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May 30, 2007
Why you should ignore the Sensex
The next time you are tempted to watch a business news channel to try and understand why the Sensex fell on a given day, just remind yourself that there is a better and easier way of investing in the stock market.

May 29, 2007
Be a marine pilot. Earn Rs 22 lakh a year
Marine pilots are highly skilled ship captains who bring the ship into harbour and anchor it.

The threat of hardware piracy
A distinct number of new computers being sold today are fitted with counterfeit, refurbished or sub-standard components.

The man behind GE's India success
GE's India head reflects on his hits and misses and shares his plans to return soon.

Don't let high medical bills kill you
There are two reasons why, despite that, you should have an individual mediclaim. The first, of course, is to supplement the amount of cover. The second is to stay covered in between jobs.

A little heart and a lot of courage
The heart problem of Seema and Manish Jain's little daughter Mansee has not broken their spirit. Here's a financial plan for the Jains.

How to become an entrepreneur
Even the best of education cannot teach you what real life is about

Can India have cult brands?
What does it take for a brand to achieve iconic status

Why have export promotion councils?
The appreciating rupee may just be one of the reasons why the Indian textiles sector may have suffered in the exports market.

China's engines of growth
The headlines in the South China Morning Post, among other regional newspapers this morning, are focused on the failure of the US-China trade talks.

May 28, 2007
Maruti on top, despite rate hike
Although rising interest rates threaten to push passenger cars to the middle lane, Maruti Udyog is geared to continue on the fast track with its new car models.

I'm the boss, is that clear?
Shivinder's dream project, of course, is the Medicity he wants to put up at Gurgaon on the outskirts of New Delhi. That is where the problem with Trehan began, who has his own plans to come up with a similar project at Gurgaon.

"The PM's point is well taken": KV Kamath
The Prime Minister's call for austerity has taken corporate India off guard. MD & CEO, ICICI Bank, KV Kamath discusses the Prime Minister's comments and other issues facing the industry.

"Bharti-Walmart doesn't scare us": Kumar Birla
AV Birla Group chairman, Kumar Mangalam Birla and the chief executive officer of Aditya Birla Retail, Sumant Sinha bare the details, in this open-ended conversation, about their plans for Aditya Birla Retail.

Life lessons from Narayana Murthy
Infosys chief mentor Narayana Murthy gave this speech at the NYU Stern School of Business.

May 26, 2007
Now, interact with your TV
BSNL and MTNL are already offering IPTV, and before the year is out, two private telecom firms will also offer such services.

May 25, 2007
The success story of Sun Pharma
For a company that started in 1983 with just five people and five products, it's no mean achievement that Sun Pharma today commands the largest market capitalisation of Rs 21,271 crore (Rs 212.71 billion) in the pharma universe.

Rising rupee may hit IT sector: Phaneesh
Change in other variables would help in relaxing the effects of rupee appreciation

May 24, 2007
How naive retail investors are lured to ruin
Retired school teachers, software engineers, doctors and property developers have lost money by blindly trusting their brokers or their franchisees

How well do you know your company?
Most investors over-estimate what they think their company is earning. Don't fall for an impressionist judgement

Music to the ears, money to the banks
Music is a big and growing industry. Something as simple as a suitably-geared home recording studio, along with entrepreneurship skills, can help you groove to the new beat.

To B or not to B online?
Online MBA may be a good idea if you don't have the time to do a full-time course. Employers, however, are still to accept them.

Demystifying the new pension system
All that you wanted to know about the new pension scheme and pension fund managers.

May 23, 2007
Key rules for HR managers
Define the timelines, key activities, the resultant benefits and impact of not having specific programmes / activities in the employee lifecycle management function.

Are family businesses doomed to split?
Since families multiply much faster than the number of businesses, after a point, there just aren't enough independent firms for each member to run.

UPA@3: A trillion-$ triumph hit by inflation
The causes are symptomatic with the UPA's failure to get going on the infrastructure front -- a key bottleneck as well as its inability to push agriculture growth, which slowed down from 6 per cent in 2005-06 to 2.7 per cent the year after.

For better interest rates, try small banks
Urban cooperative banks may be your solution to cheaper funds and higher returns, but check out the fundamentals.

Is your mutual fund sitting on your cash?
If your fund unjustifiably holds a large amount of cash, stop investing and take a relook at its capability to spot opportunities.

May 22, 2007
Bribery, corruption down in India: Outgoing GE India chief
Scott Bayman cited Indian Airlines' and Air India's purchase of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, respectively, as prime examples of this growing transparency.

Make big money from open offers
Retail investors can make money from open offers, if they are well informed about the companies and time their transactions. A look at existing and upcoming opportunities.

Five minds for the future
To know how psychologist defines the cognitive abilities that will command a premium in future, read on. . .

The RBI's gift to home buyers
The Reserve Bank of India's recent move will make home loans up to Rs 20 lakh cheaper. But that would be just good enough to buy you a house in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

Making a trip? Low budget airline be the guide
Low fare air tickets and Air Deccan were synonymous for a while before the low cost bug bit the other airlines in India. Then the low cost carrier decided to not just offer low fares, but also went on to add destinations to the aviation map.

The golden bird will fly again
A new McKinsey report predicts a glittering future for Indian consumers and explosive growth in Indian consumer spending. What challenges and opportunities will that mean for business?

May 21, 2007
UPA to go slow on Iran gas pipeline
The directive from 'above' has come to the petroleum ministry on the eve of the departure of the Indian delegation to Tehran for a decisive last round of the trilateral negotiations scheduled to be held there later this week.

Bonsai manager: How a manager becomes stunted
says his book is not a 30-day guide to solve management problems. He says, after the analysis is done, gut instinct should take over as intuition will be a key differentiator for excellence in the future.

May 19, 2007
Bhubaneswar's successful realty story
It may have got off to a slow start, but if all goes according to plan, Bhubaneswar will soon share a successful realty growth story with its residents.

How PodZinger co-opts pirates
It has a scheme to help companies profit when their

How 3G spectrum will transform your lives
In times to come, people will refer to 2007 as the cusp year, that point of transition when India's mobile market changed gear from voice to entertainment, from being a handy tool to a complete office.

May 18, 2007
'In 20 yrs, 290 mn Indians will be out of poverty'
India will become the fifth largest consumer market in the world and incomes will triple, and all this will happen in less than 20 years.

Tax-saving tips for working couples
With working couples fast becoming the norm, here are some ready-to-use tax-saving tips from an expert.

Radio cab = Road to wealth
The demand for radio cabs is growing. That has created a viable business opportunity

Your dream house may have to wait a little longer
The property boom seems to be tapering off. With experts estimating a 10-20 per cent fall in real estate prices in many cities, it makes sense to defer the purchase or buy in select areas

May 17, 2007
How to use a networking site
The rise of the "professional Web" lets you collect colleagues like Pez dispensers. Resist the urge.

Hollywood's big ticket business in India
Some unconventional distribution houses are riding on the success of Hollywood movies.

Tips on how to keep burglars away
It's the age of insecurity, but, thankfully, also the age of smart technology

May 16, 2007
Now, insurance claims get a cover!
Insurers may find it difficult to reject claims

Jammed services?
Cellular operators continue to disappoint

What's in a name? A lot actually
If FMPs get categorised as liquid funds, they

Health cover costlier now
Premium on health insurance policies hiked

3 lessons B-schools miss teaching
Don't forget to live and have fun

8 principles of visionary leadership
CEOs should stand at the organisation's boundary and bring in outside information.

The other face of Wipro
Why the consumer care business is still important to IT major Wipro?

May 15, 2007
Why Apple's iPhone is not the next iPod
Apple's latest creation is unlikely to dominate the cell phone market the way the iPod has impacted the digital music market.

Who are the Google killers?
An army of fledgling companies is lining up to take on Google. Could the world's biggest search engine possibly be vulnerable?

9 questions to ask an unhappy employee
If you want to get to the root of the problem with an unsatisfied employee, try asking these questions

May 14, 2007
Check out this innovative health plan
Known as a 'floater health insurance plan', this scheme covers all the members of a family for a single premium.

Have I sold my flat? I am not sure
First person account of the hiccups faced by a property seller in Mumbai

Insurance plans & mistakes we make
By opting for returns, we land up paying more for a 'pay-back policy' than going for a pure insurance scheme

Tips to preparing a contingency fund
And, while preparing this kitty, one often forgets to include payments, which happen infrequently

How best to invest NOW
The recent hardening of interest rates has opened up a lot of opportunities for those looking to invest in debt instruments

Tax tips for harried senior citizens
Finance minister has made life difficult for seniors under the pretext of preventing tax frauds.

Key accounting definitions
A guide to some key accounting words...

K.I.S.S.: Secret to strong portfolio
Restraint and focus could help build a strong portfolio

May 12, 2007
Is India overheating? Eight myths about inflation
Compared with many other emerging countries, India has an admirable record of price stability

It's raining jobs! But whom to hire
Shrinking talent pools and growing salary bills have got managers thinking out of the box to train - and retain - workers.

All about AIG India Equity Fund
The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio of predominantly equity and equity-related securities including equity derivatives.

May 11, 2007
13 funds for any market
A novel approach that identifies funds that have done well in both rising and falling markets

Zero tax on income of Rs 11.20 lakh?
There will be zero Income Tax on income of Rs. 11.20 lakh (Rs 1.12 million). Impossible? No, it isn't.

10 hot stocks to buy now
Are you tempted to buy stocks even as the market is attempting to make new highs but are afraid that you may end up holding lemons?

May 10, 2007
The inspiring story of Suresh Kamath
His sole ambition is to provide employment to 10,000 people.

Shashi Tharoor joins the corporate world
'Having spent a lifetime in public service, that I should do something that I've never done before, that would stretch me a little bit.'

What to do about home loans now
The worst thing to do at this time is to switch to a fixed-rate loan.

All about DSP Merrill Lynch Micro Cap Fund
DSPMCF is a little different as compared to the other small cap funds launched so far

Who will inherit your money?
What happens to what you leave behind depends on how you leave them behind. Planning your legacy can be a complex affair

Volatile markets? Tips to make money
Multi-cap funds have the flexibility to invest across the market cap segments. This should mean returns that beat diversified equity funds. But, what we find is their returns are similar

May 09, 2007
7 tips to smart online bidding
Ignore all sellers with a rating of under 95 per cent.

Five strategies to get rich!
Northward-bound rates of interest have made it necessary for you to take a relook at debt. And it is not just the borrowings, but also the investments

4 life skills b-schools don't teach
What's missing, perhaps, is a primer on life skills.

Leadership lessons from George Washington
Leaders can learn a lot from George Washington about succession planning, ego, and being presidential

Distributed innovation: The latest management trick
Industries and businesses decline and thrive depending on the way they deal with the many and increasing challenges of innovation

What makes a brand authentic?
The appeal--and risks--of authenticity. A guide to making your brand real.

May 08, 2007
What makes a brand authentic?
The appeal--and risks--of authenticity. A guide to making your brand real.

Indian financial players have BIG dreams
How domestic financial players are re-inventing themselves to get a larger share of the pie.

Investors, careful where you invest!
The Monetary Policy, 2007-08, will result in indirect measures to stop the hardening of the rupee. But their impact will take time to kick in

May 07, 2007
Dividend payouts: What you need to know
Choose the growth option in equity funds and dividend option in debt funds

Free health insurance from office? No more!
The days of free group healthcare could be over, it's time to fund your own medical policies.

How NOT to fall into a debt trap
It would be great if you do not find yourself in a situation where loans exceed your ability to repay.

Why car insurance is a must
It is important for you to have car insurance for the safety of others, as well as yourself.

Single parent? Tips to manage work & money
It is tough for single parents to cope with children, work and finances. A few tips...

India's outsourcing story remains intact...for now
The Indian outsourcing story has been riding high on a cost arbitrage model. Will the scene change as the rupee appreciates?

How Q4 results affected these stocks
We analyse the fourth quarter results of companies and find out what impact they had on their stocks. Also, an update on the fortunes of our previously recommended stock picks

May 05, 2007
The man who makes 'sensible' buildings
A Pune-based architect, along with his team, has worked with new-age materials to provide a cutting-edge look for Infosys' new building in Pune.

Designing hospitality his passion
Being saddled with the tag of 'hospitality industry specialist' doesn't bother architect Bobby Mukherji. He feels it is good to do work in an industry where people from all over the world can take a closer look and admire it.

China vs India: It's a real estate hunt
With experts concurring that India and China are lucrative markets for real estate, a comparison between the two countries is inevitable, writes .

Secret behind US markets' rise
There's more to the US markets than a mere weak-dollar story.

Computer phones, India's latest fad
PDA-like phones for the no-wires, no-worries professionals of today.

A peek into Anil Ambani's ambitious plans
An attempt to unravel the method in Anil Ambani's madness as he hopes to build leadership in entertainment.

May 04, 2007
Investing tricks not taught in grad schools
Investor camps are a good place to learn the nitty-gritty of investing in stocks. And it may make good sense to join one before taking a plunge into equity investing

Don't become a scam victim
Business scams are becoming more sophisticated, and scammers are increasingly going after small businesses. Here are tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Retailing: Why private labels succeed
Our years of working with leading brand manufacturers around the world have taught us that there is no silver bullet.

Cybercrooks have a new target: you
Organized cybercrime syndicates are looking to steal information that they can convert into money on the black market, or use to buy products.

How UTI Bank flourished under Nayak
A former bureaucrat, Nayak moved to UTI Bank as a director in 1999.

Beware: Taxman is watching your big spends
The object of AIR is to identify large financial transactions in respect of certain items.

May 03, 2007
Change in pref shares to hurt investment
Under the Indian company law, companies can issue only two types of shares - equity shares and preference shares.

May 02, 2007
Why a strong Re is no threat to IT cos
Though the rise of the rupee threatens to drag down earnings of infotech companies, the robust growth in off-shoring should help them deliver tall returns

May 01, 2007
7 tools for managing quality
Goal setting, organisational setting, training and education, and promotion are the factors that normally provide the much needed push for organisational change.

'Bingo!' ITC has finally got it
How ITC plans to dominate the ready-to-eat snack market.

Flight plans and govt employees
In the last two weeks, politicians of several hues have made news for various "exit-point" transgressions. Notable of them was of course the BJP MP, now under suspension.

Issues in electricity governance in India
The dominance of retired bureaucrats in the field of power regulation is an undeniable fact.

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