths.

Gimme growth, India Inc's latest mantra
Why are smaller companies investing in unrelated diversifications

Principles of a visionary leader
How Indian Industry is managing quality?

How Toyota develops exceptional people
Leading Toyota authorities Jeffrey Liker and David Meier give you the keps to growing top performers from within through a detailed preocess of preparation, traning, and follow-up. Here are Toyota's secrets to building an exceptional workforce . . .

How to tackle market volatility
Stock market volatility is increasing along with prices. How should you use leverage in such situations?

June 25, 2007
All you wanted to know about Sebi
The apex body of the Indian stock market has to play myriad roles including those of investor protection and education.

Some good news for homemakers
Though there aren't many options, homemakers could get insured from the few available ones.

Gifting a tax
The cash that one receives from friends as gift is considered as a part of income.

EPF: A safe haven for your funds
It helps in getting excellent monthly pensions

How to choose the right mutual fund
Innovation is the name of the game for mutual fund marketeers. But your financial need is what should matter.

June 23, 2007
Now, global recognition for Indian ads
The bag at Cannes this year may not have been heavy, but there's growing global recognition for India's advertising creatives.

June 22, 2007
Thiagarajan, world's youngest airline CEO
Thiagarajan, who had primarily restricted his aviation activities to south India, is now locating stars of fortune in western and central India for possible acquisitions

Tough task ahead for new Infy CEO
My focus would be to make Infosys more competitive, increase productivity further, continue to be a leader in corporate governance, attract the best of global talent and enhance brand equity

June 21, 2007
Tax: Which ITR form should you use?
With the new, and complicated, Income Tax Return forms coming into force, you need to understand which of these is applicable to you.

New IT mantra: Catch 'em young
Leading players realise that the best way to source the skilled manpower required to fuel their ambitious growth plans is to develop it themselves by working with leading education institutes.

Are your papers safe in the bank?
You cannot do much to ensure that the documents banks take from you before giving a loan do not get damaged

June 20, 2007
Inside Sun Micro's secret black box!
Once one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley, Sun Microsystems crashed with the dotcoms, but it kept pouring money into R&D. Now there are signs of a revival.

When to sell your mutual fund
Encashing your mutual fund at the right time is as important as buying one.

Don't go for a fixed-rate home loan now
Go for a fixed rate," your banker is likely to insist if you enquire about a home loan. But floating is what makes sense at present

Kiran Nadar on HCL, Shiv, & Bill Gates
Kiran Nadar is more than just HCL founder Shiv Nadar's wife: she has begun to give back to society through the Shiv Nadar University and through her efforts at bridging the urban-rural divide.

Make money doing what you love
For entrepreneurs who convert a passion into profession, the fun never ends. Here's how you can make money doing what you love

June 19, 2007
The future of vending machines
The future of vending lies in tailored on-demand services. Now, who wants ice cream?

Beware! Viruses can wipe out companies
Hurricanes and other natural disasters command the headlines. But it's everyday calamities, like computer viruses, that can really wipe out a company.

Secret to finding work-life balance
If you're working 100 hours a week and haven't seen sunlight in months, listen up. Top business leaders share their advice for finding that coveted work-life balance.

The power of positive thinking
Business leaders have always flocked to self-help books and gurus that focus on getting the most out of your career and your life, but since Oprah plugged Rhonda Byrne's The Secret the business of positive thinking is booming.

Are these the Google killers?
An army of fledgling companies is lining up to take on Google. Could the world's biggest search engine possibly be vulnerable?

Taxing foreign arms and agents
When a foreign enterprise operates through a dependent agent, it shall be deemed to have a permanent establishment in India.

Indian IT cos global giants? Not yet
Indian IT firms still have a way to go before they can stand up and be counted among the global giants.

How far for e-commerce in India?
Real and digital world will converge to sell products and services.

Of taxmen, traders and investors
The taxman can come to different conclusions in different years on similar facts

June 18, 2007
Global, out of India
ABB's Uppal symbolises the rise of Indian manufacturing, management, IT and also authentic Indianness. That's saying a lot.

ICICI's great growth & value offer
Stripping off the value embedded in its subsidiaries, ICICI Bank is available at least 40 per cent cheaper than its closest private rival HDFC Bank.

June 15, 2007
Contest for smart managers: Win Rs 25,000
Should SIF go global? If yes, what should be its strategy? If no, why not?

How to tailor your investments to your life stage
Each individual would have to determine for him or herself how much risk they want to assume to achieve greater returns, as evidenced by a move to the right on the risk/return line.

June 13, 2007
Is this the world's most generous internship?
Go inside the tech company that lavishes its interns with limo rides, free hotel stays, Broadway shows, and the opportunity to do serious, creative work. So why does it do it?

Logan vs Indigo: Who's the winner?
There have been so many cars that have been launched in India and if you are looking to buy one, then it might be quite confusing to pick the right one.

June 12, 2007
Sudha Murthy on Infosys and life's values
The founder of Infosys Foundation speaks about her passion and about her husband Narayana Murthy.

Dr Reddy's: From Rs 25 lakh to Rs 5,800 crore
K Anji Reddy from a small village near Vijaywada, quit his job with the government-owned Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited in 1974 to set up his own company. The rest is history.

B-schools don't teach you street smartness
What don't they teach you at B-school? I have a two-word answer to this question: street smartness.

June 11, 2007
Amazing story of how Munjal built Hero Honda
From the bylanes of Ludhiana to the highways of international renown, 83-year-old Brijmohan Munjal is steady in his dedication towards his work.

How RBI helps the common man
The Reserve Bank of India or the banker's bank is the one which, perhaps, has the most impact on the life of normal people

DLF's real estate story
Four years after delisting its shares from the Delhi Stock Exchange, real estate behemoth DLF is knocking at the capital market again selling shares at - hold your breath - 837 times the valuation at which it exited the stock market. Should you buy?

Rishad Premji: Student prince
In the second half of July this year, when Rishad Premji, the eldest son of Wipro Chairman Azim Premji, joins the company as a business manager, Pratik Kumar, executive vice president-HR will have a tough time.

How to select an online broker
It is important to zero in on the right Net broker before stepping into the convenient world of online stock investing. Evaluate both qualitative and quantitative factors to make a choice.

June 09, 2007
The amazing story of the birth of HCL
The man who was fueling the ambitions of his five other colleagues at that canteen was a 30-year-old engineer from Tamil Nadu, Shiv Nadar. And this is how the story of Hindustan Computers Limited, HCL began.

How K V Kamath built ICICI into a global giant
With the turn of the millennium, ICICI emerged as the largest private bank in India and fueling its growth was the untiring efforts of one man -- KV Kamath.

The amazing story of Lala Charat Ram
Never having been to a B-school, Lala Charat Ram was exceptionally interested in business education and played a pivotal role in the evolution of the All India Management Association and the IIMs.

It's raining wine!
Wine aficionados have taken heart from the news that the GoI has 'decided' to remove additional customs duties on imported alcoholic beverages from July.

Catering biz: Serving up the power sushi
The catering industry was once wedding-centric. Now it's learning to do things in style, to match the evolving tastes of a young, corporate India.

June 08, 2007
Guidelines to filing your income tax return
It's tax time and you need to know your basics. . .

Farm revival critical for poverty removal
For the country's poorest districts, the only hope of escaping grinding poverty is to increase farm productivity in a big way -- in most of these districts, around 85 per cent of those employed work in the agricultural sector.

How about netting the dream house?
Real estate portals in India are on a roll, despite the relative slump in the market.

Apple iPhone: Spawning an economy
All eyes are on Apple, which is set to release its much-anticipated iPhone later this month. But a number of small accessory makers are already cashing in.

June 07, 2007
Retiring? Plan your finances well
In retirement, you need your income stream to keep pace with inflation

How to use your retirement money
After providing for regular income, invest both in debt and equity options

Review: Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund
In our view, investors should give FIHGCF a miss for now.

Towards a lower home loan burden
In the long run, the amended Securities Bill may partly determine the interest rates that you pay on your home loans. However, some technical issues still need to be resolved

June 06, 2007
Help your parents plan retirement
Children have to get into the role of advisors to help parents steer their retirement funds in the right direction

The fastest way to know your mutual fund scheme
Shorter than an offer document, a mutual fund's key information memorandum gives you precious details and is the fastest route to understanding the scheme you would invest in

5 strategies to make your funds last
Take the worry out of your twilight years.

June 05, 2007
What B-schools fail to stress
Business is like a LEGO puzzle - every piece helps make the final product; a single piece out of place and the model may collapse.

Is it ever too early to leave a business?
Tata Tea's exit from Glaceau, its largest acquisition so far, puts the question in context.

Use credit cards with care; the risks are yours
Abroad, credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard help customers if there's a problem in the product or service purchased. But, in India, your only hope is the consumer courts

Age no bar in the job market
Older people are finding out that they have to push a little harder to get jobs in the corporate world. But they are proving a point or two in the bargain

How to make a claim for insurance
Claiming insurance compensation can sometimes claim your peace of mind

June 04, 2007
New concerns as tax net is cast wider
Finance Act, 2007, has, with effect from June 1, brought seven new services in the service tax net

How banks pay interest on your savings account balance
Make deposits in your savings account before or on the 10th of every month.

Some helpful tips on home loans
For the last two years, the home loan borrower has been facing the brunt of high interest rates

June 02, 2007
What makes some cars winners?
We've identified six such leaders of their respective segments and find out what makes them tick.

Zen and the mall
Pune gets a specialty mall with a difference, one that will hopefully excel in both exteriors and interiors.

Now your dream house comes with fancy interiors
Developers of premium apartments luxury specifications in their high-end duplexes and penthouses -- central AC, bathtubs and jacuzzis in the master bedroom, even a lap-pool.

Sex, sleaze spell boom for Hindi channels
Tabloidisation seems to be working for Hindi news channels, fetching them viewers and advertisers.

June 01, 2007
Tax-smart housing loans!
Even those who have the money to buy a house off the shelf should consider going in for a loan. Here's why.

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