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February 29, 2008
Your income tax: How it works now
Here is an indication of how your personal Income Tax will work now, after the Budget proposals ade by Finance Minister P Chidambaram:

Finance Minister's Budget Speech
The finance minister announced major sops for farmers, pharmaceutical firms, salaried class and women.

February 28, 2008
Time to oust state's reign on capital mart
State should relax micro controlling of India's capital market to step up progress. India must have an open capital account to take its rightful place quickly in the world of financial service exports.

Of ground realities and shared outcomes
With the changing economic scenario, the political and bureaucratic stance in India ought to change too.

A dignified retirement for the 50-plus
PFRDA, India's new pension regulator, has introduced New Pension System will help working Indians lead a dignified retired life.

February 27, 2008
Bengaluru: Tale of 2 airports
Several people in the city have now moved the court seeking a direction to both the State and Union Government to keep the HAL airport open at least for domestic operations.

How the Budget is kept a secret, and the men behind it
How the Budget is kept a secret

Why is Budget presented on the last working day of February?
The finance minister is required to submit the Budget to the Parliament usually on the last day of February so that the Lok Sabha has one month to review and modify the Budget proposals.

Will the IPO crunch hit growth in investment?
Apart from signalling the shape of things to come, the stock markets are seen as an important source of funds for investment - so their health can be critical.

February 26, 2008
Skills to use knowledge sensibly
To be an effective manager, knowledge is important

February 23, 2008
A house that redefines luxury
A New Delhi house is replete with all accessories of luxury, including an indoor swimming pool.

A yacht for the price of a car
With a fast-expanding pool of billionaires and millionaires, India is now an important market for pleasure-craft peddlers.

Detachable jewellery to suit all times
Detachable jewellery is fast becoming a trend as jewellery lovers get to experiment with a single piece of jewellery and wear it differently on different occasions.

February 21, 2008
Trip abroad? Important money tips
Carrying part of the money as currency and the rest in a travel card makes for a hassle-free holiday abroad at the least cost

Venture fund for defence firms
The $100-million fund, which has the option to raise a further $200 million, will benefit small and medium enterprises engaged in defence production.

The top 10 Web sites you never heard of
A list of most useful and entertaining sites from the far reaches of the Web so that when these sites go mainstream, you'll be one step ahead of the crowd

February 20, 2008
Harsh Goenka: 25 years of being CEO
"I want RPG to be the most exciting workplace in the country," Harsh Goenka says.

February 18, 2008
How to be a smart investor
The fear of an economic slowdown has led to increased attention on interest rates movements all over the world.

Investing in NFO? Read this first
Invest in an NFO to meet your needs, and not because it sounds cheap.

2 'safe' sectors you may invest in
For the "safety first" investor, capital goods and banking sectors will offer good returns.

How to tackle volatile markets? A few tips
Volatile markets often scare the investor. It's time you conquered it.

8 skills of successful leaders
Business author and consultant Ram Charan lists the qualities successful leaders possess. Here we provide a summary of what Charan says good leaders do.

February 15, 2008
Never let your trading profits turn into a loss
There might be a lot of public orders resting at $121 to buy the stock, but all the orders to buy at that price won't be filled. If they are all filled at $121, there's a reason why informed insiders would be willing to sell all the public wants to buy at the $121 level. My selling out my position at $120-7/8 would be warranted because the price of the stock should drop pretty drastically after all the public orders to buy at the 121 support level are taken out.

February 14, 2008
IT: Five challenges for five years
India's IT headway may well have put the country on course to a dominant position in the sector but the journey through the next five years is not without its share of challenges.

What's a recession? How will US slowdown hit India
A recession is a decline in a country's gross domestic product (GDP) growth for two or more consecutive quarters of a year. A recession is also preceded by several quarters of slowing down.

February 13, 2008
Get paid up to Rs 12 lakh to play
Earn up to Rs 12 lakh per annum while playing games. All you need is a passion for gaming and the will for hard work.

Posco on backfoot in Orissa
Tension mounted in Dhinkia village in the Posco project site near Paradip in Orissa as the survey teams, conducting a socio-economic survey of the project site, came eyeball to eyeball with the villagers of Dhinkia, who vehemently oppose the project.

February 12, 2008
Skills they don't teach at B-schools
However, more often than not, the emotional skill training that is required to complement these is often forgotten. Inherent personal skills that we all have are not only not accentuated, but often downplayed to the extent that they are made completely worthless.

February 11, 2008
Volatile markets: Tips to safe investment
In volatile markets, it is best to have a diversified portfolio in both mutual funds and stocks.

No entry load on MFs: A reality check
A point to remember is that the entry load is waived, only if I go through the fund's official website. Purchases through any other website will attract the entire entry load.

Make money from reverse trades
Banking and IT are the two sectors where you can make money by reverse trades. That is, buy one, sell the other and profit from the widening differential.

Awards for remarkably different cos!
Companies that stand out in terms of their December 2007 results.

Try PPF for secure returns
PPF is a good instrument for investors as it allows flexibility and tax benefits.

Why auto component stocks are hot picks
Despite the hiccups experienced by the auto component industry, better growth prospects and low valuations suggest that it's a good time to buy solid companies in this space.

February 09, 2008
Check out these lifestyle pickup trucks!
Mahindra & Mahindra already offer the Scorpio pickup. Called the Getaway, it features the same 2609cc CRDe engine from the Scorpio, 115 bhp and a hefty 28.3 kgm of torque.

Posco project: A village under siege
As it pits itself against the sarkar and the "company" in a $12 billion stakeout, Latha Jishnu speculates about the future of a small village with an idyllic - but apparently doomed - way of life.

February 07, 2008
7 super tax saving, fixed income plans
If you like the safety of a steady predictable income, every month, quarter or year, then there are a number of tax-saving instruments available for you. In fact, most of the tax-saving paper you could buy earlier was in this category. For those who are uncomfortable with fluctuating incomes that market-linked instruments give, these are the products for you.

February 06, 2008
Subprime pain: Who lost how much
Given below, in the table, are the estimated losses that some of the world's largest banks have suffered on account of home loan defaults in the US.

Retirement plans? A list of what all you need
A great corpus is just not enough.

Is a US slowdown good for Indian markets?
Problems could linger both in the financial markets and the real sector but one could just see the mix of data and news emerging from the US turning favourable. This could be the turning point for Indian equity markets.

Will the US slowdown hit the ITeS sector?
I believe that the Indian IT industry has an opportunity to make further inroads into the US market during the slowdown phase of US economy, says Ashok Soota.

February 05, 2008
How to discover growth stocks
Growth stocks are not located in the traditional well-known sectors but in new and upcoming fields

Income generator plans: Read the fine print
Though deferred annuities are mostly sold as pension plans/income generators and tax saving devices, you can safely ignore such plans

February 04, 2008
Why Emaar MGF is a big bet for investors
However, in the long run, one could expect Emaar MGF to do an encore of DLF. Long term investors who buy into the great Indian growth story will reap handsome rewards from this issue.

February 02, 2008
170,000 jobs are in danger for want of land
The fate of the nine projects, meanwhile, hangs in balance.

Get well soon, Uncle Sam!
There is one malady for which Dr Bernanke may also have no prescrip

February 01, 2008
How to provide for parents, kids and still save
In other words, more and more Indian adults are staying away from their parents. In many cases, that's limiting their concern to those that they live with.

January 29, 2008
Are you a lazy investor? Read this!
SBI Magnum Balanced is a two-in-one scheme for the lazy investor. It rationalises risks, while giving the equity kicker.

7 signs that employees hate the boss
And the real world, sadly, is full of lousy bosses

January 28, 2008
Unravelling India's innovative streak
India has a veritable history of scientific innovation. This drive to innovate, recycle and make the most of what we have has today given India a competitive edge.

Time to plug flaws in market system
Traders looking for quick gains were in for a rude shock as Nifty and its derivative stocks plummetted. Apart from educating retail investors, there are some systematic flaws that need to be plugged.

No-load funds are here
The Securities and Exchange Board of India has scrapped entry loads on direct applications to MFs. This means that if you invest directly with the fund house by submitting your application forms at any of its collection centres, you don't need to pay entry loads (presently 2.25 per cent). Internet transactions done through the MF's website are also now exempt of loads.

Stock market: Is the worst over?
The unprecedented fall in stock market had numerous reasons backing it up. As the market gets bullish again, it is wiser to be disciplined and patient with your investments.

January 25, 2008
Blueprint out for real estate funds
Invest in real estate, they say. It costs only Rs x a square foot, they add. But you cannot buy a couple of square feet of land even as an investment. And that's why the idea of a real estate investment trust, or Reit, is so attractive.

How Chindia will impact the world economy
The rapid aging of Chinese population attributed to its one child policy implemented over two generations will impact its domestic economic growth. On the other hand, while India is at present one tenth in size of China, it will experience accelerated growth in less than ten years with better infrastructure, political reforms and fi nancial transparency.

Get the most out of your mutual fund
You now have to wade through concepts such as asset allocation, rupee cost averaging and rebalancing, understanding of which is essential to make your investment a success. These weighty words could make the timid give up any thoughts of investing.

It's time to buy India story again
According to a Credit Suisse report, the steep Sensex fall has validated two fears: (1) The Indian market is linked to global developments; and (2) Foreign flows are the biggest drivers of the market.

January 23, 2008
Meltdown: 'Many Gujaratis went bankrupt'
Gujaratis, the community that boasts of the largest number of investors in the stock market, are witnessing extraordinary financial turmoil with many families going bankrupt overnight, literally.

Does the pharma sector need more regulation?
In India, access to affordable medicines has long been dependent on government regulation of the patent system and pricing of essential drugs in the domestic market.

What drives the Tata Motors strategy?
"The toughest part was continuing to believe that we could do it," Tata told journalists covering the Auto Expo in New Delhi, where he unveiled the lowest-priced car in the world. He added that "a promise is a promise", hinting at the ability of his company to deliver even in the face of brutal scepticism.

20 stocks that can make you rich
Check out the more than 20 stocks that experts believe can make you a fine packet over time.

January 21, 2008
The 10 biggest falls in Sensex history
The index shed 1408.35 points (7.1%) to close at 17,605.40, the biggest-ever loss in absolute terms and also the first-ever four digit loss for the index.

These media stocks could make you money
Technological advances, increasing corporatisation and favourable macroeconomic conditions promise excellent rewards for those who tune in.

How to get the best out of your Ulip
You may have bought a unit-linked policy without really checking it out, but you can still make it work for you.

January 19, 2008
Cramster: An entrepreneur's success story
If you are a serious motorcycle tourer, you could pay through your nose for imported gear -- or you could buy made-in-India Cramster stuff.

Why top executives are turning entrepreneurs
A new, earned respect is motivating executives to step into an entrepreneur's risky, challenging and not-so-steady shoes. They will now be in control of their own destinies - and will have no one to blame or to credit whether they flounder or flourish.

January 17, 2008
Your loan repayment history matters!
With the imminent introduction of individual credit scores, your loan repayment history will determine how banks will deal with you.

Google, Khosla in race to build 42 kmpl car
Companies are developing new engine technologies to deliver the ultimate in fuel efficiency.

January 16, 2008
Some must-have skills for the future
Dramatic changes at workplaces are necessitating new skills that existing schools and other institutes don't provide. Here are some must-have future skills.

What will be your pay hike this year?
Based on our extensive research, interactions with experts and HR professional, we present the salary outlook for eight sectors across junior, middle and senior levels.

How to tell when a share's price may fall
Although business situations are seldom identical, success in business can be analyzed; patterns of managerial behavior are recorded, categorized, and taught in graduate business school classes. In the same way, there are common contributors to failure which are discernible in deteriorating investment situations.

January 15, 2008
Anil Ambani to pip Mukesh as richest Indian?
According to one calculation, Reliance Power IPO is likely to gain close to $27 billion for Anil Ambani, which when combined with the existing market capitalisation of his companies will work out to be close to $75 billion!

India's poor: From raw deal to new deal
In the face of failed poverty reduction programmes, the govt. should implement cash transfer scheme to alleviate poverty in India.

How Samsung plans to regain No.1 spot in India
Samsung, the consumer electronics giant, is adopting new product innovation and retail strategies to reach deeper and wider into the Indian market.

January 12, 2008
Can Chennai overcome urbanisation woes?
Will the second master plan and MAP Chennai Region help the city overcome the problems of rapid urbanisation?

Ajay Bijli: The big picture man
With Taare Zameen Par hitting pay dirt and repeating the success of brand PVR, Ajay Bijli seems to be on a roll.

Want a GPS for your car? Read this first
Want to install a GPS device in your car or mobile phone? We check out some systems and give tips on what to look out for.

How the Rs 1-lakh car was made
Some 100 component makers worked with Tata Motors for over 3 yrs.

January 10, 2008
Want to be stock market boss? Try this
Cautious investors should consider a number of strategies that are formulated to enter and exit the market in a predetermined manner.

January 09, 2008
How to invest safely: 5 great tips
You need not worry about getting swept off your feet if the equity market party gets wilder in 2008. Here are five ways by which you can make your moves safer

Why you should buy gold, not jewellery
The beginning of the new year is is the right time to buy gold. But invest in gold funds, or bars, and not jewellery.

January 08, 2008
The Sensex story: From 1K to 21K
The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex crossed the 21,000 level in early morning trade for the first time on Tuesday on heavy buying by funds.

January 07, 2008
Sensex may cross 27,000 in first half of 2008
What do technical analysts feel about the market in 2008? Three experts share their views.

January 05, 2008
Music industry: The future is now!
Traditional ways of popularising music and making it purchasable are giving way to more innovative and interactive ways and even conservative major labels have now woken up to the benefits of working more uncompromisingly with companies that sell and promote music on the digital front.

January 1 -- the magic of it
There's something magical about January 1. It might be just the way that the human brain is wired, but the first day of the first month of the year is a gleaming tabula rasa, empowered by the future rather than weighed down by the past.

The slow transformation of the Indian state
As the country slips into a new year, the defining reality about the relationship between the citizen and the state is the transition, however partial, from the first view to the second. In its own way, the transition has just found expression in the Gujarat elections, and it will be reflected again as 10 more states go to the polls this year, before the big test in 2009.

January 04, 2008
Small traders dream big, put retail sector on growth path
India's retail industry, which is in the middle of rapid growth, has already scripted success stories fit to be the subject of a Bollywood film.

January 03, 2008
Be a smart manager, win Rs 25,000
Rediff Business presents the TCS Smart Manager Case Contest # 31 for managers, along with The Smart Manager, the management magazine! We give you a profile and the history of a company. All you have to do is study it and post your solution by clicking here, in 500 words or less.

Mumbai airport: What will it be like
G V Sanjay Reddy, vice chairman of the GVK Group, elaborates on his plans for the much-awaited Mumbai airport makeover.

Did you really get the MF you bought?
Check the asset allocation of your diversified equity fund to see that you really have a lower-risk scheme.

Which insurance product should you buy?
Don't buy a cover because your neighbour, whose needs are different from yours, has bought it. Buy only according to your own need.

India's best Ulips
Introducing the never-before tool for retail investors, Outlook Money's annual Ulip ranking.

January 02, 2008
8 guidelines to make money from IPOs
IPOs offer opportunities for making quick money which few other forms of investment can hope to match, particularly during the market's bull phase.

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