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Can the Kamasutra be patented?

PNB Gilts: Bonding with the best

Entering beauty salons to bond with users

PIO cards: Not worth the cost

Globalisation & the Chinese bamboo

Using the World Cup to promote business

Household insurance policies are not foolproof

Tribunal decision to shape telecom sector structure: analysts

Home loans: It's the EMI that matters

Judging a bank CEO's performance

What the New Year holds

Jaswant Singh and the Kelkar report

The 'third man' in the Reliance empire

How strong is the rupee really?

Moral stupor in the midst of rising prosperity

The way we were, the way we are

Case of the sleeping regulator

Creeping convertibility, RBI's gameplan

Seeking a place to celebrate New Year's Eve? Here's help

Equity markets still a good bet

CAS regime: Cable TV users may have to pay more

Jaswant Singh's meeting phobia

Another battle of the bottle

Shopping safely on the Web

Yahoo! India in a revamp mode

Jaswant Singh's 'maharaja' principle

Baijal: The 'bulldozer' in the sell-off juggernaut

Industry buoyant on selective investment

GM mustard: Is health at risk?

What to do if the builder tricks you?

PPF is still one of the best bets around

Towards full capital account convertibility?

Signals from a mid-year review

Kelkar Plan: Depreciation is not evasion

Kelkar's mistakes

Czars on the cutting-edge

Dirt on the white collar

Are fiscal deficits necessary?

Style in store

Are we game for it?

How to put forex reserves to good use

The Jumbo group's hidden protagonist

Exports: Big bang to a whimper?

It's boom time again for IT

More on Kelkar panel's tax proposals

Year-end is time for best deals on wheels

ONGC keen to ensure India's energy security

Should CAG visits be stopped?

FM style

High risk proposals

Is the rupee undervalued?

A parallel agenda for the RBI

Finance ministry in a Web of dilemma

Jobs@India Inc

Jalan's real message: don't ask for more

Cuts without conviction

A new age calling

The bigger bomb

Bargaining for a cleaner world

A Goliath's battle call

Are pension fund schemes bad ideas?

Strong rupee adds to IT firms' woes

Chance to get state finances back on track

HDFC: A problem of plenty

The small screen sees a big battle

Why you need personal accident insurance

The state governments' precarious finances

'RBI should deregulate savings rate, cut CRR'

HR helps unshackle people's latent energies: Mukesh Ambani

Reforms: One step forward, two steps back

The five-year growth chase

India Inc votes for Rao, Vajpayee a distant second

Riding piggyback on a soft Opposition

Long on promise, short on implementation

Some lessons in management from the Tatas

How high priced are India’s Busan medals?

A limited edition

Keeping pace with technology

Jaswant Singh’s first 100 days

The Rs 50,000-crore food scam

In defence of privatisation

The economics of housing

Healthcare? What healthcare?

Is it worth taking voluntary retirement?

Raunaq Singh: An unfulfilled wish

Why they think we are junk

Beyond the ratings blame game

The investment drought

Dating troubles

For a closer cut

The Murdoch googly

A cash hat-trick

How to privatise PSUs

Why UTI's bailout may not pinch

The cost of losing a 'B'

A R Rahman: Composing a winning score

S&P downgrade is a timely warning

A day trader's diary

The tangled knot of TDS

Accounting firms: Time to redo numbers

Needed: Bulls in the PSU shop

Cashing in on the comeback

Arun Shourie's tactical errors

The stalling of India's industrial engine

UTI bailout: Common man feels the pinch

Metro rail: Putting Delhi on track

The southern shopping spree

Divestment: Will the horse fly again?

US-64: Keep it assured

Fiscal impact of bailouts

Why divestment matters

The proof of the bail-out…

Cellular phone war hots up again

Does North Block have too many advisors?

How to prevent conflicts in businesses

Cricket: FMCG firms fight to keep rivals off

Making room at the inns

No governance, no growth

Markets need the oxygen of money

The high-flying dinosaur

The Rs 100,000-crore man

State finance: A Debt wish

Tata Finance: Scripting a public scrap

Nasscom: Going for an upgrade

Transparency, anyone?

Short and long-term interest rates

Life has turned a full circle: Nandan Nilekani

'It's painful to admit, but Ram Naik is right'

Hyderabad, Kochi best Indian ITES bases

Indian software firms begin to hire again

Deveshwar's daring gamble

Time to stock up

Indo-US ties in a tangle

'RBI must use forex reserves productively'

Industrial revival needed to lessen drought impact

How many more bailouts for the UTI?

Who'll counter the Unit Trust of India?

Rising NPAs: Where has all the money gone?

Why India lags behind in attracting FDI

Making a metal monolith: Kumaramangalam Birla's new giant

Comparison game

Cricket spins back

Indian economy: Policies to support growth

Signs of recovery visible

Dhirubhai's genius, and relevance

Who's afraid of FDI in print?

Memo to FM: Pamper Mumbai, not Delhi

A day trader's manual

A three-way dogfight in the Indian skies

Check your insurance policy before going abroad

The Ambani magic that spawned a giant

Can India excel in sports?

Premji's view on new economic drivers

The road ahead for the new FM

The return of Jaswant Singh

Why some nations cannot develop

Those 'dragons' on wheels...

Fighter of the Fourth Estate

UTI: Saving a leviathan

Insurance: rude shock awaits car owners

Tamil Nadu's biotech park for women a damp squib

Are the Plan targets realistic?

Be there before the rally begins

Media in the FDI arena

P2J or J2P? The job market dilemma

Oil sector: fuelling a titanic battle

Need to use divestment smartly

An alternative to metro rail

Japan looks beyond bullets

What we need to learn from China

Borrowing money to buy shares is not investing

Dressing to change

Turning back to textiles

Financial economy: master or servant?

Learn before you leap in the IPO mart

Divestment and governance

The gilt bubble bursts

Blame it on the finance minister

Finding a new calling

Couriering losses

Adventure in the air for flying Indians

Another Bhopal in the making in Mumbai?

The true cost of reservation

Stay invested in safe and sound stocks

Have insurance, will fly

The Citi factor

Bollywood's fling with the Wild West

Driving into a new league

Tax more, lose more

Now, it is time to compete

Economists versus administrators

The great Indian war chest

Should Yashwant Sinha go?

Forex: From here to uncertainty

Sashi Chimala: From software to coffee

India needs to open up economy further for sustained growth

Ten years of Indian reforms: The unfinished agenda

Top companies gun for ISB graduates

Toll-free service for IT jobs launched

Slowdown, job freeze hit IIM graduates too

'A Budget that lacks overall vision'

Budget 2002-03:'s special comprehensive coverage

Unravelling the mysteries of state-level performance

Why some Indian states have grown faster than the others?

'Nehruvian economics hit India's growth'

The Mauritian hardsell

Flying the real Tricolour

Immigrating to the United States

Immigrating to Canada

What the year 2001 was like for India Inc

Is First Global being persecuted, or being brought to justice?

Building bridges via trade

Concrete set to replace salt

The Wintech stroy gets murkier

IT industry woes: layoffs, ban on foreign jaunts, cost-cuts...

Firms go back on job offers, students panic

The Berkshire weekend: An American tradition

K V Kamath: taking ICICI to dizzying heights

Employees groan as IT firms slash salary hikes

Simputer: the computer for the masses

Stocks crisis takes a toll on family ties too

Greed, fear and a fatal attraction

Madhavpura Bank: A ready-reckoner

Wooing hi-tech tourists to God's Own Country

How WTO regime will impact various sectors

Indian industry braces for WTO regime as QRs are lifted...

With deregulation round the bend, oil sector boils over...

US firms bullish on India development centres

'Sebi isn't doing its job'

Frightened Balco workers want peaceful end to crisis

7 Days That Shook the BSE

Rise & Fall of K-10 Stocks

IIM graduates' salaries go through the roof

Tata AIG plans cyberinsurance for IT industry

How the quake tax will affect you

'The markets are safer today than they were in the past'

Life's not a bed of roses for Kannauj's perfumers

'It makes more sense to shift base to China', says Jaisukh Patel

The Carat Czars

Mutual funds in Y2K

Big biz-school buzz bowls Bombay's brats

Stocks in 2000: Winners and losers

Govt keen to fix power problem permanently, says Suresh Prabhu

15 pros pick the best stocks for 2001

'The 21st century is the century of gas'

Our bid for Air-India has real merit, says pilots' guild

Govt packing finance ministry with 'yes men', feel officials

'This government's agenda is to kill public sector companies'

A dream merger comes unstuck: TCI, Thomas Cook call off talks

Buyout craze grips Indian IT companies

Progress for heritage: The inevitable tradeoff

Net-over-cable set to enter boom time in India

Maruti hits the skids, sales plummet

Maruti aims to zoom ahead via price-cuts

It's unnatural to have 80% market share, says Khattar

Foreign car-makers closing in on Maruti

PSU unions become realistic about privatisation

From coffee to cyber cafes, and beyond

Tanishq: Jewellers to the nation

Changing corporate dress codes propel casual-wear mart

Dot-coms boost sagging ad world fortunes

Lack of jobs, tough laws in Gulf states hit Kerala's economy

Branson's Virgin Air seeks to rule Indian skies

Smart cards set to gain currency in India

LIC, GIC tighten belts as MNCs come calling

'Nut King' J R Pillai to take on the might of MNCs

Maran to the rescue of leather traders

Trade unions, politicians flay Grasim's bid to sell Mavoor plant

Air-India told to cut flab, pare costs to woo suitors

Boom for software, gloom for others

Bonanza for Karnataka as global funds pour in

Brain drain-hit Indian IT firms yearn for techies

Enron chief Kenneth Lay: The energetic messiah -- from The Economist

Sinha under fire over 'Mauritius muddle'

Second Home, Alone & Alert: Norman Prouty

How to multiply your money without worrying about it

Japan, Germany roll out red carpet for Indian IT whiz kids

The return of the East India Company!: South India allures British firms

Intel CEO Craig Barrett's vision of the New Economy

'IT Bill will boost e-commerce,' says Dewang Mehta.

Giant who gave Godrej its global presence

Goa scripts plan to attract tourists during monsoons

Market research firm predicts colour television market's doom

Archies plans Web site, e-commerce foray to counter e-greetings threat

Car majors drive into used-car arena

Leather industry sees move to harm India's clout in world market

Konka aims to swamp India with low-priced, quality goods.

Cyber-savvy Andhra Pradesh on verge of bankruptcy

ESOPs: El Dorado for employees, vital tool for management

India's Decade of Development: By Jeffrey D Sachs and Nirupam Bajpai

Instant Gianthood: Banks lay to rest the concept of methodical growth

Ahimsa Inc!: US animal activists slam 'unthical' leather goods exporters

Walking the Liquidity Tightrope: Commentary on Credit Policy 2000

'India has venture capitalists with no knowledge': B V Jagadeesh

Machine as CEO: Pursuit of competitiveness sparks labour unrest

The rise and fall of FDI: Dropping fund inflows alarm India.

Indian medicinal systems: Growth-drivers of knowledge economy.

Economics focus: A century of progress -- from The Economist.

Corporates bring hi-tech healthcare to Indian villages.

Geo-political issues dominate gas pipeline from Iran to India.

Caught & Bowled: Indian advertising in the post-Cronje era.

'Proactive' Maruti zooms ahead, as rivals and critics fall by the wayside.

Pub-less Cyberabad upsets young e-ntrepreneurs'

Grand tradition of Indian family firms: Need to keep the legacy alive

Silicon Triangle holds great prospects for India: Harvard experts

Kerry Packer packs punch into Indian foray, gets royal treatment

Interest rate-cuts shape the New Indian Housing Dream

The car wars: Global, domestic car-makers fight for Indian market pie

Meet Gope Hathiramani, the richest Indian in France

Corporates vie for tomorrow's managers at India's b-schools

Superbank!: ICICI reinvents itself for the new economy.

Silver screen as a shopping plaza

The Tatas are back in the reckoning for Corporate India's leadership

Agri experts decry India's silence on WTO issues

Soulful social circuit: corporates mix consumerism with conscience

Desi dream run or drubbing Down Under, advertisers swear by cricket

The music-filled life and business times of M A Chidambaram

Divestment: 'Govt is selling the jewellery to pay the grocer'

Bust goes the Gulf Dream of Kerala's millions

Osamu Suzuki: 'India is unstoppable in the new millennium'

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