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The War in Lanka
'BJP attitude to Lanka issue unwise' - Cho Ramaswamy
'India must support Tamils, not Lanka govt' - Dr Krishnaswamy
'India has big role to play' - Lakshman Kirelale
'Indians must celebrate if Jaffna falls' - Vaiko
'The LTTE is a freedom movement' - P Nedumaran

India's knee jerk reactions in Lanka - Sukumari Surpana
Sri Lankan tsunami in Indian politics - Sukumari Surpana
Why India must act in Lanka - Alok Bansal
Why India cannot be indifferent to the Lanka crisis - Rajeev Srinivasan
The lure of Lanka - Saisuresh Sivaswamy
The ugly Indian - Kuldip Nayar
Hard decision on Sri Lanka - Admiral J G Nadkarni (retd)
The Sri Lankan crisis: India's misplaced priorities - Major General Ashok K Mehta (retd)
Damned if we do, damned if we don't - Rajeev Srinivasan
LTTE hoist by its own petard - Saisuresh Sivaswamy

The forgotten uprising
Sri Lanka -- war without end, peace without hope!

December 15, 2010
PM, Chidambaram, Karunanidhi on LTTE hitlist!
October 21, 2010
LTTE supporting Maoist activities, says Centre
May 17, 2010
LTTE tactics help Maoists carry out deadly attacks
February 09, 2010
US: LTTE sympathisers sentenced to 25 years in prison
August 09, 2009
LTTE's still the choice in some parts of Sri Lanka
August 03, 2009
Hardcore LTTE cadres hiding in refugee camps: Lanka
July 23, 2009
LTTE got up to $12-mn a year from Canada
July 22, 2009
LTTE names arms smuggler as new chief
July 19, 2009
LTTE provided Tamil translations on war strategy
June 15, 2009
Prabhakaran tortured before being shot dead?
June 10, 2009
4 Tamil-Americans plead guilty in conspiring to support LTTE
May 31, 2009
Prabhakaran's father never endorsed him, claims Lankan Army
May 29, 2009
'I fought India's war by eliminating LTTE'
May 28, 2009
Pak claims key role in SL victory over LTTE
May 25, 2009
5000 LTTE have surrendered, claims Lankan government
May 24, 2009
Prabhakaran is dead, admits LTTE
May 20, 2009
Tamils' issue: India rushes NSA to Colombo
May 19, 2009
Sri Lanka releases photograph of Prabhakaran's dead body
May 18, 2009
LTTE may be defeated, but India must be careful
May 17, 2009
Is LTTE chief dead? Yes, says Lanka
May 13, 2009
LTTE launches wave of suicide attacks to halt Lankan army
May 11, 2009
LTTE spokesman killed, Lankan army advances
May 09, 2009
Fleeing LTTE men could enter India: Navy
May 05, 2009
Prabhakaran surrounded by forces: Lankan PM
May 04, 2009
'LTTE conscripting children to fight'
May 03, 2009
LTTE restricted to 4.5 sq km area: SL army
April 29, 2009
LTTE killed Tamil civilians, say surrendered Tigers
Lankan Navy foils Sea Tiger attack
April 27, 2009
We have not announced a ceasefire: Sri Lanka
Lanka volte-face: No ceasefire offered
Lanka ends military ops, to rescue civilians
LTTE imbroglio: PM speaks to Karunanidhi
April 22, 2009
Two top Tiger leaders surrender, LTTE near collapse: Lanka
Sri Lanka: 80,000 Tamils flee war zone
April 20, 2009
LTTE is an extremist organisation, admits Karunanidhi
April 17, 2009
UN sends Vijay Nambiar to Sri Lanka
April 05, 2009
Lankan troops capture LTTE base, 420 rebels killed
April 01, 2009
Prabhakaran's son hurt in clash with SL army
March 27, 2009
LTTE may still have an aircraft left in its arsenal: Report
March 23, 2009
TN: Two commit suicide over Lankan issue
March 22, 2009
LTTE wanted a huge Tamil Eelam state: Gotabhaya
March 21, 2009
Prabhakaran and son spotted in Pudukudiyyirippu
Security tightened in Kerala airports after LTTE threat
March 16, 2009
LTTE accuses Lankan army of committing war crimes
March 14, 2009
Share power with Tamils, US tells Lanka
March 09, 2009
LTTE attacks ship carrying food supplies
March 06, 2009
Lankan PM rules out ceasefire with LTTE
February 24, 2009
LTTE's ceasefire offer hilarious, says Lankan govt
February 23, 2009
LTTE offers ceasefire, refuses to lay down arms
February 22, 2009
LTTE has no aircraft left, says Sri Lanka
February 21, 2009
Colombo air strikes were suicide attacks, says LTTE
February 18, 2009
LTTE has done damage to Lankan Tamils, says Pranab
February 17, 2009
LTTE ready for ceasefire, says Tamil party
February 10, 2009
Canadian MPs' genocide claims upset Lanka
February 09, 2009
'By continuing a losing war LTTE's achieving nothing'
February 05, 2009
Lankan army captures last Sea Tiger base
February 04, 2009
52 civilians killed in Lanka crossfire; hospital bombed
January 29, 2009
Tigers' artillery power centre falls
UN to try evacuating civilians from SL war-zones
January 27, 2009
India has no sympathy for LTTE: Pranab
With peace on agenda, Pranab heads for Sri Lanka
DMK puts off plan to pull out of UPA
January 26, 2009
Sri Lanka wants to capture Prabhakaran 'dead or alive'
January 20, 2009
Lanka's victory hopes not around the corner: WSJ
January 19, 2009
What is the prized discovery of Lankan Army?
January 18, 2009
Only 1000 LTTE fighters left: SL army chief
India seeks political settlement to Lanka conflict
LTTE supremo may have fled: Lankan Army
January 17, 2009
Lankan bus operates in Kilinochchi after 20 years!
January 13, 2009
Lankan troops capture LTTE training camp
January 10, 2009
'Seven crore Tamils will not remain mute spectators'
January 09, 2009
Lanka: Tigers lose Elephant Pass
January 07, 2009
We can take back Kilinochchi from Army: LTTE
Lanka fallout: Vigil stepped up along TN coast
January 06, 2009
4073 LTTE cadres killed in ongoing battle
January 05, 2009
Sri Lankan troops tread closer to Prabhakaran
January 03, 2009
LTTE will win war ultimately: Vaiko
January 02, 2009
LTTE concedes Kilinochchi defeat
Lankan troops fight their way into Killinocchi
December 15, 2008
Prabhakaran facing imminent defeat at Kilinochchi: Karuna
'LTTE tortures Tamils in Lanka'
December 08, 2008
LTTE has 15,000 armed fighters left, says Wickremesinghe
November 21, 2008
LTTE a true friend of India: Rebel leader
November 17, 2008
Sri Lanka: Army seizes more LTTE areas
November 16, 2008
Lankan army inches closer to Prabhakaran
November 13, 2008
Indian aid to reach Lanka this weekend
November 01, 2008
Film stars fast for Sri Lankan Tamils
October 29, 2008
LTTE stages air attack in Colombo
October 26, 2008
LTTE chief V Prabhakaran speaks out
We will protect Tamils: Sri Lanka to India
Lankan Tamils issue: Karunanidhi assures UPA
October 25, 2008
TN: Two film directors held for supporting LTTE
October 24, 2008
India rules out stopping military aid to Sri Lanka
October 23, 2008
We don't want refugees from Lanka: India
Lankan Tamils issue: MDMK chief Vaiko held
October 22, 2008
Some film directors demanded a separate TN: Jayalalithaa
October 18, 2008
Protect rights of Tamils, PM tells Lankan Prez
Bloodbath as SL army enters LTTE bastion
October 17, 2008
Tamil issue: India summons Lankan envoy
Lanka crisis: Vaiko plans international seminar
October 16, 2008
We follow zero civilian casualty doctrine: Lanka
October 13, 2008
41 killed in Lankan clashes
October 08, 2008
Military ops not directed against Tamils: Lanka
October 06, 2008
Suicide attack kills 22 in Sri Lanka
September 30, 2008
Tamil Nadu cops 'strangulating' Tigers
September 16, 2008
If caught, LTTE chief may be handed over to India
September 10, 2008
UN chief concerned over Sri Lanka violence
September 09, 2008
Two Indians hurt in LTTE air-strike
September 02, 2008
Lankan troops capture LTTE bastion Mallavi
August 27, 2008
TULF chief dismayed by support for LTTE in Canada
August 04, 2008
Tamil Nadu: Another top LTTE man in police net
August 01, 2008
Sri Lanka should reach out to the Tamil community: US
July 31, 2008
Top LTTE man held in Chennai
July 22, 2008
LTTE declares ceasefire ahead of SAARC Summit
July 17, 2008
82 LTTE militants killed in Sri Lanka
July 11, 2008
Lanka: LTTE firing on passenger bus kills 3
Ready for ceasefire and talks, says LTTE
July 04, 2008
Rights body flays UK for releasing LTTE rebel leader
June 30, 2008
LTTE will be finished in a year: Lanka Army chief
June 27, 2008
38 LTTE cadres killed in Lankan army's latest offensive
June 16, 2008
Tamil Eelam not against India's interest: LTTE
Sri Lanka: 12 cops killed in suicide attack
June 11, 2008
Sri Lanka: 3 sailors, 4 LTTE cadres killed in naval attack
May 23, 2008
LTTE chief Prabhakaran's final farewell to deputy
May 21, 2008
Sri Lanka: 59 LTTE men killed in air attacks
LTTE mourns top strategist's demise
May 19, 2008
3 LTTE supporters arrested in TN
May 16, 2008
10 killed in Colombo blast
May 15, 2008
LTTE banned for 2 more years
Missing Indian fishermen in Lankan custody
May 12, 2008
LTTE is fast losing support: Lankan minister
May 10, 2008
Tigers sink Lankan naval vessel
May 07, 2008
LTTE leader arrested in UK
April 30, 2008
UK: Police arrest 3 for funding Tamil Tigers
April 27, 2008
LTTE aircraft bomb Lankan defence lines
April 24, 2008
Lanka's deadliest clash in '08; 150 feared dead
April 15, 2008
India to play decisive role in SL peace process: Norway
April 14, 2008
Sri Lanka lashes out at Amnesty
April 09, 2008
'Prabhakaran was regular visitor to LTTE camps'
April 07, 2008
LTTE sets up base in US: report
March 28, 2008
TN: 7 held under NSA for LTTE links
March 25, 2008
'India won't allow separate Tamil state in SL'
March 16, 2008
TN, Kerala have LTTE presence, says NSA
March 09, 2008
Scotching rumours, LTTE chief makes public appearance
March 07, 2008
Sri Lanka won't tolerate anti-India campaigns
March 06, 2008
Rights group flays Sri Lanka on 'disappearances'
February 26, 2008
LTTE at its lowest ebb: Report
February 21, 2008
Sri Lanka: 67 rebels, three soldiers killed in clashes
February 19, 2008
Is Lanka working on Idi Amin solution for Prabhakaran?
February 18, 2008
Voicing support to LTTE no offence: Karunanidhi
February 13, 2008
LTTE chief lives 30 feet below the ground: Report
February 12, 2008
Government package a joke: Sri Lankan Tamils
February 11, 2008
India must help defeat Prabhakaran: Tamil leader
February 06, 2008
LTTE hiring Indian fishing boats to attack SL navy
February 04, 2008
Sri Lanka: 13 killed in bus blast
LTTE will not be given a free run in TN: Karuna
On I-Day, Sri Lanka vows to flush out Tigers
February 03, 2008
LTTE issue: DMK government comes under attack
Twin bombings rock Sri Lanka ahead of independence day
February 02, 2008
20 killed in Lanka bus blast
January 31, 2008
Karuna faction recruiting child soldiers in Lanka: UN
UN must recognise 'Tamil sovereignty': LTTE
January 30, 2008
67 killed in Lanka clashes as air force targets LTTE base
January 29, 2008
Lankan army kills 61 rebels; captures key area
January 28, 2008
63 Tamil Tigers killed in clashes in Sri Lanka
January 26, 2008
Sri Lankan air force pound LTTE target
India not playing any military role: Sri Lanka
January 25, 2008
LTTE is waging its last battle: Sri Lanka
January 23, 2008
Sri Lankan military bombs Prabhakaran base
Sri Lanka booby-traps maritime border with India
Pak steps into India's shoes in Sri Lanka
January 21, 2008
46 killed in Lankan violence
January 18, 2008
'LTTE was trying to kidnap Lankan Tamil leader'
January 17, 2008
LTTE man, 7 others held with bomb material
Sri Lanka: 40 LTTE men killed
January 16, 2008
Three suspected LTTE men arrested in Delhi
January 14, 2008
'India upgrading coastal security to face LTTE threats'
January 12, 2008
LTTE chief may be injured, says Lanka
We will support Lanka in its fight against LTTE: India
January 11, 2008
Lanka to hand over Prabhakaran to India if arrested: President
Sri Lankan govt hints at direct talks with the LTTE
LTTE is the most dangerous extremist outfit, says the FBI
January 10, 2008
LTTE ready to implement truce '100 per cent', wants ban lifted
January 09, 2008
Did Prabhakaran's wife visit Tamil Nadu?
January 07, 2008
Indian filmstars in adverts for alleged LTTE fundraiser: report
January 06, 2008
Body blow: LTTE loses its intelligence chief
India indecisive in Lankan issues, says LTTE
January 04, 2008
'India must balance Tamils' interests & its security'
January 02, 2008
Lanka to terminate truce agreement with LTTE
Drop plan to visit Lanka, Vaiko tells PM
January 01, 2008
Sri Lankan opposition lawmaker shot dead
December 30, 2007
'LTTE chief may not survive beyond 6 months'
December 29, 2007
LTTE rebels still recruit minors for war: UN
December 28, 2007
25 Tigers killed in northern Lanka
December 27, 2007
Lankan Air Force pounds LTTE base, 15 rebels killed
December 26, 2007
Lankan navy, Sea Tigers clash; Over 40 killed
December 24, 2007
Sri Lanka: 30 killed in rebels, troops clash
December 23, 2007
Lankan army captures key LTTE base; 23 killed
December 22, 2007
LTTE denies Prabhakaran was injured
December 21, 2007
LTTE trying to sneak injured Prabhakaran into India: Report
December 19, 2007
Prabhakaran was hurt in air raid: Lankan government
December 18, 2007
Karunanidhi is directly supporting the LTTE: Jaya
December 17, 2007
India keeping an eye on LTTE activities: NSA
27 killed in northern Sri Lanka violence
December 16, 2007
LTTE chief Prabhakaran hurt in air raid: report
December 12, 2007
17 LTTE militants killed, rebels claim 26 soldiers dead
December 08, 2007
UK: NRI MP attends pro-LTTE event, flayed
December 07, 2007
India planned to 'eliminate' LTTE chief in 1987
December 03, 2007
Sri Lanka to free detained Tamils soon
Sri Lanka: 41 Tamil Tigers, 7 soldiers killed in fresh violence
Lanka: LTTE suicide bomber kills self
November 30, 2007
Prabhakaran could be behind LTTE ex-political head's death: TN leader
November 29, 2007
18 killed in bomb explosion near Colombo
November 28, 2007
Lankan militant-turned-minister escapes suicide attack, aide killed
November 27, 2007
Intl community contributed to Thamilselvan's killing: LTTE
November 22, 2007
23 LTTE rebels killed in Sri Lanka
November 21, 2007
UK must prosecute Karuna: HRW
November 16, 2007
US freezes assets of LTTE front; SL hails move
November 08, 2007
No Diwali for LTTE; Rajapakse greets Hindus
80 combatants killed in Lanka fighting
November 04, 2007
War of words over TN CM's poem on slain LTTE leader
They killed the peace dove: LTTE chief on slain Tamilselvan
November 03, 2007
Nadesan is the new head of LTTE's political wing
November 02, 2007
UK: LTTE breakaway faction leader held
LTTE's political wing head killed in Lankan strike
October 24, 2007
LTTE can contest elections under new SL law
Attack is the best form of defence: LTTE
October 22, 2007
Tigers bomb Lankan Air Force base, 33 killed
Sri Lanka: LTTE finances down by 70 per cent
October 19, 2007
For once, LTTE & army call for truce
October 18, 2007
38 LTTE men killed in clashes
October 16, 2007
7 Lankan soldiers killed in LTTE attack
September 24, 2007
LTTE may get arms from S Indian hide-outs: Report
September 15, 2007
29 killed in fresh violence in Sri Lanka
September 14, 2007
Wanted LTTE man not detained in Thailand: Pranab
September 11, 2007
Lanka: 3 LTTE ships destroyed, 45 killed
August 15, 2007
10 killed in Sri Lanka violence
August 13, 2007
Lankan military attacks LTTE, 4 killed
July 10, 2007
Tamil Tiger arrested in Australia
June 28, 2007
Lankan jets destroy 2 Tiger bases
June 26, 2007
Outsiders keep off Lanka: Pak
June 20, 2007
Lanka set to capture last Tiger base in east
40 LTTE rebels killed in sea clash: SL Navy
June 09, 2007
Sri Lanka: 30 Tigers killed in jungle battle
June 02, 2007
India always first choice for any deal: Lanka
May 31, 2007
Lanka seeking arms from Pak, China irks India
May 30, 2007
LTTE kills 6 soldiers; Red Cross opens frontlines
May 25, 2007
Sri Lanka: 12 rebels killed in fighting
May 24, 2007
Tigers overrun navy base, kill 35 soldiers
May 23, 2007
TN: Suspected LTTE militant held
May 22, 2007
Lankan planes pound Tiger locations
May 18, 2007
Aus cops frame charges against LTTE rebels
May 14, 2007
Nine killed in Lanka fighting: military
Wary of Sea Tigers, India tightens security
May 08, 2007
LTTE threat: India to mobilise additional air assets
May 07, 2007
Lanka bombs LTTE positions; ready for truce
April 30, 2007
LTTE threat: Airlines suspend services
April 29, 2007
LTTE aircraft bomb key oil installations
April 27, 2007
'Suspected' LTTE plane wreaks havoc in Colombo
April 24, 2007
When Tigers had a cool flight over Jaffna
LTTE stages 2nd air attack on Lankan military
April 22, 2007
6 rebels killed in Sri Lanka
April 11, 2007
Heavy fighting in Sri Lanka kills 21
April 09, 2007
IGP denies infiltration of LTTE cadres in Tamil Nadu
April 08, 2007
7 killed in Sri Lanka violence
April 07, 2007
Sri Lanka: Blast in bus kills seven
April 02, 2007
Sri Lanka: Blast on bus kills 15
March 29, 2007
LTTE trying to acquire submarine?
How Tamil Nadu keeps the LTTE out
March 28, 2007
No talks with Tigers: top Lanka aide
Indian radar blamed for LTTE attack: Report
IAF sets up radars as LTTE flies high
India sidesteps LTTE air strike
India concerned over escalation of violence in Lanka
March 27, 2007
Tigers a threat to India too: Lanka
March 23, 2007
Lankan military kills 13 Tiger rebels
March 06, 2007
Indian man arrested over alleged LTTE links
March 05, 2007
Tigers getting ready for 'bloodbath'
February 24, 2007
Lankan troops overrun three LTTE bases
February 16, 2007
Sri Lankan jets pound Tiger positions
February 15, 2007
2 soldiers killed, 10 hurt in LTTE shelling
February 12, 2007
SL: LTTE vessel sunk in encounter
February 01, 2007
Blast in Sri Lanka kills 11
January 29, 2007
Lankan PM meets Dr Singh; discusses peace process
January 27, 2007
Mumbai: Man held for 'helping' LTTE
January 10, 2007
Only talks can end Lankan conflict: India
December 21, 2006
Thousands throng Balasingham's funeral
December 19, 2006
Lanka: Tiger factions clash; 3 killed
December 15, 2006
Balasingham was my best friend: LTTE chief
December 13, 2006
Political settlement only solution in Lanka: India
December 09, 2006
Fighting grips Lanka's restive east
December 06, 2006
Sri Lanka to fight LTTE with tough anti-terror laws
December 05, 2006
Sri Lanka fighting kills 19
December 01, 2006
Lankan defence secretary escapes bid on life
November 29, 2006
US condemns LTTE for 'fueling violence'
November 27, 2006
Prabhakaran vows to renew fight for separate Tamil state
Don't give naval assistance to Lanka: Vaiko
November 25, 2006
Lankan warplanes pound LTTE suicide camp
November 22, 2006
Mediators ask Lanka govt, LTTE to resume talks
November 18, 2006
Lankan navy, LTTE clash in sea battle
November 11, 2006
Tigers honour slain Sri Lankan leader
November 10, 2006
Lankan legislator shot dead
LTTE destroy 2 navy boats, kill 25 sailors
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