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August 28, 2008
Fake currency: Some Rs 500 notes to be phased out
Alarmed over the menace of the fake Indian currency notes spreading its tentacles in India, the government has issued a directive to the Reserve Bank of India to withdraw from circulation the notes of 1996 and 2000 series.

What stock market may be like in 2009
The odds are the markets will bottom out before the middle of next year.

August 26, 2008
6 rules for rebalancing your portfolio
Changes in market and economic conditions keep constantly altering your investment portfolio. Accordingly, you need to periodically rebalance your portfolio so that it matches your investment goals and target asset allocations.

August 25, 2008
Mukesh vs Anil: Who is the government batting for?
In the last two years, there have been at least three instances of the government actively stepping in on Mukesh Ambani's side.

L K Advani on Indian 'superbrands'
The environment for investment and business in many parts of India is far from satisfactory

August 23, 2008
How India Inc is creating a skilled labour pool
Companies are developing a surrogate education system to create a skilled labour pool.

August 22, 2008
Tatas set to roll out Indica Vista
The second-generation Tata Indica will be called Indica Vista. The car that was previewed for the public at the Auto Expo, New Delhi this year will carry the new tag to differentiate itself from the Indica that is currently in production.

Vodafone to offer iPhone on EMIs
Vodafone, which is offering the iconic Apple iPhone in India along with Airtel, has tied up with Axis Bank and Barclays to offer the phone on six or 12 equated monthly installments (EMIs) for customers who may find the Rs 31,000 to Rs 36,000 price tag too steep.

August 19, 2008
10 tax-smart tips for salary earners
So, it pays to be tax-smart; you can get to keep more of your hard-earned money for yourself rather than having to cough it up to the taxman . . .

Inflation: India Inc feels the sting
Rising interest rates are forcing companies, big and small, to either defer projects, go slow on expansions or raise money from alternative sources.

August 18, 2008
Healthcare is a big opportunity in India
The burgeoning Indian market, if handled smartly, offers a challenging opportunity for value creation.

August 14, 2008
Much ado about Vista
Because it's the slowest, clunkiest operating system I have worked on....

August 13, 2008
12 must dos to reduce tax filing stress
Advance preparation in this financial year 2008-09 itself can help you avoid the last-minute anxiety

Bear markets? Ulips are still a good bet
Falling markets have not spared Ulips, but their long-term mandate still keeps them worthwhile

How to win the Dalal Street money game
The moral: If you do not know the rules of the game, Dalal Street can be an expensive place to learn them.

August 12, 2008
The whys and hows of investing in SIPs
Regular investment is the key to reaching a financial goal, irrespective of the waves in the equity market

Vinita Bali on the future of Britannia
"It is challenging and difficult. But one or two challenging years are not a big deal. This too will come to an end. We are not running the business on a month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter basis. Yes, it is hard to actually generate consistently high margins, but this is what leadership is all about. To manage and deliver when things aren't going too smoothly," says Bali.

August 11, 2008
Transfer shares via the off-market route
Off-market share trading can suit you better at times. A look at its procedure and implications

Play safe when investments are down
The three stocks from the Sensex that managed to break the trend in the falling markets are from the FMCG and pharmaceuticals space

5 great tips for investors to play safe
With interest rates creeping up, it is time for investors to be wary of companies burdened with debt and high working capital needs.

August 07, 2008
Taxman Tom and Taxpayer Jerry
Welcome to the enchanting, enticing and exciting world of tax dodgers.

August 06, 2008
How to ride out the slowdown
Its not recession...yet. But slowdown it is, from the dipping stockmarket and industrial production, to prices heading upstairs. With the government unlikely to make major policy changes, it is time to look for solutions

Does it make sense to invest in FDs?
Bank fixed deposits offer the safety of assured returns. But inflation and taxes can take a big bite off your money

The mouse that bit Microsoft
Microsoft, which is usually at the receiving end of patent suits, has filed an infringement case against Primax Electronics of Taiwan for using its mouse technology.

August 05, 2008
10 ways to reduce your family's taxes
By combining the leeway offered by non-taxpaying members of a family, and judiciously sharing the family income and wealth among all its members, you will find additional ways of reducing your family's tax burden. Here is how:

August 02, 2008
Corporate India's sales are rising!
A sample of 1,248 companies saw net sales rise a whopping 39 per cent in the quarter ended June 2008 over that a year ago, as compared to 28 per cent in the quarter ending March 2008 and 16 per cent for the quarter ending December 2007.

India's first solar housing complex
This is Rabi Rashmi Abasan, India's first "solar housing complex". Piloted by the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Authority (WBREDA), the 26 villas in this complex are a showcase for the exciting possibilities that BIPV - building integrated photovoltaic - technology offers for residential projects of a similar nature.

They quit good jobs to mint millions!
A few good people who decided to quit good jobs for better ideas.

August 01, 2008
His dream: A Mahindra in every household
A Mahindra in every household wouldn't be realised without two-wheelers.

July 28, 2008
How to tackle high prices. A few tips
With inflation and high interest rates eating into your wealth, it's time to play safe by reducing expenses.

Time to tighten your purse strings
Families are cutting expenses or reducing their investments, all pointing towards the fact that inflation has hit them.

How to file tax returns diligently? 5 pointers
Avoid simple mistakes to make sure that the income tax returns process is hassle-free.

Builders help ease home buyers' EMI pains
For such bonanzas, prospective home buyers have a downturn to thank. Property sales have fallen 15 to 20 per cent countrywide over the last six months, owing to rising home loan rates.

July 26, 2008
Let's get digital
The proposals to get cable operators to offer digital signals aren't going to work unless the government mandates CAS-systems across the country.

July 25, 2008
2 roads to trading success in the markets
When markets are stormy and covered with dark clouds, even the hardiest of investors and traders sometimes feel discouraged

July 23, 2008
What happened to Chidambaram's Main Hoon Na?
Ram Naik, Union petroleum minister in the Vajpayee government, on the Manmohan Singh government's effort in managing the situation in view of rising global oil prices.

July 22, 2008
A tale of two strategies
The management of human resources has a strong link with the financial performance of a multinational company. Indian multinationals are showing how to foster it.

July 21, 2008
Bear market? Ten stocks worth investing in
The sharp downward swing in market sentiment in the past six months has rendered stock valuations attractive. Here are some stocks experts say will deliver handsome returns.

July 19, 2008
China vs India: Which stock market is better?
Shanghai is the worst performing stock market of the world in CY 2008. It has just replaced Vietnam at the top of the ladder among the worst performers with a 48.97 per cent fall.

Olympics: A showcase of China's prosperity
Beijing struggles to make its coming-of-age Olympics party perfect despite controversies, unsold tickets and media hyperventilation.

July 18, 2008
Of trust vote and bad economics
Those who oppose the deal cannot be trusted as much as those who are for the deal.

5 rules on how much insurance you need
If you are an earning member of your family, and there are members of your family who are financially dependant on you, you need life insurance. But how much life insurance do you need?

July 16, 2008
5 reasons why windfall profits tax is wrong
A day after Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to forestall political attempts to throttle his oil refinery business, the petroleum ministry has come out with a detailed presentation to show that the demand for the windfall profits tax (WPT) on private oil companies is 'short-sighted populism' and 'bad economics.'

How best to tackle inflation
The inflation fire is now an inferno

July 15, 2008
Age of the all-powerful executive has ended
In Followership, Barbara Kellerman asserts the age of the all-powerful executive has ended.

July 10, 2008
Populist policies & zero sectoral reforms will continue
Inflation in our case is not a purely monetary phenomenon.

Manage your portfolio with a 'switch'
Switch combines a redemption transaction and a purchase transaction into one

How to pay zero tax on family income of Rs 13.10 lakh
You can achieve this by following one of the five golden rules of tax planning, namely, by spreading your income among your family members.

July 07, 2008
Filing tax returns? A step-by-step guide
A chore is always a bore. But this one's not even simple.

The confession of a finance professional
We believe, we can sell anything to anybody and buy anything from anybody. If only the PM had hired us, we would have sold even the nuclear deal to the Leftists.

July 05, 2008
Indian's work of art sold for Rs 16.75 cr!
However, at the same auction, where a small sculpture was bagged for Rs 4.15 crore (Rs 41.5 million), he also received his highest price ever for an Untitled work in alabaster with a double concave (playing once again on the form of duality that he constantly explores) for a record Rs 16.75 crore (Rs 167.5 million).

Meet the man behind Reva's success
The money and Maini soon found themselves, in the early '90s, in the midst of California's start-up boom.

Beat the fuel hike, buy an electric car!
The initial purchase cost for an electric car may be high, but savings on fuel will help it pay back for itself in just a couple of years, if not faster.

July 02, 2008
'Will high interest rates kill investment growth?'
With high investment levels fuelling much of the current GDP growth, the impact of the credit squeeze is more than a matter of academic interest.

June 30, 2008
High oil prices? Chidambaram has a solution
If the global economy slows down or slips into a recession due to high oil prices, that will eventually hurt all of us.

June 28, 2008
10 rules for investing in a bear market
It's at such times that buying opportunities are available with handsome value in-built into their prices

More pain in store for equities
The agony of investors is likely to continue well into the middle of July. It is not certain how the monsoon precipitation will fare this month, but we are likely to see a dearth of buyers in the markets.

June 25, 2008
GSK's big bang on open drug discovery
Only a couple of specialty wire services in the US picked up this news; the mainstream press ignored what appears to be a marked -- and dramatic shift -- in the approach to drug discovery. What we are seeing is the first big bang contribution to open source drug discovery, an initiative to rope in researchers, universities and companies to make drug breakthroughs less expensive and time-consuming.

All you want to know about gratuity
Job-hopping may be in vogue, but those who do decide to spend dedicated years in an organisation are eligible for a free lump sum that you can put to work

June 24, 2008
7 investment risks and how to deal with them
Every investment opportunity carries some risks or the other

How to use credit card reward points
Used intelligently, a credit card will get a smart buyer more value than what he pays for. Here's how you can push that plastic further

June 23, 2008
How to cut down your fuel bill
Newer methods will have to be adopted for mobility, cooling, heating and cooking

Investing in stocks is NOT gambling
It's high time that those who think stock investing is a game of luck, overcome their misconceptions and fear.

June 19, 2008
Carry the bank in your mobile
You can avoid visiting banks, as several innovative technologies help you do banking transactions easily using your cellphone now

June 17, 2008
All you want to know about insider trading
Insiders who have 'privileged' access to the right information make the gains, while the ordinary investor is left holding overvalued stocks. Here's help to avoid that trap

June 13, 2008
Let your provident fund do its job
By transferring your PF account and eschewing withdrawals every time you shift jobs, you can add more to your retirement funds

June 12, 2008
How to keep recovery agents at bay
No one wants a recovery agent breathing down his neck. But if you slipped up on your debt, you may have to deal with him. Here's how to make the best of a bad situation

June 11, 2008
It makes sense to invest in sector funds, but. . .
Use sector funds to get tastier returns, but only if you already have a diversified portfolio, experience in investing and can digest the volatility heat

How best to negotiate your salary
It is your responsibility to decode the fine print in compensation by asking the right questions.

June 10, 2008
Oil prices - Where's the panic?
Oil economists have been arguing the world over, a full removal of subsidies is the only way consumption will fall

June 09, 2008
Why the Indian markets are falling
The bulls are faced with tough times, thanks to concerns pertaining to high inflation, rising input costs and earnings deceleration among other factors.

Sector fortunes
Sector fortunes

How they compare
How they compare

June 07, 2008
If Lehman goes down India too will be hit
Ever since the implosion of Bear Stearns in March this year, shrewd investors have been looking for the next institution under the Fed's hammer.

My home, my castle
From sussing out exclusive addresses to doing up the interiors - Casa Forma is a one-stop property services outfit for the uber rich

How transparent is India's oil policy?
Not all stairways go to heaven; not all forecasts based on fundamentals come true, e.g. the Indian rupee at 33/$ and oil at $200/barrel?

This fund will help you ride out the storms
A fund that shelters money and gives steady returns using high-quality debt options while investors ride out the equity storm

June 06, 2008
Say goodbye to your air ticket
For an air traveler, there are many advantages of receiving and printing your tickets electronically.

June 05, 2008
How to use your credit card smartly
Used intelligently, a credit card will get a smart buyer more value than what he pays for. Here's how you can push that plastic further

McSealed & McDelivered: A tough task
The burger giant hopes to open new vistas by coming to your doorstep.

June 04, 2008
'We hiked oil price to save the economy'
Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dinsha J Patel says in an exclusive interview with

All about brand identity
What is the identity of a brand? Our first answer might be that it is what the brand "says" to consumers -- making a distinction between what it says and how they understand it. The notion of identity is still too little used by managers, and that's a shame, because to our way of thinking it offers some very useful and concrete glimpses into the essence of the brand phenomenon itself.

Should prices of petroleum products be raised?
There is no doubt the oil companies are bleeding, but the issue is whether the government should also reduce the extra taxes it gets from high oil prices.

June 03, 2008
10 great investing rules to become RICH
You can't build wealth by buying things you don't need, with money you don't have, to impress people you don't like

What's in a name in radio biz? Plenty
The one with the curious name is the runaway leader, setting benchmarks in programming, standardisation and localisation. It doesn't hurt to be part of a formidable family.

June 02, 2008
Special economic zones=Tax losses?
Since the time the special economic zones with large tax concessions were first proposed several years ago, most economists have been pointing out that the scheme would result in large tax losses as existing units would migrate to these exclusive zones.

May 31, 2008
Check out Hyundai's first rear-wheel drive car!
The new Hyundai halo car (for the international markets, if you consider the Equus as the Korean equivalent) is perhaps the most significant of Korean car launches. Especially when you look at the Genesis as a weapon for Hyundai's sustained - and increasingly successful - assault on the US market.

May 30, 2008
Sex workers turn entrepreneurs, get WB grant
Ashodaya Samithi, an organisation of female, male and transgender sex workers in Karnataka, is addressing the issue of social stigma and discrimination towards HIV+ sex workers and sex workers in general by promoting entrepreneurship among them. Its efforts towards this has given shape to an innovative and sustainable project -- a community kitchen in Mysore.

May 29, 2008
Management lesson for IPL captains
Most IPL team captains need to be told that respecting your people is not some fuzzy new-age management fad.

May 28, 2008
Farm loan waiver: A pre-poll populism?
This largesse will now be available also to those engaged in agriculture's allied activities like livestock rearing, as also to those who had availed themselves of investment credit for purposes like deepening wells and purchasing tractors.

May 27, 2008
Look what taxmen are up to in Mumbai
A notice put up at the Bandra-Kurla Complex office of the income-tax department says that salaried individuals filing their returns for assessment year 2008--09 (i.e. the last financial year, 2007--08) need to attach annexures.

May 26, 2008
How to make cheaper international calls
Landline and mobile phones don't give you the best options in international calls. There are better deals to be had

How to rent a hassle-free house
With surging real estate prices ensuring a slowdown in property purchases, renting has become a viable option. Here's how to land the best deal

How to be successful in stock market. 5 tips
If you've got the time, the drive, and the right psychological makeup, you can enter the elite realm of the successful trader

Ethical hackers plug into growing demand from India Inc
Raman's hacking expertise is much in demand -- and not from criminal elements. Indian firms and multinationals like ABN Amro Bank, Aditya Birla Group, Bank of Maharashtra, Bombay Dyeing, HSBC, ICICI Bank, Indiabulls, Centurion BOP, Citibank, India Infoline, Ispat Industries and Kotak Group proactively seek his services. Raman's hacking expertise is much in demand -- and not from criminal elements.

May 24, 2008
FM on whys and hows of farm loan waiver
As it turns out, the number of small and marginal farmers is more than 30 million and it is estimated that the number is likely to be 36.90 million, while the number of other farmers is estimated about 5.97 million. These are verified but as yet unaudited figures. Initially, in the Budget, it was estimated that the cost of the scheme will be about Rs 60,000 crore (Rs 600 billion) to the central government.

May 21, 2008
IPL: Has big money made cricket more accountable?
Vijay Mallya sacked Charu Sharma when the team didn't perform and publicly said both Sharma and skipper Rahul Dravid had done a bad job in team selection. Our experts discuss India Inc's role in changing Indian cricket.

May 20, 2008
Young market? Old brands go under knife
As the market grows young, old brands go under the knife. In 1897, a young man named Ardeshir Godrej gave up law and turned to making locks. He went on to make safes and security equipment, and toilet soap from vegetable oil. He wouldn't have imagined that one day the business that started after his name would grow into a conglomerate with over Rs 7,000 crore (Rs 70 billion) in revenues, or that one of its top executives would wear long, red-streaked hair.

May 19, 2008
8 broking stocks you could look at
Valuations of broking companies have halved since January 2008. Patient investors can start accumulating selective stocks with a long-term perspective.

May 17, 2008
The barbarians at the airport gate
Private partners like GMR and GVR, humiliated from time to time, have good reason to shrug their shoulders and argue that matters are outside their control.

May 16, 2008
Wanna save the planet? Do less work
If we want to accelerate the recent trend of reducing waste, it may be time to consider the radical step of, well, relaxing more, consuming less, and living fuller lives.

May 15, 2008
Why IIT grads abroad are returning to India
Between 1964 and 2001, 35% of IIT graduates moved to America for work or studies. But from 2002 onwards, only 16% have opted for 'one way plane tickets.'

May 12, 2008
Want to buy a term plan? Well, best of luck
Buying a term plan from insurance firms and finds it a tad difficult.

5 stocks worth investing in
A combination of value and growth helps in achieving healthy returns, yet keeping the margin of safety.

May 10, 2008
8 financial tips for young adults
You don't need an MBA to learn how to save money and invest in your

Sell or hold your realty investments?
If you invested in property for capital appreciation, it may better to get out now than later as prices are not showing signs of turning up soon

May 09, 2008
Wanna save the planet? Do less work
Cutting hours may actually raise per-hour productivity.

Get ready for real estate mutual funds
India's first REMF could well present itself as an investment option soon. But remember to check out the risks and the benefits

May 08, 2008
Drowned in debt, what do you do?
Having more debts than one can handle is not a hopeless situation. Respite is available in the form of debt counselling and also with the law

May 07, 2008
Should Dow be allowed to do business in India?
The two issues that remain are whether Dow inherited Union Carbide's liabilities and why the government never cleaned up Bhopal after settling with Carbide

May 06, 2008
McChowmein? He made it a reality
A little over four years ago, when Ashish Kapur quit his job as an engineer with GE, packed his bags and came back home from America

May 05, 2008
Daily investment through mutual funds
A systematic investment plan that invests every day in the stock market can capture the movements for the investor. An analysis of its performance.

May 03, 2008
Indians go for luxury villas in Mauritius
The price? If you can scrape together Rs 18 crore (Rs 180 million), you could commandeer a two-bedroom Foster + Partners-designed casa with a private pool, a quite extraordinary roof, some spectacular views, and the glamour and privacy that comes with the high life.

May 02, 2008
IPL - The new marketing cocktail
Will India find the taste acceptable?

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